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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 9th – Yo Momma and Yo Daughta

It’s Thursday once again. Voting day. HoH competition day. Someone’s leaving, and someone else will be in power by the end of the day. For us, that means an extremely dull morning and afternoon, followed by the inevitable scrambling and strategy talks in the evening. Let’s see how this one pans out.

As the houseguests get out of bed and do their usual morning stuff, BB calls Dick to the DR. We get to hear him ask if he looked too comfortable in bed or something, and then a woman apologizes and says they just have a few quick questions for him. The hamsters are told to head up to the HoH room for a lockdown. Lots of complaining about how the shower is either broken or just really dirty, as people move between the bedroom and the bathroom. Jen mentions that the less entertaining they are in there, the quicker the lockdown will be over. Heh.

Jen’s still having trouble with her ears, and says that when she woke up they were crusted with blood. That’s not good. She says that if they send a dentist to look at her ears again she’s going to punch him. No kidding.

Big Brother randomly announces that it takes 440 laps in the pool to equal one mile. The hamsters laugh and joke about this, then ponder the metric conversions. Finally the lockdown is over, and they head downstairs to discover ants on the kitchen counter. More jokes about how BB planted the ants there as part of a competition, and they’re counting them just in case.

Some are cleaning, others are making food, when BB once again asks them to go upstairs to the HoH room, and even lists off all of their names. If I didn’t know better, I’d think someone was just trying out all of the control buttons for shits and giggles. The chatter this time is about swimming and being a lifeguard. Kail and Daniele are whispering in the bathroom, but for some reason no one thinks we should be able to see or hear that.

Lockdown is over again, and the cleaning and eating gets back underway. Ho hum. Jen tells Kail that she’s nervous – she thinks that Dustin is going to flip his vote again and not tell Amber, and then blame it on someone else. Kail doesn’t believe it (or doesn’t want to). Kail believes that Amber would never forgive Dustin for that, but Jen insists that she would get over it in a couple of days. Kail nervously asks Jen, “Who’s being paranoid now?” and laughs.

While Eric and Zach talk video games, Daniele seems to know that something is going down. She mentions this to Dick, and he tells her to just relax and stay calm. He’s sick of the people in this house, which comes as no surprise to anyone. Daniele is worried about her goodbye message to Kail, because she felt so strongly that Kail would be staying. Dick tells her again not to worry about it. He’s mumbling that it’s all bullshit as he goes to the kitchen to cook up some eggs. Says he’s done with them if Eric stays. Well, yeah. It seems that way.

Just as Dick finishes cooking, BB calls another lockdown. This one’s in the gym. Weird. Not much going on, and we’re getting lots of vortex action now. The lockdown doesn’t last long, and soon Eric is asking Jessica and Jen if their boobs change in consistency. He doesn’t understand the whole boobs being bigger during that time of the month thing, but I’ll spare you the scientific explanation. Or even the Jessica version.

Eric asks about bras and nail polish, then asks Amber if she can take a shower with those braids in her hair. She starts to answer when Jameka jumps in and asks if she can answer this question. She asks Eric if he thinks black women with braids take showers. Eric has a look on his face that says, “Oh crap. What did I say now?” He tells Jameka that yes, he does believe that black women with braids take showers. Someone says that you shower but not get your hair wet, and Jameka agrees that this is the correct answer. Amber defends Eric and says that was what he meant – can she wash her hair or get it wet. Then she asks Jameka why she had to turn it into a racial thing, and we’re immediately taken to the trivia screen. I’ll bet CBS is paying people extra to be vigilant with the trigger finger when Amber brings up anything race-related now.

The next hour is trivia, and then we get a quick clip of someone in the shower, and Jen and Dick in separate beds in the round bedroom. BB tells them that they have an hour and a half until the show. Back to trivia now. The feeds don’t come back on until after the live show. Jessica is HoH, Kail is gone, and things are just a little tense in the house for those with the last name “Donato.”

There’s some general chit chat about Kail being happy to not be stuck in sequester and able to see her family instead. They talk about the questions in the competition and about Julie’s mistake in calling Eric “Nick.” Seriously, why do they let her continue to do these live comps? Couldn’t they keep her on as host and bring someone else in for the live competitions? Dick is sitting in the same room, but not really involved with the conversation. Daniele is nowhere to be seen. Jameka is off on her own praying.

Dustin admits to Dick that he was the vote that evicted Kail. Dick calls Dustin a liar, and he retorts that he lied to get Dick going before the HoH comp. Oooh, them’s fighting words. Dustin goes on to say that Dick wanted Kail out of the house since week one, and now it’s been done “under [Dustin’s] finger.”

Jameka is now crying by herself, and I think she’s still praying. Daniele is crying too, and Jen has gone to try and comfort her. Looks like it’s going to be a lively evening.

Dick’s saying something to Amber now about Eric using her secret against her, and she says that she doesn’t believe he would, because he would have done it by now. Oh Amber, you foolish girl. She keeps yapping, and Eric chimes in that he made a mistake but he’s going to work it out with Amber when she’s ready. Ugh. Jessica comes in and they change the subject to Eric streaking. No no – we don’t need to see that.