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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 13th – A Few Different Reasons to Party

When we come back, everyone is looking a little tired. But happy. Eric, Jessica, and Amber are in the kitchen washing dishes and cleaning up, while others sit outside. Someone’s talking about the size of Eric’s penis, and he’s trying to defend himself saying that it looked small in the shower. Okay then. Jessica breaks a glass in the kitchen, so there’s some clean up action going on. I know, it’s not all that exciting. I’m trying here.

Zach, Dick, and Daniele are simmering in the hot tub, talking about Jessica and Dick’s conversation with her about Dustin. Zach mentions that he was trying to subtly point out Dustin’s lack of loyalty to her earlier. Zach says that Dick now has three days to flip the vote. But he warns that it will be nearly impossible to get a vote out of the NH, because they’ll want Dick gone more than they’re able to seriously question Dustin’s loyalty. Daniele suggests that Zach should talk to Jessica and see if he can swing her a little bit. Dick mentions that he has a plan for next week if he’s still there, and that it’s flawless. See, now I want him to stay even more.

The hot tub group breaks up, and Daniele goes inside to join the others. They’re still talking about Eric’s penis, for goodness’ sake. Other topics of discussion include how bad Kail was at whispering, and the size and frequency of their bowel movements. Every year, they talk about their poop. Why?

Dustin, Eric, and Daniele are left in the kitchen. The boys start talking about Jen and how she’s lost too much weight, and somehow this evolves into talking about having “unidentifiable ooze” in her bikini bottoms. Yuck. Daniele is kind of participating – she’s laughing and telling them they’re gross. And they are.

Amber and Jameka are together, and Amber is digging into Jameka’s toenails with the tweezers. Seems that she’s got an ingrown toenail, and Amber is trying to dig it out. This can’t end well. Amber is really into it, and Jameka keeps complaining that it hurts. So do your own dang toenails, honey. Maybe then we wouldn’t have to see close-ups of the action. Bleh.

It’s time once again for beer pong, which isn’t all that much fun to watch and would be even less interesting to recap. They play several games, and this is pretty much the only thing going on in the house for at least an hour.

Amber, Jameka, and Dustin hang out after the pong game talking about future weeks in the game. Amber says that, if she wins HoH next week, she wants to nominate Jen and Zach. Dustin and Jameka are shocked, because the plan of course is to get Daniele out next week. Amber says that her main target is Zach because he wants to go after Jameka.

Outside, Daniele and Dick are suggesting to Zach that they should try and team up with Eric and Jessica. Zach isn’t too sure about this plan, which is strange because he’s said all along that he wanted to be on Jessica’s side. Maybe he just didn’t have the Donatos included in that little scenario. They say that this would leave Amber and Jameka on their own so it would be easy to pick them off. Zach says that he’s open to the idea, but doesn’t commit. Daniele says that if this happens, then her loyalty would remain with Zach. I’m assuming she means if Dick gets voted out this week, but I could be wrong.

Daniele goes inside and Dick keeps trying to work the Eric/Jessica thing with Zach. Zach says that he promised Jessica that he would vote to evict Dick, and doesn’t want to go back on that unless Jessica comes to him and tells him that she’s down with this plan. When Daniele comes back outside, he tells her this as well. He adds that he doesn’t feel like he has a solid alliance with anyone in the house because he’s really just a third wheel to Daniele and Dick. So basically, he knows that if he votes Dick out this week, they might not have the overall numbers, but he’ll have a solid two-person alliance with Daniele. Which is what he’s wanted all along, right Kail?

The Nerd Herd plus Jen play a weird little game about guessing things that they’ve done in their lives, which Dick, Daniele, and Zach hang out and talk about all kinds of stuff outside. This goes on for a while, and finally Daniele and then Dick are both off to bed. Never thought I’d see the day that Dick went to bed before everyone else.

Zach goes to bed as well, and he sleeps beside Daniele’s bed in the munchkin room. They talk a bit about the game, and Zach is amazed that Dick actually has a chance to stay in the game. He says that they just need to figure out who to push to get the votes they need. He also thinks it’s going to be fun for Vincent to watch the show tomorrow night and see his dad win the veto. For an ogre, that Zach is a pretty sweet guy.

They talk about Nick a little bit, and Daniele says that when the game is over, she wants to take a month off from her life, including Kris, to travel and sort things out. She makes a few references about not expecting to find someone like Nick in the house, and stuff about his goodbye speech. Zach is encouraging her and asking appropriate questions, like why her boyfriend is moving out while she’s in the house. She explains about his internship and how she can’t afford to support the two of them any longer. Zach says his sofa is always open to her if she needs it.

Jessica has gone to bed, by herself, in the HoH room. Jen, Amber, Eric, and Dustin are all in the bathroom together doing their various nightly rituals. Dustin and Amber go to bed together, and Eric disappears from the picture as well. Jen sits up by herself in the bathroom for a while before finally hitting the sack. Wow, it’s only 3am, and everyone is slumbering. Lucky me!

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