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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 10th – Royal Court or Royal Pain

Once Dani goes inside to put more clothing on to protect her from the bug bites, Zach then opens up. Zach says he wants Dustin to go down hard, and Dick notes he needs to be careful of Eric. Dick also asks Zach to watch out for Daniele after he leaves. The talk stops then, as Zach has some problem with his laundry getting all tangled up.

Somehow Eric is finding a way to implement America’s wishes. Up in HoH, Eric and Jess suggest Dustin go up on the block as a pawn if one of the noms wins veto. They want to make sure they don’t make any more enemies. Any more? Who else is in the house? Who else would they put up that would become their enemy at this point, if they aren’t already? Dustin readily agrees to this and says he has a speech already prepared. Eric suggests he wear that gray shirt while he does it. Wouldn’t this be a perfect time for that old adage the pawn is always voted out to come true? Dustin thinks the vote will be 5-1, but we know America will be sure to make it 4-2, and Zach can probably be counted on for 3-3, and if there’s a hint of a tie, Jen just might flip.

It sounds like Dick was right that Jameka was eavesdropping earlier, as she now tells Amber that she overheard Dick and Zach talking. On second thought it was Dani and Dick that were talking when she was eavesdropping, so she must be eavesdropping all over the place. She says it seems like the plan is to save Dani, so she thinks it might be better to have Dick stay and and Dani leave. They finally decide it’s best if the noms stay the same, and they then have until Thursday to figure it out.

Dani and Dustin argue in the backyard when he tells her they aren’t perceived as being together, but as individuals. She says the same goes for him, and gets mad because this info seems like it’s coming from Eric. He says she made choices that put her in this position and she says she knows that, and that was trusting people that lied. Maybe it’s just me, but why is it a big deal to her how she is perceived at this point? She also tells Dustin she’s tired of getting blamed for things her dad does. Dustin says he’s sorry her relationship with her dad hasn’t been the best. She replies she doesn’t want his pity.

Dustin then, of course, immediately finds Amber and relays the whole conversation. As she leaves, she sees him checking her out, and says she thinks he is falling in love with her. He returns a little flirting back with her. Interesting. While they talk about evicting Dick, Jess and Jameka are talking about evicting Dani, who is probably the bigger threat and the wiser choice.

Eric and Zach discuss who they wouldn’t want to be against in the end, and both say Jameka, which is why I can’t figure out why these people are desperate now to get the Donatos out. It’s all of them against 2 people. They’ll have the majority in the jury, so they don’t have to worry too much about winning if they take a Donato to final 2 with them. They should honestly be getting out the people that they don’t want in final 2 with them right now. Jess should be a target after her HoH reign, as she would be a surefire winner. Jameka as well, despite the fact she can’t win an HoH for the next 4 times.

Dick is still up to tricks with people’s things. This guy should be AP. I think he’d do a more honorable job. He takes one of Dustin’s shirts (although not a gray one, which is too bad) and throws it on the roof. He also hides one of Jen’s headbands behind the washing machine. He and Dani rename the 5 the Royal Court Alliance, a princess, a queen, a court jester, and two merry maids.

Up in HoH, the Nerd Heard, umm, the Friendship Alliance, umm, the Royal Court Alliance has decided to not get up when Dick or Dani is evicted this week, and not tell them goodbye. Eric asks Jameka if Dani was friends with Joe, but Jameka doesn’t think so. He continues, and says he thinks there was an earlier alliance of Dani, Nick, and Joe. He’s still working against Nick, and for gosh sakes, the guy is gone! To mention it brings up such bad things when his name is mentioned around others, why the hell does he keep bringing him up? How does this help get Dustin on the block?

Jameka and Jess talk in the HoH bed, with Jess saying her mother started in interior design after her dad was laid off. Jameka follows saying her brother works as a mechanic for the subway. They start talking game again and say that Dick’s eyes can see to your soul. Which is probably why they are all afraid of him. If he doesn’t go home, Jess wonders if they should just take out Jen.

Everyone is asleep, and it seems we’ll have no Dick at Nite show tonight. It promises to be an interesting day tomorrow with the PoV competition. I’m hoping that Jess starts playing the game here and puts up a threat to herself winning, as Dani and Dick aren’t threats to her in final 2. Jameka is, but she’s her friend. Dustin might be a threat to her, and he’d really be her best option. We’ll wait and see if she feels that way after the PoV comp.

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