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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 11th – Could We Be in For a Surprise This Week?

Amber mentions that Dick will probably save Daniele with the veto, so there we go. Dick won. I’ll be very happy with this if it turns out that Dustin goes on the block in Daniele’s place. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

Jameka is upset that Daniele and Nick threw a spider under her things. Daniele says that they didn’t do that, and that the spider was dead anyway. There’s an argument over the state of said spider, with Zach chiming in to defend Daniele saying that the spider was definitely dead because it had hit the wall. I don’t know – I’m just reporting this stuff. Dustin thanks Daniele for listening to them and talking with them, and he hugs her. Amber hugs her next. Then Daniele says that she wants to talk to Jessica alone later, and the rest of the group tell her she can do that now as they all head out to sit on the couches upstairs. We don’t get to see the Daniele/Jessica conversation, for some reason.

Daniele escapes downstairs and fills Dick in on the Spanish Inquisition that she just endured in the HoH room. They talk about the veto comp, and it apparently had to do with eating or drinking disgusting combinations of food. Daniele whines about them bugging her about the time she spent with Nick, but then admits that she did seclude herself too much early on in the game.

As you’d expect, the NH is upstairs ranting about Dick and Daniele. Eric says that Daniele will end up pregnant in the fall with her father’s baby. I wish he’d stop saying things like that. It’s hard to try and vote for America’s Player stuff knowing that he’s like this.

Jameka comes down for a one-on-one conversation with Daniele. She apologizes for calling her grandmother a bitch, saying that Dick got her so mad that she just said it. Daniele says that she can’t do anything about her dad because she doesn’t control it, and tells Jameka that it’s over. She points out that the others are all saying mean things about her, and she overhears them. They promise that they’ll stop, but then it happens again. Jameka just mm hmm’s to this. Jameka says that she liked Daniele in the beginning, but right now she doesn’t know her any better than she did the second week in the house.

Daniele says that she’s a very “personal person” and that she doesn’t feel comfortable talking about personal things with all the cameras around. Jameka understands, but wants to just talk about anything with her to get to know her. Daniele says that Nick wasn’t just her best friend in the house, he was one of the best friends she’s ever had in a very long time. Jameka says that she’s not sure it’s even worth trying to get to know Daniele now, so far into the game. Daniele responds that she did isolate herself, she knows that, but she really wants to make an effort now to talk to everyone, even if she’s going home this week. Jameka says that she’s there for Daniele, if that means anything to her, and that she will try to treat her and her dad with respect. Daniele says that she will talk to Dick again and ask him to calm down.

Jameka goes back up to the HoH room and tells them that her conversation with Daniele went fine. She doesn’t offer many other details, but Dustin is already bashing Daniele and mimicking her saying that “it’s so haaaard!” Okay, I can’t fault him for that. The whining is a bit much. Dustin and Eric start really digging into her, embellishing the group conversation and saying that they “stuck it to her.” Er, I saw most of that conversation, and I don’t think I can recall any of that happening. Dustin says that it was really hard for him having to work so hard in the competition, but he was doing it for all of their families and all of the people watching who have had it with the Donatos. Good grief.

Zach and Amber are in the gym working out, talking about getting in shape and stuff. Amber is complimenting him like crazy, which is really weird. She tells him that he could be seriously ripped if he keeps working out, and that he has beautiful eyes. The bunny suit must have really done something for her.

Jen and Daniele bond in the kitchen. Jen says that she will stay with Daniele in the game if Dick ends up leaving this week. She asks if Dick is definitely going to use the veto on his daughter, and Daniele says she’s not sure. She ends up holed up in the round bedroom again with Dick, laying out various strategies with candy and band aids to represent the various houseguests.

The Donato bash-party continues upstairs. They wonder if Dick is actually the devil himself, and off course Amber thinks he is because she can see into his soul or something. She guarantees that she will win the next HoH competition. Then Eric wonders if the feed watchers are comparing them to the Nerd Herd. Heh! America’s Player does have some insight into the game after all! Amber says no way, no way would viewers think of them like that. Surprise! Jameka is busily trying to take out Amber’s braids, by the way.

Dustin comes downstairs, and Dick tells him that he’s got what he wanted now (the veto) and he’s finished yelling at them. He tells Dustin to take this information back to the rest of his group, but Dustin snottily says that he should tell them himself. Dick doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to do this. Zach comes in and asks Dick if he can play a game of beer pong with Jessica without any “interruptions,” and Dick says yes, it’s over, he just told Dustin that.

Jameka is still working on Amber’s hair in the HoH room. Eric is up there with them, and he suggests that they should threaten Zach that he needs to step up in the competitions. Hmm, two of the people in that very room have yet to win a competition, so I’m not sure where this thing is going. Besides, Zach would tell Eric to shove it.

Dustin and Zach have a conversation in the kitchen while Zach is waiting for the beer pong game to start. Dustin is bitching about Daniele, and Zach is defending her. Nice to see. Jessica shows up, and beer pong is on. Dick comes in to watch the game, and he’s not being nasty to anyone.