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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 9th – Yo Momma and Yo Daughta

Into the round room with Team Underdog. Talk turns to the diary room and how they tip people off about things that are happening in the house. Jen says that it’s really not fair or right, and that they tried to convince her to vote to keep Eric in the house yesterday. Dick and Daniele nod, as if this is no surprise to them. I’m waiting for the vortex … ah, there it is. We come back a few seconds later and they’re talking about something else all together. Go figure.

Jen says that “they” asked her if she would mind being the replacement nominee if Dick or Daniele come off the block, and that she told them that she did mind. Dick thinks it’ll be Zach, but Daniele says that Jessica doesn’t like Jen, so it will be her anyway. Lots of talk about needing to take out Dustin and how Eric thinks that he controls Jessica. When Dick brings up Amber and how much money she used to spend on meth, Daniele tells him that they don’t need to get personal because it’s not necessary.

Jen says that Dustin told her that being the replacement nominee would be great because she could go up against the guy who was her rival all along, and watch him go out the door. Dustin told her that would be “the ultimate,” and she wonders, “who says that?” Daniele tells Jen no offense, but the reason they think it would be the ultimate is because the whole house hated Jen, but Dick is still being voted out before her. Jen doesn’t seem to be too pleased with that. Daniele says that someone in the diary room told her to expect another twist in week seven. Hmm. What’s this, week six? Bring on the twist now.

The people in the bunny suits finally get to take them off. Zach wants to keep his, but Daniele can’t wait to take hers to the storage room and bid it good riddance. Jen goes straight for the hot tub, and Dustin asks her why she’s hanging out with Dick and Daniele after all the things they said about her. Jen says she’s not like that, she doesn’t hold a grudge. She doesn’t want to be mean to people. Amber sarcastically tells Dustin not to waste his breath. So I guess Jen is to be shunned this week as well?

Dustin and the rest of the goons go inside, and Dick, Daniele, and Zach head out to the backyard. Don’t know where Jen is. Zach thinks that they can somehow pull Jessica away from the group, but the others think she’s far too entrenched in it to turn her back on them now. Zach is stressed because there are too many morons left in the house. You betcha, Zach. I’ll give him a lot of credit, because Daniele and Dick are telling him (and qualifying that they’re not trying to be mean to him) that Jessica doesn’t like him so he won’t be able to sway her. But Zach? Doesn’t care. He says that there has to be a way to break that group apart without having the power in the house. HoH can’t be the only way to divide people. Keep thinking, Zach.

Dustin comes downstairs and Zach goes to talk to him. They’re chatting about how the house is divided and Dustin is apparently still on his high horse because he tells Zach that Dick, Daniele, Jen, and him are each going to the sequester house now, one by one. Zach mentions that they will then control the votes on the jury, and Dustin says it doesn’t matter, because they will be forced to vote for “one of us.” Come on Zach, we’re all counting on you to come up with a way to prevent this. Zach plays along that he wants Dick out of the house this week and suggests that he needs to team up with Dustin to make sure that happens. I’m sure Dustin will take this back to the “group” and make it seem like Zach was trying to make deals with him.

Upstairs, Eric suggests to Jessica that she put Dustin on the block. They start laughing – did Dustin get the honour of winning the America’s Player vote? I spent my ten votes on him, for what it’s worth. Eric mentions that Dustin and Amber were playing both sides last week, but then says it doesn’t matter as long as they take out the other side. They bash the Donatos. They bash Jen. They bash Zach. Bash bash bash.

Eric and Jessica talk for a long time, with Eric doing most of the talking. He’s back to dropping the f-bomb constantly like he did at the beginning of the game. Jessica is obviously tired and wanting to go to sleep, but Eric doesn’t take the hint. Finally he says he’s leaving so she can go to bed, and soon everyone but the Donatos are sound asleep.

Dick and Daniele talk for hours in the backyard. About the other houseguests, about their lives, and about the game. Dick gets sentimental and tells Daniele that once he saw her in the house, his entire game plan changed. He says that it would sure be nice to win the money, but his goal changed and became more about trying to mend his relationship with her. He thinks that he’s at least succeeded in making a start, so he doesn’t mind leaving the game now.

Then he gets funny, and says that he’s going to pray to Jesus to pull Jameka’s ball when they pick players for the veto competition. He also plans to send a box of ping pong balls to Jameka’s house when they all get out of there. Daniele mentions that Jameka says “fucking” but claims that she only says “f-ing.” Hmm. I could swear that I’ve heard her use both, but don’t quote me on that.

Daniele is telling her dad that he should pee on someone while they’re in the shower. Dick is laughing, but saying that he doesn’t want to be “that guy.” I think Dick knows that there are lines that he can’t cross, and that’s why he chooses to lash out verbally. He’s not going to be ejected from the game for shouting at people. They move inside and talk about Daniele’s dog and how Dani and Nick are going to Disneyland together. After a bit more chatter, the Donatos are tired and hit the hay. I have a feeling this is going to be a long week of recapping arguments and bashing sessions. It’s like déjà vu all over again.

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