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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 9th – Yo Momma and Yo Daughta

Dustin pokes his head in asking Amber for a glass of water, which is actually just his way of listening in on the fight. Amber goes outside, which totally negates their plan of not leaving anyone alone with Dick this week. Way to stick with your team there, Amber.

Jameka is still harping on Dick’s mom being a bitch. Dick is saying that this isn’t very Christian-like, and calls Jameka a great representative for Christians everywhere. She sits there repeating, “I love you. I love you. I love you.” Says this for what seems like a solid two minutes, as Dick keeps talking to her, telling her not to love him, love the underside of his balls. He asks her if she really loves him, if she wants to hang out with him after the show is done. She’s still saying, “I love you.” Over and over again.

Back to the religion talk, and Dick is saying that she called his mother a bitch, a woman who works with and feeds the homeless. She’s repeating something about salvation or something, and he’s raising his head asking god if he heard what she’s saying. She says that he knew what she was going to say before she said it. Gah. This goes on for a few more minutes, and then Jameka says that as of right now, 10:49, Dick no longer exists to her. She’s silent, but sitting back with her arms crossed and just staring at him.

Amber comes back in and Dick calls her a fat bitch. He’s still cooking dinner, but things are pretty quiet until Amber asks him to stop talking about her drug use because she doesn’t want her eight-year-old daughter hearing these things about her mom. As if Amber doesn’t talk about it all the time herself. Dick asks why he should do Amber any favours, and says that maybe her daughter will learn something.

Daniele comes in to eat dinner with Dick, and everyone else goes into the backyard. Eric and Dustin are leading the bashing against the two of them. Dustin wants them all to stay out there all night so that Dick can’t come out and smoke. Eric is throwing around big words like “inexcusable” and “unfathomable.” Dustin is swearing and yelling at Dick and Daniele, but the two of them are quietly eating their dinner inside and can’t hear him.

Dustin, still yelling, wants to go up as a pawn against Dick if the veto is used, so Dick can see once and for all which one of them ends up leaving. Then he says that when Dick leaves, Daniele will end up cutting herself with a plastic knife. Wow. Amber is crying because she’s afraid that her daughter saw and heard what Dick was saying to her. Who would let an eight-year-old watch the live feeds when they know that Dick is going off on their mom? Eric and Dustin assure her that her daughter was whisked away from the feeds as soon as the fight began. They congratulate Jameka on standing up to him, and there’s some laughter over the zingers that she apparently threw at him. Blah blah – it’s the Nerd Herd on speed. Or meth. Whatever.

Eric wonders if Dick is the twist, if he’s an actor being paid to come in here and act like a douchebag to everyone. Yeah, doofus. And they brought his daughter in just for fun. Amber mentions that Daniele came in the kitchen and asked Dick if he was okay. They all seem to think that’s pathetic, and Eric says that pretty soon they’re going to walk in on them and catch them f*cking. Amber jumps on this and says that Dick said the other night that he loves petite blondes, and thinks that he has the hots for his daughter. Come on people. Let’s try and back up to the other side of the line you all just crossed here.

In the kitchen, Dick and Daniele are eating and talking about how their biggest mistake in the game was going along with the plan to evict Nick. Dick advises Daniele to listen to Jen, because she’s smart. Daniele is not looking forward to only having Jen and Zach in the house on her side. They’re actually smiling though and it looks like they’re enjoying each other’s company. Which is a stark contrast to the vile commentary coming from the backyard.

Eric calls out loudly asking if there are any LA funeral parlours that are running a 2-for-1 family special. He says he wants plots next to each other, or he’ll pile them in right one top of each other and shovel the dirt in himself. Dick goes outside to smoke and Eric shuts up. Dick throws out a few jabs about Dustin, and they give it back to him, but it’s nothing new.

Inside, Daniele and Jen are in the round room again. Daniele tells Jen that from now on Daniele has her back in the game, and would like them to work together. Jen agrees in Kail’s way – she nods and smiles and keeps the conversation going, but at no point does she ever say, “I have your back too.” But she does say that they need to try and be social this week instead of isolated, and that if the others tell them that they said nasty things about each other, they should just agree and say, “Yeah, she probably did say that about me!” Heh – good for you, Jen. Dick comes in and they talk about having Zach on their side, and how the four of them will control the jury votes if they all end up there.

Back outside, Jameka realizes that saying nasty stuff about Dick’s mom was crossing the line, and she needs to go and pray and ask for forgiveness. Amber is okay with what Dick said about her because she knows she’s a good person. Time to switch feeds again.