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So You Think You Can Dance, August 13th – Get Out!

Cat talks about the SYTYCD tour… again. Uf, I get it, tickets are on sale, yada yada yada. The girls did some performances last week. *points to LauraBelle’s fabulous recaps* So, who’s the first lady to be going to Wednesday’s finale? Lacey! (Big surprise.) The next woman to make it to the finale… will be revealed after the break. I check the clock. There’s almost a half-hour still left. Oy. You would think with fewer people, the episodes would get shorter.

Y’know what? The guys did some performances too! *points to LauraBelle again* The gentleman who will be going on to the finale? Danny. (Again, shocker.)

Cat then announces that she has some bad news for the studio audience. They already look disappointed, without having any clue what’s going on. “As you know, tonight we are not broadcasting live. The show you’re watching at home was recorded on Thursday. This is so that the top four have time to rehearse for the finale.” I’m forgetting, why didn’t we have the Results show on its usual night? “To protect the integrity of the show and ensure that the viewers at home get the results at the same time as everybody else, we’ve decided to clear the studio and create a lockdown situation, before we reveal who your votes have sent home.” Wha? Craziness. I don’t remember this being done in past seasons… but I could be wrong. Feel free to e-mail me, and remind my old, feeble, (27-year-old) brain. It all sounds very serious and official, and Cat makes it sound like they’re clearing out a federal building.

Cat looks around to the audience and asks them all to leave. Slowly and with many boos and sad faces, the audience makes their way out the doors. I can’t help but think that it looks a LOT like when the lights come up when a bar closes. Lots of confused, sad faces. “Wha? I have to leave? Where am I supposed to go?”

Once the studio is indeed empty with a camera’s panning shot for proof, Lauren and Sabra are back on stage. Cat opens the envelope… and Sabra is going on to the finale. The complete lack of mass audience reaction is surreal, and the three judges try to fill the silence with their meek clapping. Nigel compliments Lauren, saying she would always be one of his favorite dancers. “She should be very proud of herself to be here now. I think she peaked a little too late for the public,” he says. Mary says she has loved Lauren from the moment she first saw her and that Lauren has graced the stage with “class” and “elegance.” Lauren leaves saying she had a wonderful time performing for everyone, and it’s the best opportunity she could have asked for. There IS something very telling in her video montage however. In many of the clips of her dancing, often with Neil, I watch them thinking, “Wait… she did that? When did she do that? I don’t remember this piece at all.” In fact, it wasn’t until her Good vs Evil piece by Wade Robson that I could specifically remember a routine that she was in, which I think is very indicative of her and her dancing. (I think it’s safe to say that most people can remember Lacey and Kameron’s emotional contemporary piece, in which she flung herself onto her partner. It was one of the first—if not THE first—routine they had to do and was very memorable.) I DO believe what Nigel says about her growing into a better dancer over time, seeing as her later performances were more memorable than her earlier ones. However, I do agree with the votes on this decision.

Pasha and Neil walk onto the stage to learn their fate. The dancer walking away tonight will be Pasha. Awww… sadness. “Pasha, you’ve grown every single week. You are a wonderful partner. And outside of your dancing, you’re such a warm, charismatic person,” says Nigel. “You are a charming gentleman.” *le sigh* Mary admits that Pasha is one of her favorites and fights off the tears as she says good-bye. Oh Pasha from rhyming Russia—codename: Sparklepants—how we shall miss you. I’m still not sure that I agree with this result, but with finalists like Danny and Neil as your competition, it’s a tough call.

The final four come back on stage to hug their departing friends. Without the usual screaming and applauding teens, the ending credits feel very weird.

So, I was right about Lauren, wrong about Neil. I’m not sure what call to make now. I’m really rooting for Sabra, but I’m worried that Lacey will outshine her. As for the guys… I’ll hang out with wookie Neil any day over smug Danny.

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