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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 11th – Could We Be in For a Surprise This Week?

Jameka and Amber are talking about swearing, and then pig latin. Amber doesn’t know pig latin, but she can speak gibberish. Which she demonstrates. I used to have a couple of friends in high school that spoke that to each other and it drove me crazy. Amber wonders if her rant against Eric was shown on the feeds, and Jameka says it wasn’t. She thinks that we just got to read a line that said “Amber is unhappy with Eric.” So … she thinks the feeds are like a news ticker or something? Why on earth would anyone pay to see that?

Dick is going back on his promise, as we get to see him yelling a few things at Jameka and Dustin. It’s nothing like it was this morning though, so maybe he just needs to gear down instead of quitting cold turkey?

Jameka goes back upstairs and cries in the HoH room. Amber’s still up there, so we get treated to more of their inane conversations. Case in point: Amber is complaining about Dick telling her that she couldn’t get on America’s Next Top Model. Should we even go there? She thinks she has the face, hair, and personality to do well on Top Model. Note to Tyra: look into a restraining order.

Now it gets really weird. Jameka tells Amber that she has a really inspirational story and will probably be on the cover of a magazine when she gets out of the house. Blink. Amber says that she can’t wait to get out there and become a motivational speaker and a relationship counselor because she has so much to share with the world. Honest to Jameka’s God. The jokes are writing themselves.

But wait! There’s more! Amber, who is blow drying her hair and doing full makeup, complete with false eyelashes, at 10pm, is now also talking about her body parts. She wants a bigger, fuller butt. Then she starts saying how much her boyfriend loves her boobs. Remember, she’s telling this to Jameka. She says that she wanted to get a boob job, but her boyfriend wouldn’t let her because he loves them so much. Then she explains that she wouldn’t let him see them or touch them for months because they embarrass her, and would insist on keeping her top on during sex. Then she let him take one sleeve off of her shirt, and finally she let him see them and he loved them. She finally feels comfortable going topless in front of her boyfriend.

Amber lifts her shirt and rubs lotion on her stomach, telling Jameka that she would never do this in front of anyone else. Hey Amber, you’re on Showtime and the live feeds. There are many more people than Jameka watching you rub your belly. She’s like a train wreck – I can’t stand watching her, yet I can’t look away.

Downstairs, beer pong continues. Daniele and Zach are playing against Dustin and Jessica, I think, although Eric is in there too. I don’t care enough about the game to really pay attention. They’re making bets on the game though, and things the losers might have to do include wearing Jen’s unitard, streaking, and wearing a bikini for the guys.

Jameka and Amber are arguing over Eric’s “Big Boy” comments. Amber thinks it’s a reference to Howie, while Jameka thinks it’s about the chain of restaurants. Wow, Amber’s right for a change. Jameka is even suggesting that Amber doesn’t know about the burger joints because she’s so very wrong about this. Then they talk about how good-looking Dustin is, and Jameka goes on a little rant about how disgusting and ugly Zach is. I don’t think he’s that bad, personally.

Daniele and Dick end up outside again, talking about all kinds of stuff. She hasn’t seen the Pirates of the Caribbean movie that he’s in yet, and he seems a little bit hurt to hear that.

Upstairs, Dustin is planning his speech for when he’s sitting on the purple couch beside Dick on Thursday night. Oh, I’m really hoping that will be the case! He’s rambling on about giving people the respect they deserve, and how Dick hasn’t shown respect for anyone since he’s been there. Blah blah blah, Dick is the devil and eats babies for breakfast. The Nerd Herd starts making preparations to go to sleep, for which I am grateful.

Dick, Daniele, and Jen are in the round bedroom downstairs. I have no idea where Zach is. Jen’s saying that some of her things have gone missing, and then they all think that BB has been stealing pillows. Actually it’s the Nerd Herd stealing pillows, because they all have to be together all the time. Didn’t you people learn anything from Maggie? They speculate over who will go up when the veto is used. Dick thinks it will be Zach, but Jen is pretty sure it’ll be her.

After a bit more chatter, Jen goes to bed and Dick goes outside to smoke. Soon they’re all asleep because apparently BB has called for lights out a little earlier. Which is just fine with me – I’m not sure how much more of the Nerd Herd I can take in one day.

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