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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 12th – Dustin? Arrogant? Nah!

The beer pongers are at it again, and this time, if Eric and Jess lose, he has to wear the booty shorts and do a little dance while Jess smacks his butt. However, it ends in a tie, and it’s held over until tomorrow. Zach and Jess talk in the hammock, and she tells him he seems trustworthy. Jameka is still saying she doesn’t trust Eric, and they can’t overlook the fact that he used to be in an alliance with Jen. Amber relates seeing Jen talk to Eric and Justin and doesn’t seem too please. Once Jen gets up there, she sees a crew member behind a mirror.

Jen admits to the others in HoH that she got implants at 18, but as she has grown, so have they, and she now things they look too big. Doesn’t thinks they look nice, though. Dustin mentions hanging out in Hollywood and says he has friends at NBC. He doesn’t like it when celebs don’t tell him who they are, as sometimes he doesn’t know. Jen mentions spending an evening with “Al,” who turned out to be Pacino, and she didn’t know. This brings up guys staring at her a lot, and Amber points out when guys like you, you don’t want them to, but the guys you want to like you, don’t. Dustin asks if Jen gets to wear Vanna’s dresses, and she says no, but she could, and she has a lot of nice dresses anyway. Besides, she thinks Vanna is thinner than she is.

Amber leaves, and Eric comes up, announcing he’s drunk. The guys talk about Jen probably saving herself in the Mad Hatter PoV comp, even if Mike wouldn’t have done what he did. The talk then changes to their sleeping habits with Eric saying he’s been up first once, and Dustin saying he’s often the first one up. Jen says that Dick has been going to bed earlier and that he also grinds his teeth and farts a lot in bed. Dustin tells her she’ has been so strong during the game, and she pints out she finds no use in returning meanness with meanness. They talk about the things the Dick has done as intimidation tactics such as the pots and pans to wake up Dustin, slamming drawers to wake up Jen and Kail.

Jess is still in the hammock with Zach, and she says she wants to trust Eric so badly, but can’t after last week. They also decide that if Zach, Jen, Dick, and Dani are in the jury, they’ll decide who wins. He promises to vote the way she wants on Thursday, and if the votes don’t support what she wants, she’ll know she has a weak link in the LNC. They work on coming up with a story to tell the others to explain them talking so long, and agree to talk again after the next HoH.

Jen, Dustin, Jess, Eric, and Amber play a game of “I’ve never.” So far the statements brought up are that they’ve never lied to their parents, never worn contacts, never smoked anything (Jen’s the only one, of course), had sex with the opposite sex (Dustin’s the only one), never eaten so much it leads puking, and never ridden on a train.

Dustin explains again after this, hopefully more convincingly, why he doesn’t want to go up on the the block. He only wants to go up against Dick, because he’s not sure how Eric would vote. He suggests it should be Amber that goes up against Dani. Funny how they’re both so kindly throwing each other under the bus, isn’t it?

Eric goes the formal route and asks Jess if the HoH is free, as he’d like to talk. He talks to her while she is brushing her teeth. He says he hasn’t felt well all day and has been light-headed. He’s thinking of asking for a medic. He’s also upset, he admits, by everyone’s behavior in the house. He’s beginning to lose trust in everyone. Jess confirms he means everyone, and he says sort of. He particular points out someone reneging on a promise, so he must mean Dustin. Zach is on his list as well, as he says he’s making deals with everyone. Pretty fortuitous of Eric to point this out, right after he and Jess made a deal. He heard Zach talking about a plan by the girls to get all the guys out of the house, but Jess says she didn’t know about that.

Jess asks Eric if he trusts her right now, and he says 100%; he’s sorry if she thought he didn’t. They haven’t had a chance to talk, though, with her as HoH, and he sees game one ending, and game two starting. He realizes he may be on the outside now and is okay being 5th in the alliance. This discuss who to put up, and Eric says Dustin, with Jess countering he wanted that, then changed his mind. Eric offers Jen, and Jess says no, because she’s a good competitor (wouldn’t that be why you’d want her out?), and Eric offers Amber, which makes them talk about Zach and Amber being workout buddies.

Eric goes back to discussing Dustin, and says everyone is talking shit about everyone else anyway. Whoever they put up should be someone they really don’t mind leaving. He really doesn’t appreciate dustin offering his name to go up. Jess is still believing Zach will vote the way she wants, as she thinks he’s a man of his word. Eric points out that he’s not, as Zach has said he hasn’t cut any deals, but he can name at least a few. She offers to let him spend the night up there, and he asks for a rain-check since he doesn’t feel well. Jen had been waiting to talk to him, and he went down to let her know he wasn’t blowing her off, but he was going to bed. He tells BB while in the SR that he is missing out on a chance to spend the night in HoH, which could have been beneficial for him in more ways than one.

Dustin, Amber, Jameka, and Jess are back in the HoH, and Dustin asks Jess to put him up if Dick takes Dani off the block, as he’s willing to go against him but ask Jen to go up with a promise that she’s staying if Dick takes himself off with the veto. Jess agrees to this. Jameka still doesn’t like the idea of putting someone from their group up. They question whether Eric and Jen are in an alliance together. Jess doesn’t want to give Jen the heads up, and if she nominates her will talk to her after the PoV ceremony.

Outside Jen is talking to the Donatos, and Daniele mentions Eric lying because he told American he has three gray shirts, and he only has 2. I have to admit there have been worse offenses in life. Inside, Jess asks Dustin, the guy who says he wants to work on his arrogance, what she should say when she puts him up. He would like her to say he and Dick have been head to head all week, so may the better man win. Jess thinks maybe she shouldn’t say anything at all.

Dustin, the guy that keeps talking about Dick running Dani’s reign as HoH, says that if Dick leaves, next week when one of them wins HoH, they should put him Jen and Dani. Amber says if it’s her, though, she will put up Zach and Jen and backdoor Dani. They discuss him throwing comps, and Jameka says he has common sense. Amber thinks he’s lonely, and says that’s why he studies the game all day, as he has nothing else to do. Keep thinking that, and he’ll slip right through to final 2. They think if he won HoH, he’d be up there all by himself.

Outside, Dick is saying he is going to throw everyone off and say he’s decided to not use the veto. I’m not sure, though, whether he means he’s going to say he’s not, but really use it, or vice versa. The outside crew goes to bed after this, as does most oft he inside crew, except Jess who takes a bubble bath and has a hard time trying to sleep.

Who knows what will happen at the PoV ceremony. It could change ten times before then. Personally, I’m hoping for Dustin to go up. The guy who admits he has an arrogance problem needs to sweat a little.

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