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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 11th – Could We Be in For a Surprise This Week?

For some reason, the BB Gods are working against me. I’ve had some problems with the feeds, but the biggest recapping setback has been losing Saturday’s recap when I was almost finished writing it. So this one is late – my apologies! But enough about me; let’s see what happened on Saturday in the Big Brother house.

As people start to get up and move around the house, Dick starts right in on Dustin, shouting profanities and reminding him of the Barbados trip and $5000 he took in the veto competition a couple of weeks ago. Dustin ignores him and goes back to bed. Dick grabs a pot and a spoon from the kitchen and heads to Dustin’s bed, banging them right over his head. Okay, that’s funny. If he could just do stuff like this without being disgusting with his insults, he’d be my hero.

Alas, this is not to be. Dick starts ranting about Dustin’s sexuality, and then rips into Amber and her drug use. The usual stuff here. Now it’s Eric’s turn to take the abuse. Everyone, including Jen and Daniele, are ignoring Dick. He’s yelling that they’d better get him out of here, or every day is going to be like this. I know that he’s trying to guarantee that he leaves instead of Daniele, but this isn’t all that fun to watch. I can’t imagine that he’d be able to keep it up every day without someone finally snapping and going postal in there. Time for some Jameka/Christianity slams now.

Eric, Jen, and Jessica end up hiding out in the HoH room. Jen comments that Dick’s attacks against her weren’t as bad as these ones are. That’s true, but then again no one bothered to be bothered by it when Dick was going after Jen and Kail. They think that Dick’s rants can’t even be shown on the live feeds because of the language. Not true. We get to share in all of it. Lucky us. The rest of the LNC goes up to the HoH as well to complain and whine and do the stuff they do best. The big complaints today seem to be that Zach isn’t trying to stop Dick, and that Daniele is just standing there, “being a bitch.”

Dick gets called to the DR, and when he comes back out he tells Daniele that he got slapped on the wrist for “sexually explicit” material. She calls him an idiot.

Trivia appears as the magic ping pong balls are picked for the veto competition. When we come back, we learn that Dick pulled Dustin’s ball, which is kind of funny. The other players are Jameka and Zach, with Eric hosting. Jessica picked Eric so that he could harass Dick and Daniele during the comp.

As Dick continues his tirades downstairs, Jameka and Amber are holding hands in the HoH room while Jameka prays. When she’s finished, Amber looks like she’s about to cry again and tells Jameka that the prayer was beautiful. At least the prayer session wasn’t held over the Jack Shack this time.

Jessica comes upstairs and says that she wants to win the veto so she can keep the nominations the same. She really wants Daniele to leave this week, and Dick next week. Dick hasn’t targeted Jessica with his rants yet, and I’m sure she knows that he wouldn’t go after her if he ended up with the HoH title next week.

The entire Nerd Herd v.2 is in the HoH room again, and Dustin offers to go on the block against Dick or Daniele in case one of them wins the veto. He wants it to be a final f*ck you to Dick, saying that he will gladly go up against him to show him who the house wants to keep. Wouldn’t this be beautiful? Eric’s vote would be decided by us, and potentially cause one of the biggest upsets in BB history. I’m too afraid to actually hope for this to happen.

The NH (Nerd Herd) figures that they can convince Jen or Zach to nominate each other if one of them wins HoH next week. Because they’re delusional like that. They mull over whether or not BB has increased security both in the house and in the sequester house because of Dick’s violent tendencies.

Downstairs, Dick tells Daniele that he’s just doing this to get everyone riled up for the veto competition, because he really wants her to win it, or for him to win it and take her off the block. He promises that if she comes off, then he’ll stop badgering everyone. Then he goes over to Dustin’s dresser and rummages around. He finds some kind of stick-on tattoos or something and wonders if he’d get in trouble for stealing them. He ends up taking some sunglasses, and Daniele suggests that he take the gray shirts too. Hee. They joke about taking all of Dustin’s stuff and then wearing it around the sequester house.

The next couple of hours are pretty dull. The Nerd Herd along with Jen and Zach hang out upstairs playing goofy games and talking crap about the Donatos. Dick rests up for the comp, walks around the house talking to himself, and plots his next attack. They’re all just biding time until the veto competition begins. Which it finally does, and leads us to about four hours of trivia.

When we return, Daniele is in the HoH room with the Nerd Herd, saying that the game is so hard for her, they just don’t understand. Um, what happened here? Eric is going off on her saying that her dad is saying vile, disgusting, personal things about everyone and she’s not doing anything to stop it, so they all feel that she condones it. She says that she can only do so much, and that they are two different people. The group berates her for spending all of her time with Nick, and then further secluding herself by not opening up her HoH room for everyone, and then hanging out with her dad all the time. She says that one of them is going home this week, so they want to spend some time together.