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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 14th – The Streaker Pt. 2

Who knows how the vote will turn out on Thursday. We know that the pawn always goes home, and after watching the show tonight, we saw that Dustin is just a little too confident, and not nearly worried enough. Dick and Dani were beginning to put some interesting things in play here to try and create a new alliance last night, so we’ll see how it all progresses today.

Apparently, Dick is feeling the early bird catches the worm, as he is the first one up yet again, and it’s similar to Kail’s old wakeup call. He goes outside to smoke first thing, then hops in the shower. He returns to outside to have another smoke and again has his Dick at Nite show. He talks about how many weirdos there are in the house, then addresses us, America, and says he’s torn up, as “That chick is out of her goddamn mind.” Who that is exactly, we don’t know. He also wonders why people that have never watched the show know more than anyone else.

Dick won’t be alone for long, as BB wakes up the HGs with Living On a Prayer by Bon Jovi. Jen and Zach join Dick in the kitchen, and he talks about how much he enjoyed the music this morning, and says he also enjoys Eminem, some rap, and Coolio. Jen adds she is liking Eminem more and more as she hears him in the house. They also talk about Jane’s Addiction, and when Zach sings a little, Dick asks whether he was singing or in pain. Poor Zach just can’t catch a break.

Zach and Dick move outside and first discuss how Jessica doesn’t clean at all. She does dishes once in awhile, but when she does, it’s only her own dishes. This leads them to talk about the problems in that group. If Jess thought Dustin was in an alliance with Dick and Daniele and later for Dustin to back out of giving himself up for a pawn to Dick, they know there has to be some big mistrust in the alliance. Dick asks how locked in Zach is on his promise to vote him out, and Zach says he’ll change it up, but he needs to see a greater gain in doing so. They discuss whether they can trust Jen, and mention her lying about not seeing the show before, as she knows a lot about it. They also mention her knowing Mike Boogie and his partner Lonnie, and know she went to the Bahamas with them. They agree she’s still an alien to them. At least she’s a little more liked at this point than Boogie was. Then again, who walked away with the prize money?

Eric must be trying to make up for his silent treatment to Jess as he comes streaking through the backyard. It’s either that or one of his beer pong bets. Or it could be after the conversation with others wanting to see his junk. Dick just thinks it adds to his morning, first with six good songs, and now this. Jen and Dustin get into a discussion of how “it” looks different than it did in the shower, and how it’s just hanging there. Dick wonders if it’s supposed to be doing push-ups. Well, it would make it interesting. He also notes if he and Zach had a duel it would be sword vs. needle. Isn’t he trying to work on Zach to get ham on his side right now? That’s not going to help!

Inside Jameka and Jess are upset to have missed the big event, and Dustin fills them in on the size, comparing it to a curling iron. He also thinks he has a lot to work with, for such a little man. Dustin quotes Amber and says it was beautiful. Jameka hopes Julie shows them some of it on the live show this week. Jess decides to give Eric the silent treatment for not waiting for her, and says she’s not going to talk to him all day. Eric notes Jess saw it quite close yesterday, and Dick wonders if he put it on her forehead.

Dustin and Jameka talk about Dick’s behavior this week and say the bad part of it is he wasn’t in the running anymore to win anyway, but he ruined his daughter’s chances now with that as well. Now, wasn’t Dani just bitching at Jameka for that, for holding against her the things her father does? Dustin is glad to have his things back, but wants his tattoo sleeves back. He mentions that Dick said he could have them back when he is evicted, and Jameka says she doesn’t think he’ll get them back. It’s unclear whether she means Dick will walk out without them, or that Dustin will leave before Dick. I don’t think Jameka would think of keeping Dick, though.

It seems Zach is working on a way to change his deal with Jess. He tells her to be careful with Dustin, as he’s very shady. She asks if Zach thinks Dustin is bringing Amber down with him, and he says he does think he had a lot of influence on her and believes he’s the thinker in that pair. Zach keeps working it, saying Dustin is a huge pain in the ass, and Jess says she thinks everyone has his number. Jess wonders if he’s burying himself playing too many sides, and Zach says he thinks he has already buried himself, unless they believe his BS. They agree he’s too arrogant being on the block, just like Kail, and look where she is.

Zach then says he might just say what the f*** and vote for Dick, but he’s worried about Jess’ trust in him. Dick says he knows Jen doesn’t like Dustin. They continue back and forth, then realize Dick is talking about Jen and Zach is talking about Jess. Zach says Dick needs to make Jess think he’s worth more than Dustin, and Dick says he has to get in Eric’s ear. Zach confirms if he can’t, then he’s goin’ home.

Jess and Eric talk in the bathroom, and he says Zach told him the votes will be 3-3 on Thursday, and they wonder if he told Dick the same thing. Eric also says that Dick admitted that they know most of the things they said about him last week aren’t true, and that statement isn’t completely true either! She says it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t say that same thing to everyone else.

Zach and Dick talk again, and Dick says he told Eric he wants to talk to him later. He says he has a ticket out of there already, so he may as well go for it. Zach mentions how badly he wants Dustin gone. Zach says for him the best thing if Dick goes home, is that Dustin doesn’t win HoH. Dick says either Dani or Zach really need to win. They don’t think the next HoH comp will be questions, and figure it will be physical or elimination.


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