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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 12th – Dustin? Arrogant? Nah!

You can sure tell Kail has been voted out of the house. There isn’t anyone to wake up early, make coffee, and read the Bible while lounging outside. It was actually up to Dick to be the first one up this morning, and even then it’s not until after noon. He doesn’t make coffee, and goes outside to smoke, instead of reading the Bible.

Dick kind of has his Dick at Nite show at this time since he’s alone. He talks about everything that has changed the game recently, and laments being in the house with Dani because of the game, but says it’s worth it personally. He also talks about trying to get on the show for three years and says he was a finalist for season 6. Dick talks to himself about Kail and Mike being f*** ups and that Joe played himself out of the game, and talks about how much he enjoyed the way he woke up Dustin yesterday. He goes in to make coffee, filling in for Kail finally, but also does a little extra, adding hot sauce to the slop and juice.

Zach gets up and heads to the workout room. Jen gets up as well and joins Dick in the kitchen while he fixes himself a protein shake, then heads into the workout room to join Zach. After some idle chit chat, Zach says they need to win HoH next week, or one of their remaining three will go home. Jen agrees, but it seemed like she was trying to be in with the other side the past few days, so who knows which side her loyalties really lie with.

Zach tells Jen she could be an alien. She seems to have supernatural powers, and she can heal quickly. For all they know she could have two stomachs or two livers. Interesting. The talk returns to the game, as he says Dick mentioned last night possibly using the veto on himself. Both Zach and Jen hope not, as they can work with Daniele easier than they can Dick. Jen is pretty sure Dick will follow through and use it on his daughter.

Zach goes out and finds Dick, who is laying on the couch outside, and asks if he has slop cooking inside. It seems Dick forgot about it, and when they go inside, the slop has exploded all over, and smells terribly. Zach thought one of the machines in the workout room had overheated because of the smell. Something about this makes Zach hungry for fish, even though he says he knows no one else will eat it. Because even though it’s nearly 2 PM, people are just waking up. Who wants to eat fish for breakfast?

Not content with just his hot sauce prank, Dick also rigs the sink to spray the next person, which happens to be Zach. They both get a good laugh out of it. Dustin wakes up and wanders into the kitchen, and Dick tells of his time in Amsterdam, and going to a bar with naked women dancing. You could pay a dollar and drink unlimited beer, and watch women doing interesting things with their bodies. Everyone kind of seems a little uncomfortable with him talking about this, as it’s really more of a buddy type of conversation, unless you’re Amber.

Dick also talks about the drugs he did in Amsterdam, and it goes to a conversation about legalizing drugs. He thinks they should be legal, and both he and Dustin agree that drinking alcohol is more detrimental to society than drugs. Dustin then talks about his uncle with MS, and explains he used to buy pot for him. I know a few people that have MS, and I have heard this from one of them as well. Zach asks if his uncle is a midget. Dustin explains MS means multiple sclerosis, and Zach says he thought it meant midget syndrome. Honestly, I couldn’t make this stuff up. Dick says he smokes pot to relax.

This goes into a conversation about catnip and how it affects cats, which makes me smile, because a good friend of mine in high school and I went to go see the Pope when he was in Chicago, and we joked the whole time about catnip. It was a Steve Martin routine back then. She has since passed away, so I appreciate them giving me this little reminder of my friend. But, I digress.

Jen asks if catnip is like E for cats. Dick can’t believe she has done E, but not smoked pot. She says just once, then changes her mind and says she once researched it, then changes again and says she researched it then took E. Dick says he doesn’t like X, but does like ‘shrooms, and it seems Dustin does as well. Dick says the cure for them is a glass of milk. Zach breaks up this conversation when he tries to split his frozen fish apart and breaks the plate.

The group talks about the veto comp, and Dustin and Dick compare notes and realize they were the only two that weren’t real bothered drinking all the different things. The talk turns to Mike, as Dick says everyone says they don’t even notice him being gone, but he thought Mike was a lot of fun. Everyone reminisces about him, saying he was fun, always up for games, and did his part with the cooking and cleaning. Jen compares him to Nick, and says Nick never did anything towards the end of his stay in the house but spend time with Dani. Dick, of course, refutes this.

Dick, Dustin, and Zach go outside and end up watching dragonflies. As they buzz around each other, Dustin wonders if it’s mating season, but Zach suggests maybe they’re lesbian dragonflies. Dick wonders where he comes up with these thoughts, and Zach has no explanation. Lesbian dragonflies? How do you even know if they’re male or female? Maybe that’s the case with them, too. Imagine going into a bar and not knowing the sex of the person you’re hitting on.

It’s 3 PM, and still no one else is up. Dick and Zach discuss Amsterdam again, then Dick says the Raiders suck; go Jets! They also discuss politics, and Zach mentions a German website with a map of the world. When you click on the different locations in the world, you can see what bad stuff is gong on where. Dick, apparently not being able to take much more of this, goes in to wake up Dani, and tells her it’s 3 PM. When he comes back, he and Zach discuss Chernobyl.

Jen asks Dustin for an abs class later and he agrees, saying it’s a good time for some toning up, since he’s on slop. Dick and Zach talk Atari games and pinball machines, and Dustin and Jen talk about missing cookies while on slop and how Dick’s rants affected them. They’re both tough cookies they say (obviously can’t get cookies off their brain), but Dustin thinks it probably hurt his family. Jen thinks it might be a good idea for Dick to bring bodyguards to the wrap party.


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