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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 12th – Dustin? Arrogant? Nah!

Dani gets up and immediately comes outside for some sun. Dick and Zach continue their talk, and discuss what to do with their stipend. Zach wants to get a video game, and Dick says it would barely make his rent and car payment. When the subject comes to paying the taxes, Dick says he’s been paid under the table far too long. Jen talks about riding a bike while talking on her cell, and Dustin says he has everyone’s phone numbers memorized, but Jen and Dani don’t.

Eric gets up and goes straight to the hot tub, with Jen joining him. Going back to the money, Dick thinks they should have paid him even more money to attack everyone in the house. Jen asks if that means everyone would know he couldn’t be evicted, and Dick says sure. Zach thinks it’s pretty funny, but Dustin looks pretty steamed over the idea. Dick then suggests the nominees every week would be him and two others, and no one could ever figure out why he’s not the one getting evicted. Eric should be worried now, as they’re coming pretty close to tapping into his role.

It’s around 5:00, and the people that are awake work their way around to taking showers. Some still aren’t up yet. Eric and Zach, though, do make a quick stop in the SR to discuss getting out Jameka or Amber. Finally some people willing to think about the game and not just vote emotionally. Jameka and Jess are up in the HoH, and discuss how different of a game it would have been this week if they had kept Kail instead of Eric. They and Amber finally leave the HoH, and Zach refers to them as Huey, Dewey, and Louie.

Zach calls for Jen, and when she doesn’t answer him, Dani tells him it’s because she hates him. He confirms just like everyone else. Dick joins the conversation, they talk about the next HoH, and she hopes it won’t be a knockout type comp, as she’d be the first one taken out. The three talk about the alliances so far in the house, LNC, MRA, etc., and Zach says he and Nick had one just as a joke, but he can’t remember the name. Dani jokes it was called the GAY.

The other group is talking about dreams, and Dustin talks about one he had about Mike taking a shower. The talk moves to pick up lines, and Jess mentions, “Is your last name Campbell? Because you’re Mmm mmm good.” Dustin mentions a guy that was following him around from club to club. He finally looked at the guy and said, “You have followed me around to two clubs, and you still haven’t bought me a drink.” Jameka says she would have given Dustin the finger at that point.

Zach goes to the workout room again, this time with Amber. He tells her he told Dick to lay off people a little since he’s going to be stuck in sequester with them. Still outside, Dick and Dani discuss the deal Zach made with Jess, and know Jen is going to be mad, as she’s not expecting to go up when Dani comes off. Jameka joins and they discuss how much you have to do to burn calories, as Zach is helping Amber out with workout/eating routine. Hmm. She prays to God for help with that and she gets Zach.

Jameka talks about teaching school 7 miles from the Pentagon when it was hit on 9/11. She remembers the smell being very fowl. Eric talks about a year after 9/11 losing the power for a whole city block, and everyone assuming it was another 9/11. Dustin is busy singing what has to be his theme song, “You’re so vain.”

Dani talks about not fitting in in the house, and says the only people she will talk to outside of BB are Nick, and possibly Mike and Zach. Dick, of course, wants himself added to the mix. Dick thinks Kail might want to email with Dani or something, and Dani says she has cried over Kail leaving this week, as she really started to like her towards the end.

After Zach talks about making t-shirts, everyone decides on personal t-shirts for each other, and what they would say. Dustin’s, of course, would just be one of his gray shirts and Jen already has hers. Eric – I’m Jewish, Dani – Delicious (not sure on this one), Amber – And That’s That, Joe – Story Time, Mike – Meat Log, Jameka – mmm hmm, Kail – her face in a bunny suit and “I don’t know; what do you think?”, Nick, a pic of him in the hot tub with his mohawk, Jess – zzz, Zach – Is that a challenge?, Dick – You &#&$*#*, Dani – Dani, don’t be a dick!

Dani and Amber again talk about Nick’s bandana that was left behind and who is supposed to be holding it. Good grief. Outside, Jen tells Eric that Dick is thinking of using the veto on himself, and Eric replies that makes Dick and awful person. Jen knows Dani has a better chance in the game than Dick, and acknowledges she doesn’t have a chance either. He tells her that Amber told him that Jen was asking (following this so far?) her if she was just going to forgive Eric for the stuff he said about her and her boyfriend. Jen says she didn’t say that.

Jen adds that she has said she wouldn’t put Eric up, but she knows Dick would. Eric says he’s not stupid, knows what’s going on, and that Dani and Dick made that move too fast. Jen asks about Jess getting jealous of her, and Eric says they don’t have that in their relationship anymore, as he doesn’t even see that much of her since she won HoH. Amber tells Jameka and Jess up in the HoH she wonders what Eric and Jen are talking about, and acknowledges she doesn’t trust him. The girls accuse Dani of hiding M&Ms in her bed, and worry about next week. Dick can’t win anything, and they’re pretty sure Eric now realizes he will be the first of their group to go.

Beer arrives in the SR, and that means we’ll see Jess downstairs soon. Eric comes in to use the shower, and the girls are not so surprisingly quiet. Dustin comes up and is pissed off. He has noticed the things Dick has stolen, his kings’ robe and his tattoo sleeves. He also knows the olives are being hidden. Thinking Dick is jealous, Dustin confronted him earlier, and Dick said if he was going to do it, he’d do it in front of him, not hiding.


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