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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 14th – The Streaker Pt. 2

Zach now says he is voting out Dick, unless Jess convinces him otherwise. Elsewhere, Jen tells Amber that the DR is trying to encourage her to vote out Dustin, but she really wants to evict Dick. Amber is getting the same thing, and says it’s annoying, because that isn’t her current plan. She says they asked her who she thought she could beat in the end. Now, this is what I’ve been thinking. Obviously, Dustin could beat more people in the end than Dick, so this is a time for them to think that way, as it’s getting too close to the end. And, last week when the tide changed from evicting Eric to evicting Kail, it seemed to be because of meddling in the DR.

Dustin tells Amber that America is so over her, meaning the whole crying thing, and she definitely takes offense, telling him no they are not. Again, Dustin is worried about appearing arrogant? Jen tells Dustin she was hurt when he put her up on the block, but says it didn’t bother her when Dani and Dick did it. She then talks to Amber about not being fat, but bigger. Amber asks if she’s on her period, and she says no, but her bras don’t even fit, as she’s normally much smaller outside the house, and her boobs are much smaller. Dustin says he thinks he doesn’t need to work out, and AMber brings up how arrogant he is, which is readily admits to.

Dustin further proves he’s getting too big for his britches when Jen says s he’s going to go have some ice cream, but only if she can have some of Dick’s chocolate sauce. Dustin says they’ll watch for her interaction, and will be judging effort, poise, style, and grace. When she leaves he tells Amber she’s struggling with Jen tonight, and she argues it’s him that’s struggling. He then claims he doesn’t want to play the “I have hurt feelings” game tonight. He then turns his attention to the spy screen and celebrates when Jen gets her ice cream with Dick’s chocolate sauce.

Meanwhile, Jameka is out in the hammock by herself, crying, and of course, she is asking for God’s forgiveness. She sings Jesus Loves Me, and she also asks for a blessing for her husband. I saw this once before from her. Is she talking about her God as if he is her husband or does she have a secret husband she hasn’t mentioned yet? She also prays for Eric to become a follower of Christ. I’m thinking we’ll see some clips of this on Thursday accompanied by the church music. All this goes on while the others are playing beer pong and we hear Zach screaming about booty shorts.

Jameka finds her way out of her crying hammock and finds Amber. She says she feels bad not being able to help “the team,” since she can’t compete for HoH. They talk about this last PoV comp, and Jameka feels badly she didn’t do very well, and says if she was Jess, she thinks she would have done better with her butt on the line. They talk about Daniele crying after she putted, and note that it takes a lot for her to cry.

During beer pong, Zach offers up for a losing bet for Eric and Dustin to make out for one full minute. Eric’s in the DR, so everyone waits to see if he’ll come out and accept the challenge. And in case that’s not enough for ya, Amber is talking about her preferred method of birth control, The Ring. She describes it a seeing like a tampon and says her boyfriend always plays with it. Thanks for those intimate details. Eric finally make sit out of the DR, and Jen calls him Mr. America, but obviously leaves off the “Player” part of his tag. Amber tells him it’s because Jen has a crush on him.

Eric whispers to Jess that he wants to talk to her about their options for the week. She wants to not do it in the HoH, as Amber and Jameka are going to be sleeping up there. He tells her there has to be some reason why the DR keeps pushing Dick this week. Which is funny, as America is probably making him vote for Dick, and in return BB is also encouraging Amber and others to vote for Dick. He tells her he thinks they need to align with different people. Umm, yeah, because it’s finally gotten through his skull that we don’t like his current choices and alliance.

Jess is then asked by Eric if she thinks she could get Jameka to vote out Dustin and leave Amber swinging in the wind, but she doesn’t think that’s possible. He wants to find a way to do this that the people around them don’t hate them, but instead adore them. He points out if there’s someone there they don’t trust, they need to get rid of them now, as Amber has no chance of winning HoH and Jameka isn’t allowed to. The decide to discuss this later in the bathtub, and he adds that pants are optional. They continue to flirt, playing with each other’s hair, and saying they look like high schoolers.

Continuing the high school theme, Eric and Jess go intuit he HoH with Jen, and Eric says he doesn’t think Dustin is very popular with the viewers because of what he sees and hears in the DR. Jen thinks the three of the sitting right there ha to be the most comfortable. Eric thinks Jameka is a “straight shooter” and could be popular, but Jess thinks that probably sopped this week when she flipped out. Jen decides Daniele isn’t popular, but then Jen mentions Jangle was popular and bratty as well.

After Jen leaves, Eric and Jess go back to talking game. She tells him about three conversation w it Zach, and mentions that he thought she was close to Jameka, which she finds odd. They know Jen thinks they’re in a three person alliance, and they’re going to continue to let her think that. Eric thinks they need to think about what to do about jameka, as it’s unrealistic to think the GPA will make it to final 5, and she would be impossible to beat in final 2. They discuss the scenario of voting Dustin and and wonder if they should have jess breaking a 3-3 tie to vote him or or having it be 4-2.


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