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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 13th – A Few Different Reasons to Party

Dick wants to know what the deal was with Jen going up against Daniele, but Dustin went up against him. Eric says that he doesn’t know because he was sick last night and missed the discussion. Dick tells Eric all about the deal that he made with Dustin last week, and how Dustin went back on his word at the last minute. Eric doesn’t seem to know what to do with this information. He says that they’ll see each other in five years for All Stars 2. He may be right.

Eric says that he was very upset by the banner that flew over during the HoH comp. He says that any number of banners could have flown over the house saying how great he was, and yet they see this one which was probably sent by Nick’s fan club and they all take it seriously. Dick says that after they saw it, everyone was coming to them putting pieces of the puzzle together for them. Eric says that a lot of it wasn’t true, and they were all just speculating. He doesn’t mind leaving the game if it’s because of something he’s done, but he hates that he came close to going home because of things that were out of his control.

After a bit of good-natured joking about Jen and Zach ending up in the final two, Eric and Dick bump fists and end their conversation. I think it’s safe to say that this one went much better than Dick’s discussion/apology with Dustin. Speaking of which, Amber is telling Jessica all about that one in the backyard. They’re also talking about how exciting it is that they’ve reached the halfway point in the game.

Dick comes outside and sits with Amber and Jameka. There’s a sentence that would have had much different connotations yesterday! He tells them that Daniele told him to give the slop pass to Jen, and they both say that they figured as much. They’re all looking forward to the party tonight. What party tonight? Oh, it seems that BB is throwing a party for them for reaching the midway point, and they’re going to get food and music. Which means the feeds will be blocked for this little shindig.

Dick heads for what I think is the final stop on the Apology Tour – Jessica. They sit in the hammock together and Dick does his last performance of his speech. To this one he adds that he doesn’t care who wins the game now because he feels like he’s already won. He’s laid the groundwork towards mending his relationship with his daughter, and that’s more than enough for him.

He insults Dustin and Jameka for attacking Daniele and holding her responsible for Dick’s actions. He says that Eric is the smartest person in the game now, and that his strategy combined with personal feelings of betrayal led to his nomination last week. Jessica says that Daniele is one of the best as well, since she’s smart and competitive. Dick says that he knows that Jessica didn’t suffer his insults nearly as much as the others, but he wants to apologize anyway because he’s always liked her and felt bad saying anything at all about her. She says that she’s always liked him, too.

Dick moves back to the Dustin topic. He says that it really bothers him that Dustin thinks he’s running the show, and that he’s caused rifts inside the group. Jessica tells Dick that Jen told her that Dustin had a deal with Dick and Daniele, and that it really messed her up before the veto ceremony. She didn’t know what to do. They agree that Dustin will probably be the first one out of the LNC to be targeted. Dick says that the vote this week might come down to a tie, and that she would probably be burning bridges if she voted to keep Dick in the house. He adds that if she did do that though, he and Daniele would have her back for the rest of the game.

Dick mentions that Eric’s game has been blown apart, and that he’s at risk of leaving soon because neither side trusts him. Jessica agrees. Dick reiterates that, if Jessica were to save him this week, then she would get two strong allies out of the deal instead of Dustin who lies and plays the game shady. He apologizes once again, and makes his exit.

The girls have planned to get dolled up for the party together, which starts in an house, in the HoH room. Jessica goes up there and tells Amber that her talk with Dick went really well. She’s relieved. She wants to invite Jen and Daniele up, and Amber agrees. Jen wants to join in, but no one is sure about Daniele. There’s a lot of excitement, talking about how they got this far and how great the summer has been. Of course tomorrow they’ll be bored and wondering how they’re going to do this for the rest of the summer, but whatever. Jessica notices that Daniele isn’t joining them up there, and Jen points out that she’ll probably start clinging to Zach once her dad leaves because she always needs a man in there.

Zach and Daniele talk outside, and both agree that they’d be happy to be in the final two together. I’m so glad that Zach finally has the chance to get his game on. He says that he told Jessica that if the NH sends Dick, Daniele, Zach, and Jen all to sequester, then they will control the final vote. Daniele mentions how ridiculous it is that none of them had considered that before.

Zach goes inside and Dick comes out. He wants to know if he’ll have Jen’s vote, and Daniele says she isn’t sure. Dick says that he had a good talk with Jessica, and needs to keep working on her to make her feel safe with them. He says that Eric is in a tough spot too, so maybe they can work on him. Daniele warns Dick that Zach is a little upset with him, because something that he told him worked it’s way back to him. I have no idea what that is, but Dick agrees that he’ll talk to Zach.

Daniele smells Chinese food wafting from the storage room. She’s jumping up and down in front of the door, calling out, “Open! Open! Food! Food!” It’s pretty funny, and after the last few days it’s just really nice to see everyone in a good mood. Sure, they’ll be back at each other’s throats soon enough, but this is fun.

Cut to trivia, since the hamsters are getting their groove on to music other than the BB theme song. The party lasts for close to two hours, which is actually pretty short for a party, don’t you think?