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So You Think You Can Dance, August 8th – All This and It's Not Even the Finale!

Nigel says he is now very, very worried, as this leaves him if the finale will come up to this standard of dancing. The choreography this week is just incredible. He loves it when it has a story and when they make it their own on top of it. Nigel especially calls out the underhanded deal under the table and likes the gymnastics move Neil pulled off, which he says is a plange. Nigel says when Neil first started off, they saw great gymnastics tricks, but he’s now a real establish dancer. Where other people dance from their head, Nigel says Sabra dances from her heart, every time.

Mary is just still smiling, saying it’s really so much fun to see them play this role, and they were both equally terrific. The lifts over the top of the table were terrific for Neil, and Sabra dances with passion and posses so many greet qualities that really seasoned dancers possess. Mary hopes Sabra never loses them. Debbie says, “Honey, all I can sigh is that’s how I like it. I like it like that. Give it to me hard and strong.” She needs to be careful not to say that to the wrong people. She is thrilled to see growth like this from Sabra. She just adores her. She can’t wait to see her dance tonight in her solo.

Lauren dances her solo to Sorry by Maria Mena. She has great technique, but it never conveys feelings, and that’s always something noticeable in the younger singers from American Idol and younger dancers here.

Lacey and Pasha’s second dance is the smooth waltz with Hunter Johnson choreographing. He calls it the rolls royce of ballroom. Pasha is glad that Hunter decided to go more basic and technical when he found out it was him and Lacey doing it. Lacey says when Hunter pulled out a stool, she was afraid he was going to expect them to do what Dominic did in his solo last week. A Daisy in December by Mick McAuley & Winfred Horan is the musical backdrop for this smooth waltz tonight, and it’s just impossible, I think, for Lacey and Pasha to have bad technique. This is absolutely gorgeous, and again, they have so much character in them.

Nigel though the rise and fall and flow of movement as well as the lines were absolutely beautiful. They waltzed around and moved around the floor with beautiful choreography by Hunter. It just always continued to flow, including the move around Pasha’s back. The one weakness was Lacey’s hand as it hung down, and he knows when she watches it back, she’ll be disappointed. Mary states that a lot of people that do movements like those aren’t able to do it with passion, yet all the way through she was able to feel Lacey and Pasha’s passion, and that’s what makes it a unique waltz for her. Debbie calls this beautiful, and says this is what the show is about, showing transformation and versatility that is demanded of them. This was like Love Story, and everyone watching wanted to be one of them. She especially liked Pasha’s “Mac” move where he looked away and pulled Lacey into him, as it was very powerful.

Neil gets the next solo, set to Out of My Hands by Dave Matthews Band. It’s absolutely amazing, but doesn’t really stand out above the others.

Danny and Lauren’s second dance will be a Doriana Sanchez disco. They have the death drop where he grabs her arms and she falls to the floor and does a spin. They say it’s never been done before to his way as they go one way, then double back and go the other. They just have to be daredevils and go for it, they figure. Dancing their disco to The Communards’ Don’t Leave Me This Way, it’s just not as exciting as the last few disco dances we’ve seen, and their death drop looks exactly like the last death drop we saw. The judges keep talking about the great connection here, but I see no connection with Danny and Lauren.

Nigel says when they told the choreographers to make it tough, he wasn’t expecting this. Disco makes him happy, to watch people looking happy doing it is part of the whole performance. He can tell by the bruises on Lauren’s legs how hard it was. He calls it exciting and enjoyable to watch. Marry thought it was so much fun when Lauren came down off the steps, looking like a 70s goddess, and it was much fun to see Danny really enjoying something so much and really breaking out more than she’s seen him do before. She knows this isn’t easy, and it’s definitely not in their alley, but the list and leg kick entrance into it was so touch. She gives ’em a Mary scream. Debbie also feels they had a lot of fun, and explains that’s why we had fun. She is one that feels they are well-paired and a percent duo. Disco reinvented like this is why Debbie feels America is watching.

Lacey gets a shot at her solo and performs to Le Disko by Shiny Toy Guns. She just has the most amazing hips. Hopefully they won’t give her problems years down the road. That’s my age talking, I guess.


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