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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 10th – Royal Court or Royal Pain

The events of Thursday on Big Brother are obviously weighing heavily on the Donatos minds. It was obviously a good day, though, for Amber, Dustin, Jameka, and especially Erik and Jess. That was obvious in the way they were all hopping around after Jess’ HoH win. Dick hasn’t said anything pleasant since, and Dani has only whined about wanting to leave. It doesn’t look like it will be any better of a day for the Donatos as Dick cries out in his sleep at 9:00 AM.

This basically wakes up everyone in the house, and as Dick walks into the kitchen, he calls Dustin a MF, right off the bat. Dani had told him he should make eggs for everybody, but it seems now like he might be deciding against that. With the more interesting people in the house leaving left and right, and this group looking more and more like the Nerd Herd, there’s honestly not a thing going on when an hour after they began getting up, BB announces the food comp starting in an hour.

Jameka dreamt about her grandfather during the night. Maybe he was the one making Dick cry out in his sleep. Daniele must be trying to call some type of a truce or something, as she tells Amber she wants to talk to her sometime during the day. Amber says okay, yet toddles off to Dustin first thing to tell him, as she does with everything. Dani asks the same thing of Jameka who doesn’t run to Dustin, but does say, “Mmm hmm.”

The feeds come back after a few hours without, and it seems like it was a very brutal comp, as Zach gets peroxide out and pours it over a cut in his hand. It seems like his team won, though, as he mentions to Eric that they redeemed themselves. They also talk about hitting something hard with every swing, so maybe they finally found a use for their golf or croquet practicing. Dick is sorry he gave a won slop pass away to Jen instead of to Dani, and Dani tells him to go take care of himself as he’s bleeding. He wants to pour a bottle of honey he snuck into BB on Jameka’s Bible, but Dani talks him out of it, despite the fact she sees her as deserving, being a sore winner and all.

Along with the cut hand and bloody Dick (sorry, had to do it), Eric is having trouble breathing. Jen seems to come out of it okay, though, as she’s wearing a long metallic wig and red boa. Dani is having trust issues for obvious reasons and wonders why Jen and Amber stopped talking around her, making her believe she might not be able to trust her newfound truce with Jen. She can also hear the others talking about her, and says Dustin approached her saying, “You do know how your dad talks when you’re around …” She answered with “Yeah, and you do know how you treat met when he’s not around …” Touche.

Dani and Dick think that everyone is pretending to want Dick out, but they really want Dani out. They figure they’re trying to throw Dick off his game and make Dani unsuspecting. They also discuss Amber thinking when she gets out of the house she’ll have her own sitcom like The Nanny. This Las Vegas girl is not playing with a full deck.

I know there’s not a lot to do on BB sometimes, so the little things take on bigger meanings, but it’s going a little too far that Amber is worrying about the bandanas. She told Daniele the bandana she was wearing was hers, but has now found hers, so the one Dani is wearing must be Nick’s. She thinks she should let her know. Who … the … hell … cares?

Dick and Dani are discussing things that are a little more productive, as they’re discussing others that walk around counting things. What they can’t get over is Zach’s calendar. Obviously there’s no way to write stuff down, but what he does is rip out the “butter” label from the popcorn box and “pasta” from the spaghetti box, and he attaches them to the appropriate day on a calendar of sorts to represent what day they did the butter me up comp and pasta comp. That’s pretty freaking smart. This guy is creative, strategic, and smart, and the only reason he is an outcast is his social retardation. They’re leaving him in way too long for as smart as he is. He throws comps on purpose, and with everyone making such big targets of themselves, he’ll be final 4 before they know it, kind of like Chicken George.

Amber mentions to Jameka that she wishes she wouldn’t have promised final 2 to Dustin. She knows they’ll make it to final 3, and she’ll have to kick him out. She knows God will understand, though, because of all the stuff Dustin has won. Let me get this straight … God wouldn’t understand you going back on your word and kicking out a guy that wanted to spread around your secrets to hurt you, secrets that could definitely damage your daughter some day, but God would understand you going back on your word to kick a guy out because he won a bunch of prizes. Got it.

Amber says she knows she’ll win the next HoH and will get to see her daughter or something. Jameka says she’s never met someone so amazing before that can tell the future. Two things, A. I think Jameka has to know Amber is a fruitcake and B. when she sees her daughter it will be because she was kicked out of the house and later sequester, as no one will be able to take her, and won’t, outside of a game situation.

Eric addresses the people immediately closest to them and has a quick meeting, telling all that he’s not sure, but from what he just witnessed, he thinks Dick just blew his nose into the hand towel. Everyone is disgusted and think he should go to the DR with this alarming news. Yes, disgusting, but it’s very obvious Eric is trying as much as he can to alienate Dick. He knows Dick is onto him. Jess tells everyone gathered there is a slumber party for the girls in HoH tonight. Eric is dismayed to not have an invite, and Dustin says he is one of the girls so could go.

Amber goes up to the HoH by herself now and prays to God. She apologizes for crying so much saying she can’t help it. She thanks Him for letting her be there. Then she seems to be confusing God for BB as she pleads that when she gets HoH she wants Hm to take away one of her pics and replace it with one of Jameka’s. She also wants Him to take out one of her things and leave a perm for Jameka or something else. She talks about wanting to get her life together and wanting to be a nurse, and wanting help in being around “him” this week, and I can only think she means Eric, and if that’s the case she should have taken him out when she had the chance. Amber also apologizes for doing drugs and talks about how much she loves her boyfriend, knowing that he’s her soulmate.


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