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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 12th – Dustin? Arrogant? Nah!

Amber says she thinks Dani and Dick have an agreement to leave the noms this week, so she thinks Dani should go next week, and Dick the next week. They will tell Zach and Jen to place the votes to make it a tie, so that Jess can break it and say,”Dani, peace out.” NerdHerd! Dustin tells Amber if she gets HoH next, then, she should put up Jess and Jen and backdoor Dick. Like she’s going to get HoH. She’s like April, although I think April finally did win once. Jameka doesn’t like chancing it and says put two up that aren’t from their group.

Dustin, wisely, says he doesn’t want Jess to put him up this week as a pawn, as he’s afraid Jen and Zach would vote to get him out. Duh. Jess says she would break the tie if they did. Amber offers to go up instead. Both Dustin and Jameka think that Dick won’t end up using it. Amber offers herself up once again, and even offers Jameka up. Jameka, says nothing in reply. Everyone is in agreement that they would vote Dani out this week, and this is because Dani has closer ties with Zach and Jen. Eric wants to know why Dustin has decided he won’t go up, and we know it’s because he needs to get him on the block for us. Dustin says he’s worried, since he was the deciding vote last week for Eric to stay. Zach makes an appearance in HoH and the conversation of course stops.

Amber’s mind is working pretty well, and there’s no tears. It’s good to see. She whispers to Jess that the reason Dustin doesn’t want to go on the block is that he doesn’t completely trust them to keep him safe. Zach wants to play chess with her, and we know that’s the way he plans his strategy, so maybe he’s planning on picking her brain a little.

Regardless of what happens here, Dani is planning on being here still next week. She says she wants cupcakes from Sprinkles for her birthday, which is next week. Dani also allows she wants a letter, and she doesn’t mention Nick by name, but when she talks about them doing it before with America’s Choice, it seems she’s referring to Janelle and Mike. She and Dick are beginning to wonder if Zach and Jen are telling the LNC everything they are saying. Dick wants to go around the room in his speech before evicted and trash everyone in the room, but Dani doesn’t think Julie Chen will let him get that far.

Dani and Dick discuss who will make it to final two, and they think Zach, Jess, and Jameka have good chances, but not the others. They also discuss the enemy twist and say they understand it with them and even “the gonorrhea boys,” but not Carol and Jess. They both think they could have found enemies a lot more worthy. They also discuss the dynamic that will be left in the house with one more male gone, and just Dustin, Zach, and Eric left.

If Dani wins HoH next week, she’d like to put up Eric and Dustin, but wonders where Amber’s allegiances would lie. Those two up together, though, is the only thing that would split them up. Again, working on if she gets HoH, she won’t tell who she wants out of the house, as Amber and Jess would split their votes for Justin and Eric and Jameka would get too stressed out. She thanks it’s interesting that a few weeks ago everyone wanted Zach out, because they thought he was a pervert, but now he’s become a vote that they all need. The LNC is using them to alienate Dani and Dick even further.

Up in the HoH, Amber and Jameka are still talking about one of them going up as a pawn. Amber says if Dustin went up, she knows that Eric would vote to keep him. Little does she know that America told Eric to try and get Dustin nominated, and that we will surely vote for him to vote out Dustin. Yet, Amber thinks Eric might vote to get rid of her. Jameka still doesn’t like the idea of any of them going up as pawns.

Dustin comes up with some total BS reasoning for not wanting to be on the block, saying he is trying to work on his arrogance, and that make him look arrogant. Sorry Charlie, the arrogance is already there. You can’t hide from it. Dustin allows he’s worried about Eric voting him out, and Amber wants to know w which is it, worried about looking arrogant or fear that Eric will vote him out. She just things it looks bad for him to back out on this deal, and she’s right.

Amber hugs Dustin, calling him a traitor and jerk, and he asks if she understands why he changed his mind. Dustin then repeats his fear that Eric will vote him out. He did ask Jen how she would feel about going up (why is this his business to ascertain and not Jess’? And wasn’t he the one before saying Dick was the one that was controlling Dani’s HoH? Jeff doesn’t feel real safe with it, since she’s never been up at the end, and he doesn’t really think Jess would put her up anyway, as she doesn’t want to create more enemies. He finally says he’ll go up if it’s against Dick, but not against Dani. If she goes up, Dustin think Eric should go against her.

Amber is worried either way one of them will go home in a 4-2 vote, and Dustin noticed that after they talked to Jen yesterday, she went right down and talked to Dani. Asked if she trusts Eric, Jameka says she gave up 5 Hohes so she hopes some loyalty is there. Dustin notices that Eric’s always on the defensive, yet he notices he himself is getting more cooky James agrees, and says it happened during his reign as HoH. Both Amber and Dustin think if Dick won HoH next week, he’d put him Dustin and Amber, but Jameka thinks it would be her.

Beer pong continues tonight. Fi Dani and Zach sin, Eric has to propose to Carol at the wrap party, and Jess has to then clap both of them. If Dani and Zach lose, they have to go underneath the covers for 5 minutes in their underwear. Eric and Dani win, and they send Dani in search of the perfect underwear.

As Jameka braids Amber’s hair yet again, Amber mentions how she didn’t think Kail knew she was going home. However, she also says with the type of money Kail has-from being a multi business owner, she don’t deserve to win. She leaves and Dustin comes back in, and Jameka wonders why Jen hasn’t been up there, and thinks Eric tipped her off not to. Dustin doesn’t think so, and says she’s just been napping for a long time. Amber walks back in and agrees something’s up. As if she was tipped off, Jen comes up the stairs, and Amber says to not let her lay on the red blanket, because she stinks.


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