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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 10th – Royal Court or Royal Pain

Eric works America’s choice for him to push to get on the block with Zach. He explains Dustin is the weakest link of the “five,” and he thinks Dick and Dustin on the block together would be very interesting. Zach then talks kids with Dustin. Zach wants three, and wants to have two boys, then a girl, so the guys can protect her. Just want to put something out there, she can protect herself if you let her. Dustin says he can only be around kids for five hours at a time, then he’s done.

When Eric talks noms with Jameka, Amber, and Jess, though, he pushes putting the Donatos on the block together, wanting the king and queen of the back door to go through the front door. Something tells me he’s not trying all so hard to get our choice of Dustin on the block. Going to Zach with your wish doesn’t win you the prize money for task completed. Yet, when the others leave the HoH, Eric starts talking to Jess about Dustin, but tries to put it on Zach as his suggestion. He told her maybe it could be himself, her, Zach, and Jen at the end.

Amber tells Dustin how much she does for her family and is definitely revealing a lot, but nearly revealed more. She admits twice deciding to be a stripper for the money. She got a license for it and borrowed clothes from a friend, but couldn’t go through with it. She financially helps out not only her daughter, but her sister and brother-in-law, and everyone else’s dogs along with her own. She asks if he gets sad when Dick yells at him, and he says he gets more sad when Dick yells at her. Dustin says he’s strong because of the harassment he’s been through in his life, and he now knows how to get to people’s soul. He knows how to hit Dani hard. He knows how to hit Dick hard. No comment.

We lose the feeds, and when we come back, the nomination ceremony has finished, and as expected, Dick and Daniele are on the block. It’s noted that only two groups have been on the block, Kail and Jen, and Dick and Dani. Eric suggests looking at Dick and Dani long enough makes you think they’re married. He thinks this because he was touching her hair. Huh? Father/daughter closeness makes him think they’re married? What kind of family values does he come from to formulate that idea? Fathers can’t be affectionate towards their daughters?

Eric is starting to figure out that his targets aren’t America’s targets. He is now telling Jameka and and Jess that he thinks America liked Dick a lot in the beginning because he was funny, but he wonders if they’re growing tired of him now, since he’s causing so much trouble. Everyone thinks the PoV comp will be endurance since Dani needs to win it and that’s when she shines.

The Donato strategy for tomorrow’s PoV comp is for Dick to take all the negative things and Daniele the positive things, if there are rewards and punishments being thrown out. Dani isn’t so sure about the plan, though, as if she takes the good things, she thinks that means she loses the comp. They talk about getting a choice to put the whole house on something bad, like when Jee put the whole house on PB&J in season 5. Dick also doesn’t want to lose the croquet set in the backyard, so wants to hide some of the mallets before it’s taken away. If it is taken away, he wants to get rid of all the food. Get rid of all the food?

Suddenly Jameka is folding laundry, and Dick thinks she must have been eavesdropping on them, as she doesn’t do laundry. Does she wear the same dirty clothes all the time? He wants Jess to know that Amber always talks shit about her not helping out with the cleaning. They know Jess didn’t vote out Eric last week, as she knew he would protect her. They know it would be the same with her and Zach. Once again they bring up voting out Nick. They know that was their worst move, as it changed the game for them to lose him as an ally. Okay. Get over it already.

With no laundry listeners, the Donatos continue to talk game. Dick mentions ripping bandanas from Dustin’s hands before the food comp. He got all pissy, and they decide he is a queen, meaning maybe in the Alice in Wonderland theme, he’s the Queen of Hearts, not Jen, meaning maybe she’s someone else mean, like the caterpillar. Dick bemoans the fact that both Jen and Zach will be there longer than him and talks about taking the Bible into the DR and mocking Jameka and compares her to Scarlet O’Hara asking for help.

Dani and Dick decide Zach is probably the only one they can trust, and even then only to a certain degree. He was always loyal to his alliance, except with Kail. Dick blames himself a lot for not winning the HoH this week, but Dani brings up a quote from the movie Elizabethtown, “If it wasn’t this, it would be something else.” She says that’s comforting to her, and it applies here, as if it wasn’t the issue with Nick, it would have been something else.

Dick goes inside to fix himself some delicious slop, and Dani follows him in. He starts making his comments like he does during his Dick at Nite show. He talks about the “5-year-old in the HoH saying Booyah.” Dani just laughs, but points out that last week he liked Jess. He agrees he think she’s nice, and wonders if Sleeping Beauty could win the show. They discuss telling her about when Dustin and Amber were grading everyone on looks, putting Amber 2nd and Jess at the end of the list.

Dani and Dick keep bemoaning where they went wrong, while Eric is busy telling Jess, Jameka, and Jen that he has never once purchased or looked at porn. Do you think this will be one of those quotes they use for a comp? Can’t you just see Julie Chen saying, “Which remaining HG said this quote, “I have never purchased or looked at porn.”? Dick has a secret, too. He took Jen’s competition glove right before the HoH comp and hid it with the bread.

Apparently Zach’s ears were ringing. Just when the Donatos start wondering why he never hangs out with them since the other side won HoH, he comes outside. They kid him about not wanting to hang out anymore with them, and the talk then changes to what stinks on the grill. Zach thinks it’s Jameka’s burgers, and Dick says it’s because she makes them “ghetto,” putting egg in them. Well, it would make them stick together, but it makes me think it would be more like a meatloaf then a burger, but of course then I guess you’d need some bread crumbs or oatmeal or something in it as well.


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