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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 9th – Yo Momma and Yo Daughta

Dustin goes into the bedroom where Daniele is and tells her that this isn’t about her, it’s not a personal attack or about Nick or any of that. Daniele is still upset about her goodbye message to Kail. Jen says that the two of them are a couple of sad bunnies. Hee.

Dick goes to talk with Daniele and Jen leaves. Dani starts whining that she hates everyone there, she wants to go home, she can’t stand it, she wants to leave, etc etc. I can understand how she feels and all that, but her voice! Dear god, her voice. “It suuuucks so much! I haaaate these people!” Shudder. She doesn’t want to spend her 21st birthday with the people in the house, she’d rather celebrate it alone.

Dick says that the best possible scenario would be that Jessica nominates him and Zack, and then Daniele can win the PoV. Of course even he knows that this is wishful thinking. Daniele says no, she wants to go hoooooome! Dick tries to reassure his daughter, telling her not to worry. She says she’s not worried, she’s miiiiiserable! He suggests that she get closer to Jen and maybe Jessica, and that her game will be easier when he’s gone. She says noooooo, she’ll be completely alooooone and have noooooo one to taaaaalk to! (Okay, I apologize. I’ll stop now.)

Dick says that he hopes the veto comp has prizes that he can buzz in for so he’ll get something before he goes. He’s totally sure that he’s the one leaving this week, and will do everything he can to make sure that Daniele stays in the house.

Meanwhile, the five happy hamsters are in the kitchen congratulating themselves on their inherent greatness. Dustin calls it perfect, and is so glad that the five of them will be going to the end together. Amber says something about the “good” people. Ahem. And they would be whom, exactly?

Eric seems to forget that not too long ago he was in danger of being evicted. He’s jumping around with Dustin, plotting the downfall of Dick. He plans to use his relationship with Jen to sway her if she wins HoH next week, and then she’ll take Daniele out of the game for him. Good luck with that one, Sparky. They’re planning to work on Zach as well, so Daniele will be totally alone.

Amber says that she told her first lie in the game today when she told Dick that Dustin was still voting against Eric. Really, Amber? Really? She tells Zach that she loves him, and he responds that he doesn’t know what to say to that. Heh. I could help you out there, Zach. Jameka thinks that America will get a vote at the end of the game, but Zach doesn’t think that would be fair because CBS can edit the hamsters any way they want to.

Daniele is still whining about wanting to go home, and she regrets not putting Eric and Dustin on the block together so that they would have had Kail’s vote to evict Eric. Dick tells her it’s not her fault – he’s trying really hard to cheer her up. He says that the two of them are all that’s left of the twist, and they all know that BB’s twists always suck. Amen brother. Daniele points out that people are called into the DR in a certain order after major things in the house, and Eric is always first. Smart. Dick wants to throw the food competition so a bunch of people will be on slop. He warns Daniele not to be on his team.

Dick is called to the DR, and the people in the kitchen are busily coming up with plans to avoid verbal smackdowns from Dick this week. I guess this is a little more sensible than figuring out how to protect people when they thought Nick was going to physically assault them after being nominated. Jen offers that they should just ignore it and not engage. Jessica thinks that they should look out for each other and make sure that no one ends up alone with Dick. Dustin’s blabbering, but quite honestly I don’t really care what he has to say any longer. Guy drives me nuts.

It’s pretty much already decided that Dick and Daniele will be nominated together. Amber says that Kail leaving is karma at work. Which makes very little sense, but it did come from Amber so we won’t dwell. Lots of bashing on Dick for trying to turn Amber against Eric, who has somehow become the golden boy now. Way to go, diary room people. Jessica promises Amber and Jameka that she will be her own HoH this week and not let anyone else run it for her. She wants to put Jen up if one of the Donatos takes themselves off the block with the veto.

Jameka thinks that the three of them need to stick together, because they don’t all have their dads in the house with them. She says that it’s Daniele’s own fault that she’ll have no one left in the house because she spent all of her time with Nick, and now she’s spending it with her father.

Jen goes to talk with Daniele in the round bedroom. Daniele asks her who she would have put up if she won HoH, and Jen says Dick and Dustin. Daniele looks surprised, and asks her not to tell Dick that because he wouldn’t have nominated her. Jen responds that it’s Dick – she would have had to put him up. Then she backtracks and says she really doesn’t know.