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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 9th – Yo Momma and Yo Daughta

Dick comes back, and Daniele says it was great that Julie screwed up that question about Nick and got Eric out, but Jen disagrees. She says that the questions would have then been on track, and Jessica wouldn’t have ended up with the one about Carol. Perhaps, but then Jessica would have been out and Eric might have won it. Which would somehow be worse.

Jessica gets her HoH room key, and everyone goes up to check it out. She’s got her cheerleading pom poms. Oh great. I can’t really tell yet what else she’s got, because the cameras are loving on the Donatos, who are standing there pretending to be happy for her with their arms crossed and faces looking like they’d rather be having their nose hairs plucked out one by one. Okay, she’s got Sun-In, a pair of boots, a gray sweatshirt from her dance team, cookies, wine, slippers, and a stuffed yellow thing. Her CD is Toby Keith. The group leaves so that Jessica can read her letter from her parents by herself.

Daniele and Dick are back at it now, with Dick telling his daughter to be wary of how much she tells Jen. As they talk, Amber is wistfully dreaming of the day she wins HoH and gets pictures of her daughter and her dog. You know, because she loves them both equally. Jameka is talking about how abusive Dick is, and says, “If a dog bites me once, shame on them. If a dog bites me twice, shame on me.” Because … what?

Back to the Donatos. Dick is suggesting that Daniele should go and talk to Jessica and tell her that she hasn’t had a chance to play her own game yet because her dad is screwing everything up. Daniele says she can’t, Jessica won’t listen to her. Dick offers to talk to Jess for her, but she doesn’t want him to because Eric will jump all over that. She’s right, he would.

Eric and Jessica are up in the HoH room with the spy screen on. Jessica says that she promised Zach that he wouldn’t go up this week, and Eric says that isn’t a problem. They’ve always got Jen to put on the block if Dick or Daniele win the veto.

Dick and Daniele finally leave the bedroom and go outside. Zach is out there too, and they talk about Dustin. Zach thinks Dustin is afraid of him. Okay. Dick laughs that in the end, the girls will end up beating each other up with their bibles. Zach says that it doesn’t matter if he wins the veto or not, because the rest of them will vote Dick out no matter who he’s up against. Dick agrees, and says that it’s his week to go, and Daniele has to stay. Zach says that’s fine.

Zach has plans to take Dustin down, including making up stories about him to spread to the “other side.” He’s also worried about Jameka, because he doesn’t think that any of them could win against her. See, I like that Zach is seeing himself in the final two but not making any huge moves until he feels that he has to. It would be nice if he would step up and win HoH next week though. Daniele suggests that Zach should talk to Eric and say mean things about her to try to get information from him.

Jameka comes outside and sits with Dick and Daniele. Dick asks her if she’s there to pray with him. Then Dustin appears and asks if BB sprayed for bugs. Dick replies that if they did, they missed Dustin. Eric offers them burgers, and Dick tells him to f*ck off. Looks like Operation Save Daniele is in full effect. Dick goes inside to make dinner for himself and Daniele, and Jameka goes in and sits down in the kitchen. He asks if there’s a reason that she’s following him.

Dick calls Jameka a hypocrite, and says that her Christianity is a joke. She says “So are your daughter and your mom.” His mom? The vortex makes an appearance as CBS tries to decide whether this is appropriate to air or not. We’re back, and Jameka is saying that she prays for Dick. Uh oh, it’s [b]awn[/b].

Amber comes in and Dick calls her a tweaker who found god during her drug recovery. Amber’s just agreeing with everything he says, trying to take her own shots at him but they’re not funny nor are they effective. Dick says that he feels sorry for Amber’s daughter, which Jameka jumps on saying that at least she talks to her daughter and is raising her herself.

This argument goes on for at least 20 minutes. I can’t possibly recap the entire thing, but there are highlights. Dick says that Jameka will never find a man who will marry her, calls her a bitch and a c*nt, tells her to lick his balls, etc – the usual Dick stuff. Jameka, on the other hand, is repeating the same lines over and over again and her voice is so grating it’s unbelievable. She calls his mother, who is an ordained minister, a bitch several times. Keeps repeating, “Your daughter and your mother. Your daughter and your mother. Your daughter and your mother.” Now she’s calling him “Suicidal Tendencies” over and over, and Amber says that he ought to commit suicide because he’d be better off. She laughs like a horse at this one. Jameka agrees with her.