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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 13th – A Few Different Reasons to Party

Jameka is sitting on the couch outside the HoH room, and she’s Dick’s next stop on the Apology Tour. You know what she’s doing? She’s got a lighter and she’s burning the ends of her hair. Who does that? Anyway, Dick tells Jameka the same story he told Amber, that he knew he’d be going up against Daniele, and had to do everything in his power to make sure that they were all so sick of him that they’d be sure to vote him out. Now that Daniele is safe though, he’s fine with leaving and wants Jameka to know that he’s very sorry. He knows he said some awful, personal things to her, but he doesn’t regret it because he did it for his daughter. He sounds really genuine. Jameka also accepts his apology, saying she appreciates it.

In the HoH room, Eric and Jessica are still talking. Eric is still apologizing for being so sick and not able to talk to her. It’s hard to tell if she believes him or not, but honestly this story is SO lame that I can’t imagine she’ll just forget about it. Jessica moves on and says that Jen came to her earlier and said that Dustin had made deals with Daniele and Dick, and that she had wondered if Eric was in on it as well. He says he wasn’t, of course. They agree that people are doing a lot of questionable stuff, and it’s hard to know who to believe now.

Jen and Daniele are chatting about Dustin being on the block. Daniele says that every time she thinks that she’s figured out something in this game, it turns out that she’s 5 minutes too late. They’re both amazed at how quickly things spread through the house. As am I. The only person in there that can keep a secret is Zach, and even he isn’t rock solid. Daniele mentions again that someone who isn’t inside the house, but affiliated with it, told her that there would be a big twist in week 7. They speculate on what it might be, but don’t think that it’s the Coup D’Etat again. I hope not – there’s no mystery to it. It’s probably just a double eviction week. They wonder why there haven’t been any America’s Choice things yet.

Back upstairs now, where Eric and Jessica are plotting out their game. Eric is saying that Jameka is dangerous, and trying to explain that getting rid of Daniele, Zach, and Jen next might not be in their best interests after all. But he doesn’t want to come right out and target anyone by name, because that would send off all kinds of alarm bells in Jessica’s head. He suggests that they try to make nice with Zach, because he would probably end up targeting Jameka.

Dick heads to the next stop on the Apology Tour – Dustin. He gives the same spiel that he gave to Amber and Jameka, more or less, but Dustin isn’t as quick to accept the apology. He points out that Dick went after him again after the veto was won. Dick doesn’t seem to remember this, and when reminded he says that he wasn’t going after Dustin, he was telling it like it is. That Dustin will be the first person out when the group gets down to five. Dustin doesn’t seem too convinced.

Dick is angry with Dustin for calling Daniele a skank, and says that that’s rich coming from a guy with gonorrhea. He points out that Dustin couldn’t have shown Joe his negative test results, because doctors don’t give those out. And Dick knows this, because he’s been tested several times. He admitted that way back during the first weeks in the house. Dustin demands that Dick return his king’s robe and tattoo sleeves, whatever the hell those are.

After Dick walks away, Dustin turns to Amber and says that he doesn’t actually have gonorrhea. You know, just in case she thought he did and actually cared. Dustin is fired up now, saying that he already apologized to Daniele, so he has nothing to be sorry for with Dick. He feels so badly that his family has to watch Dick say all of these mean things to him. He doesn’t care himself, of course, he’s just saddened that his family has to endure it. He claims that his brother will beat the snot out of Dick at the wrap party.

Dick comes out and throws the robe and a couple of other things at Dustin, and says he’ll get the rest of the stuff back when he leaves. After Dick is gone, Dustin calls him a child and assorted other things.

Eric is telling Jen in the kitchen about his strong distaste for vegetables. He doesn’t like that they’re green or that they grow on the ground. Okay then. As he’s telling a riveting story about not being able to eat a piece of broccoli at a restaurant, Dick summons him for the official apology speech.

Dick delivers the speech once again, but adds that he hopes Eric won’t hold any of this against Daniele because she wasn’t involved in his strategy. He compliments Eric and says that he’s the smartest player there. He hopes that Eric won’t come after Daniele personally, although he knows she’s still a target in the game. Eric says that he thinks he would have been on the block if anyone else had won HoH, and Dick agrees with this. Eric says that he hasn’t been in Daniele’s face at all, and doesn’t see that changing. He thinks that Dick will go to sequester and get to see a tape of Daniele winning HoH, and then Eric will be sitting there with him to see who wins the next one.

They talk amiably about the game and how much harder it is than they expected it to be. Dick says that Eric regrouped really quickly after what happened last week and is once again in good standing with the house. Eric has compliments for Dick too, about his leadership skills. Er, okay. Dick asks when things went wrong for the two of them, because they used to be close in the game. Oh, I don’t know. Maybe when you and Daniele led the rally to evict him? That’s just a guess. Eric says that he was blamed for a few things that he did do, some that he didn’t, and some that fall within a grey area. Dick wants to know specifically about the mustard, and Eric denies it again saying that he would have owned up to something like that. Dick thinks that it must have been Dustin doing some of the things that they had blamed Eric for.

Dick says that he knew he was doing the wrong thing evicting Nick, that he thought it was the right thing for his daughter, but then knew he was wrong during Nick’s eviction speech. Eric says that he really wanted Nick out of there, but never realized that it would cause so much division within the group. These two are really talking sincerely now, at least it seems that way. I wonder if Eric is trying to lay some ground work in case America wants him to get Dustin out of the house?

As this talk is going on, Jen, Zach, Jameka, Amber, and Jessica are all gathering to eat a chicken salad that Jen and Zach prepared. Not too exciting, but that’s what is on the other feeds at the moment. Let’s go back to Eric and Dick.