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So You Think You Can Dance, August 8th – All This and It's Not Even the Finale!

Neil and Sabra learn the paso doble with Tony Meredith for their second dance, and the last couples’ dance of the night. Neil walked in with the attitude of a matador, and Tony says the whole dance is attitude. Neil felt Tony was trying to “outman” him, and he accidentally knocked him down trying to show his prowess. Tonight, Neil is the ultimate matador while he and Sabra dance to Epsana Caniby Juan & Gennaro. She’s not too bad either. Just like their first dance of the night, there is a lot of fire and passion in their dancing. In the end, he drops her over his body, and she is holding her ankle to make herself look tied at the feet. He then drags her over to Cat to complete his attitude.

Nigel calls this absolutely stunning, and says if they would have said to him at the beginning of the show that were was a chance that Neil or Sabra could win, he would have said he didn’t think so, but he does now. He notes how he dropped her like a donut, but remembering she was paired with Dominic, he knows she’s used to being dropped. Mary refers to this as another great job by Tony. She knows it was a really tough routine and feels it was the first time they have done a series of twist turns on the show like this. She also wants them to know they are both back on the train. It’s Neil’s first time on the train, and he’s definitely excited. Debbie says when she looked over the program tonight she didn’t want to see the paso doble again. They proved her wrong, and she was thrilled to see them dancing it tonight. To her, Neil “was” the matador, and Sabra worked that skirt.

The last solo of the night goes to Danny, as he dances to The Fear You Won’t Fall by Joshua Radian. Danny connects with the camera and looks into it as he lays on the floor at the end of a move. This is new for Danny, as it shows he has come a long way since only being seen as good technically.

Unfortunately, we won’t get to hear the results until Monday night, because of a football game on Thursday night. Then it’s the finale on Wednesday and Thursday that same with with the final four. Who is to make it, I’m not sure, but I do think Lauren is a goner because of her failure to connect, no matter how great she is technically. Danny had a similar problem, but he seems to be realizing that and working on it with great results. That makes the results for the guys this week even more interesting, as it will be a tight race.

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