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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 14th – The Streaker Pt. 2

While Jess is telling Eric about her conversation with Zach, Amber is telling Dustin that getting him out would be the best thing for “them,” as she would be a mess, meaning it would take away from her game. The funny thing there is she doesn’t have a game. Eric tells Jess he just doesn’t want to make the same mistake they’re making, and that’s going after people too early. Be careful, Eric, you don’t know what our choice is going to be for who you need to vote for. And there’s less people here now, making it harder to bury your vote. Eric notes that Dick is campaigning and Dustin isn’t even trying.

After a quick trip to the DR, Eric comes out and tells Jameka and Amber that there’s no sense in Dick even talking to him, as it’s a forgone conclusion that he’s going home. Eric goes back to talking to Jess and says he might vote to evict Dustin if he knows the votes are there to get rid of Dick. This makes no sense, so of course he has already figured we’ll be voting for Dustin to leave. She tells him you can never be too sure how the votes are going, so doing that isn’t wise.

Dustin joins the conversation and tells Eric to not talk game with Dick, giving him the hope he might stay. Jess asks why not let him think he has a chance. Jess mentions that Dick thinks the vote will be 3-3, and Dustin wonders how that could be. Eric says it doesn’t matter as Jess is the deciding vote anyway. Dustin shores up Eric’s vote who promises to vote out Dick. America might have a thing or two to say about that. Dustin isn’t concerned, he says, and just can’t believe he has to deal with this.

I realize all these people except Dick are young, but how could they not know this? Then again, they didn’t know about George Orwell’s 1984 or The Graduate’s Mrs. Robinson. Jameka repeats that Zach had told Dustin, “Nobody’s talking to you, Peanut Gallery.” And neither she nor Amber know what that means. Jameka wonders if it refers to Dustin liking peanuts, and she is sure it’s something Dustin enjoys being called. Hey kids! What time is it? It’s time to vote out Dustin!

Eric has been waiting all day to cut his hair, and BB had told him they would supply him the clippers later. Why was it not okay for Nick to do it until he was on the block and didn’t care what they thought, but Eric can do it whenever he wants? Dustin provides the honors once again, getting rid of Eric’s mohawk. Dustin also trims his own hair, both head and armpit. Amber asks if he did that for her, and he says no, he does it at home too. Huh? Why does she think he is doing that for her? Could she be a little more narcissistic?

Dick and Dani talk about the plan for next week, and Dick calls Zach an idiot for it, as they know he won’t be winning HoH or PoV anyway. Dani says Jen told her that next week, if Dani and Zach were on the block, she would have to win PoV to keep herself safe and take Dani off. Although, Dani has no idea whether she can trust that or not.

Zach and Jess are both primping for a date together, and Zach notes there will be no sexual activity as he’s wearing his chastity belt. Okay, we all thought the guy was a major perv in the beginning, but I’m warming up to his dry humor. Zach tells Dick’s it’s Operation WFA. Wooing Factor Alliance. Eric, Jess, and Amber are talking about Zach, with Amber mentioning that Zach asked if he offended her with the Peanut Gallery comment, and she said no, as she didn’t hear it since she was cleaning.

The “Good People Alliance” (my God, I thought there couldn’t be any worse name than the Friendship Alliance, but this definitely beats that) know they have to start putting up their own, and realize in preparation for that, they have to start accepting Zach and Dani into their group. I think this is Eric and Jess trying to get used to the idea of Dick and Dani’s proposal for a group without Amber, Jameka, and Dustin. They seem to vacillate back and forth between trashing people and wanting them out with the names being thrown around, and it seems no one wants to completely do either, as they don’t know who they can trust.

Zach and Jess have their date in the backyard at a small table on top of the giant chessboard. Zach brings up Jen saying that Dick and Dustin had a deal, but Zach doubts it. Jess asks if she told him that, then corrects herself and says she didn’t want to tell too many people, so she thinks she didn’t tell anyone but him. He then says he heard it from Dick, which forces her to admit she also told Dick. That doesn’t look too good for her. Jess then talks about being emotional at the PoV ceremony, and says she had a hard time putting Dustin up as she has no beef with him, but then again, she put up two other people she really doesn’t have a beef with either.

Yet, if Dustin and Dick are in a secret alliance, then that would mean their animosity is faked. Zach and Jess than wonder if it was faked with Amber and Jameka as well, and Jess says it’s making her question everyone she is aligned with. Jess decides Jen only said that because she was trying to save her own ass, and Zach agrees, saying she’s not really lined up with anyone. What particularly bothers Zach is that she gave up half the money if she wins, saying it doesn’t matter if she wins or not, yet, she is still in the house despite several attempts to get her out. Zach points out if she was in final two, and the Donatos were on the jury, they would both vote for her.

After a discussion about what to expect from sequester, Zach and Jess discuss that while Dick talked to everyone after the PoV ceremony about his behavior, he never out and out apologized. She gets Zach to flip flop again and say he wall vote Dick out, but he definitely doesn’t want to come back to him. Jess says she doesn’t talk game with anyone in the house, and Zach tries to get her to not side with Jameka since she has no power anyway. He believes if Dustin wins HoH next week, that he’ll be on the block and says he embraces that, saying he knows he has no problems with anyone in the house. Yet, he does bring up Jameka again, and they talk about her problem with him when he wiped his hands after touching her.


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