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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 13th – A Few Different Reasons to Party

Normally Mondays aren’t really that interesting. All we get is the veto ceremony, which we can’t even watch on the feeds. But this week, I’ve been looking forward to it! As of bed time last night, the plan was still to put Dustin on the block if Dick takes Daniele off. Even though he changed his mind, he changed it back and was willing to go against Dick. Hopefully that won’t change over the next several hours.

Jessica hasn’t slept well at all – she’s been up and down all night, reading her letter from her parents, listening to music, and going back to sleep. Then she’s up again, doing the same things. Something’s bothering her, and it could very well be the fact that Eric brushed her off the night before.

Just before 10am, BB wakes everyone up and tells them that the veto ceremony will begin in 90 minutes. That means at least two hours. Can we hold on to the Dustin nomination for that long? Dustin is up and making slop for himself.

The Nerd Herd begins their assembly in the HoH room, only without Eric because he has to give Jessica the silent treatment. Dustin starts ragging on Daniele for some reason, which leads to Amber spouting Amberisms .”You guys, I just can’t. It’s so negative around them. I just can’t. You don’t even understand.” They ponder how lame Dick’s veto speech will be, and plan sarcastic comments to utter during the ceremony.

Dustin goes back downstairs and encounters Eric in the bathroom. Eric says that he’s just going to lay down by himself because he’s so sick. As this is going on, Jessica is saying that she’s not feeling well either and it must be because she took a drink out of Eric’s cup last night. So now the whole house is going to come down with this imaginary illness. Terrific. Jessica has found a hoodie that Dustin was missing, but it’s all dirty. That would be because Dick threw it over the fence, methinks.

In other news, the cranberry juice has been spoiled by Dick. He’s poured soy sauce in it. Oh, the devastation.

We get the Vortex of Doom for about half an hour, but when we come back the veto ceremony has not yet happened. What the heck? Eric is telling Jessica that they told him in the DR not to talk to anyone because he’s sick. She walks away from him, clearly not happy, and goes up to the HoH room to sit on the bed and think. Jameka comes over to get the scoop from Eric, who explains the same thing over again. He says that the DR explicitly told him to stay away from everyone and not get involved in the discussions and whatnot so that he can rest. Even as he’s saying this, he’s gotta know how lame it sounds.

Dustin is up in the HoH room, where Jessica is crying. No idea why, but it must have something to do with her exchange with Eric. Zach comes in and they talk about Dick taking Dustin’s stuff. Jessica is pulling herself together quickly now. Jen and Daniele are wondering why Jessica is crying, so word must have spread pretty fast. They think it’s because Dustin yelled at her, and Dick appears and agrees with them. Geez, what did we miss when the trivia was on?

Jessica gets called to the DR, so it’s got to finally be time for the veto ceremony, right? Come on people, chop chop. Time’s a’ wastin’. After Jen goes up to the HoH to see if she can find out what’s going on, we get the trivia again for an hour and a half. Which is a pretty long time for a ceremony.

Was it the veto ceremony this time? Well yes, yes it was! And … Dustin is on the block! Yippee! Phase one of Operation Blindside Dustin is complete. Jen thanks him for taking one for the team, since she was so nervous about being nominated herself. Dick vetoed Daniele, and Dustin confirms that if he had taken himself off the block instead, it would have been Jen up there with Daniele. Wow. I can hardly believe this is happening. The only downside is that now we have to wait until Thursday and watch everyone flip flop over who they’ll be voting for. Come on, Zach and Jen. Vote against Dustin!

Jen and Jessica are talking, and Jen admits that she cried during Dick’s speech. Jessica says that she was tearing up a little bit too. Must have been a doozy. Jessica explains that Dustin offered to go up as a pawn, and that it was hard to nominate him. She says that next week things will be different without Dick in the house.

Eric explains to Amber that he’s been sick, and that the medic in the DR told him he had to quarantine himself or risk a penalty. Good grief buddy. If you were that sick and contagious, BB would be taking steps to make sure the others wouldn’t get sick as well, not depending on you to “quarantine” yourself. Amber, who wants to be a nurse “so f*cking bad,” doesn’t catch on to this at all.

Zach is up in the HoH room with Jessica and Jameka, saying that Dustin seems pretty confident and arrogant about staying in the house this week. I guess he’s trying to plant seeds of doubt or something, but the girls both think that he has every right to feel confident going up against Dick. Zach backpedals a bit and then starts to complain about Jen showing off her body in the house, which bothers him.

Eric must be finished his latest task, because now he’s talking to everyone and saying that it must be food poisoning that he’s had for the last 12 hours. They all think it’s Dick’s fault, since he poured stuff in the cranberry juice. You know, Dick can be an asshole, but I really don’t think he’d give anyone food poisoning on purpose. Okay, maybe Dustin.

Dick and Daniele now have some hope that they can both stay in the house this week. They’re not all jumpy and excited or anything, but Dick knows that he has to at least try. They talk about securing Zach and Jen’s votes, and then Dick will go and apologize to everyone and try to plant seeds with Jessica, Eric, Amber, and even Jameka. Daniele tells him to go for it, but asks him not to tell anyone that she knew about his plans to make them all mad at him earlier.

Dick starts with Amber, apologizing profusely for the things he said to her this week. He explains that it was all for his daughter, and levels with her that she would probably do the same thing for her own daughter. She agrees that she would and accepts Dick’s apology, telling him that she understands. Dick stresses that Daniele did not know about his strategy, and that she kept telling him to stop.

Eric is talking to Jessica now, apologizing for his own behaviour and saying that he was just so sick, yada yada. He should have told them all that the medic gave him some heavy drugs for his illness and he needed to sleep it off. That would have sufficed, no?