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So You Think You Can Dance, August 15th – The Fab Four

Lacey dances her solo to Technologic by Daft Punk. Her dress is way to long, as it’s a shapeless above the knee thing, yet the dance is amazing. She falls into the audience with a group of guys catching her, and Nigel asks her after if she set that up beforehand, and she says no. Nigel laughs that the other three finalists could have paid them to stand there and drop her. He thinks it was fantastic, but notes the time he doesn’t always believe her are when she does the pointing routine with the faces. It’s a family trait, though, as they got on Benji about that constantly as well.

Mary tells Lacey she is so much better prepared tonight, and she came out and had a subtle and plan and was executing better. It’s not the best solo of the show, but every time she dances with a partner, she is beyond outstanding, leaving Mary very impressed wither her. It’s hard for ballroom dancers to have the best solo without a partner, but she gets Lacey and just loves her. Dan tells Lacey she is a smart dancer and knows how to work the crowd, cameras, and judges. It’s something that can’t be taught, and tonight it was pure entertainment.

The first couple dancing will be Sabra and Neil to a Shane Sparks hip hop routine. Neil boldly states contemporary is over, and he’s now a hip hop dancer. Shane says hip hop is so not Neil. Shane asks Neil and Sabra to be sexy, and Neil says it’s like asking Nigel to be British, excuse me, I guess we should be calling him English Muffin. Sabra knows that she will make all the girls jealous that she gets to do this with Neil. Dancing to Whine Up by Kat DeLuna, Sabra and Neil aren’t wearing any costumes, well, they’re not naked, but wearing street clothes, and I don’t really see any sexy dancing. They are definitely not bringing sexy back. Of course we see some awesome Neil flips.

Nigel doesn’t know if it was sexy for him either, but says it did have a bright summertime feel to it. The dance had good form, although it wasn’t as funky as he would have liked. He found Neil to be a little stiff, yet thinks it could have been more fun. Nigel was expecting Sabra to be really down there and getting it, and while it was fun, it wasn’t strong enough for this genre. Mary agrees it was a fun number, but doesn’t think it was really hard-hitting. She expected more and is now sitting here a little disappointed. Dan thinks this is because they have seen them each do hip hop earlier in the season, and this time they needed to be better. It was a little too bouncy and forced with too many “faces.” Now, how do you go on and do all these other dances throughout the night after that?

Lacey and Danny are doing the Viennese Waltz with Jean Marci Genereaux. He felt sometimes like he was in Kindergarten when he was working with him, as they joked a lot, and we even see a clip of them barking at each other. They say it was hard, as Jean Marc and his assistant would both be speaking in French and it was hard to understand them. Lacey has to slide through Danny’s legs in a lift and goes too far up, hitting what she describes as his “goodies.” I’d never expect this song for a Viennese Waltz, but they dance tonight to Avril Lavigne’s Keep Holding On, and it makes it much faster than you would expect a waltz, although it is somehow just as elegant. It draws you into them.

Nigel compares this to dancing on ice and loved the arabesque back turn. He also loved when Lacey hit her head on the side and her earring flew off. Imagine if it hit the same guys that caught her before. Regardless, Nigel thinks they had great lines and wonders how much Lacey thought about her hand that wasn’t right last week. She says after he mentioned it last week, she about vomited and practiced this week with a popsicle stick in her glove to correct the problem. Nigel tells Danny he was a beautiful partner, and his rise and fall is now tremendous being he’s never done ballroom before.

Mary notes this wasn’t the easiest dance to keep your legs flexed, yet they did it while effortlessly keeping it flowing. She says that type of thing usually takes years and years of practice. She tells them they deserve what follows, and gives them a standing ovation, although I’m sure they felt a wooh coming on. Dan decides to take Mary’s word for the technical side to the dance, and tells Danny that when they first saw him in New York, all of them thought final four, so he’s not surprised to see him here, especially after performances like that along with his solos. He knows Danny belongs on the stage. What amazes him about Lacey is that they can watch her in her videos being all crazy, yet she then comes out and does something beautiful and amazing like this. Dan says the two of them together are not fair, just incredible and amazing.

It’s Neil’s turn for a one-on-one chat with Cat, and he says he started dancing when he was 5, but didn’t know he wanted to be a dancer until high school. He was also in gymnastics until 6th grade. He was hoping he would make it this far in the competition, because there are so many ridiculously good dancers there. He decided to audition after he saw it online and it seemed like something fun to do . He didn’t prepare well, but it still went great for him. His best performance so far he thinks was Wade’s jazz piece, and he feels it was a turnaround for him. His worst performance would have to be the salsa or tango. The screaming girls in the audience get him pumped up and excited to go out and dance. I’m sure it pumps him up for something. He dances his solo tonight to Shawn McDonnell’s Gravity. He has some unique moves along with his normal tricks and great spins as he obviously feels the music.

Nigel realizes it’s not just about the tricks, but Neil’s tricks are some of the best on this series. He is a great gymnast, and for that to come along now with a great personality, it seems like the right time. Mary says weeks ago she wasn’t sure about Neil. He did a solo that saved his life that night, and from thereon, for her, Neil has gotten better and better. The solo tonight has the tricks, but also a calmness and maturity. Dan wants to use the word “dynamic” for Neil. Every time he comes out, he gives it his all and owns the stage.


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