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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 14th – The Streaker Pt. 2

Eric and Jess discuss what to do with Dick if they leave him there, but think he knows better than to stand up to Jess and Eric now. Jess admits to Eric that her view shifts every time she talks to someone else, but she still thinks Dustin is being kind of sketchy. Eric suggests using Jen and Zach to do their dirty work, and have them take out Jameka and Amber. He believes Amber is the most disliked, and wants her to stay there because she can’t win anything. Dustiness can wing things and has. He is personable, a liar, smart, and competitive.

It’s 6:00 AM, and Jess and Eric are still talking, but no longer about the game. They playfully argue back and forth about why they have never had a date together. He seems to to think she had said she didn’t like dates and she didn’t like dinner, but she says she would never say something glide that. He tells her no matter what, though, she will have a ring pop on her hand in 45 days.

It’s back to talking about the game at 6:30 AM. Eric wants to know if Jess would be more comfortable with Jen in the game or without. He wants her to trust him more than anyone else in the house, and she says she does. She trusts Jameka as well, but not as much. He makes sure she realizes he’s never done her wrong, then mentions everyone turning on Dustin this week as they know he’s shady.

They just won’t go to bed, and it’s 8 AM! There’s talking about their jobs and about school. Eric had a hard time getting into school, and then lost the scholarship that he finally achieved. They discuss their psych testes for BB, and think they had weird questions like do you see animals others don’t see, do you ever feel like killing someone, and do you spend considerable time in closets. Jess forgives Eric for not showing her his wiener and he says it’s harder to show her than others, and he thinks the others-made way too much about the sighs saying he thinks it’s just Abu average, and he thinks people will now be disappointed.

They finally go to sleep at 8:47 AM. I hope for their sake, BB won’t wake them up until at least four hours from now. It could be an interesting day with lots of flip flopping votes. Let’s hop Eric pulls it out for us.

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