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So You Think You Can Dance, August 8th – All This and It's Not Even the Finale!

I almost forgot we were so far into the So You Think You Can Dance competition. The six finalists came out, and it just seemed very weird, very vacant. There wasn’t the huge crowd surrounding Cat Deeley as she’s introduced like there usually is. It’s kind of like a little shock, reminding us how close we are to the end. In addition is another very welcome surprise, along with Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy as judges, we have a return stint for Debbie Allen.

Pasha Kovalev was the first dancer to choose a partner for this week, and he landed Lacey Schwimmer. Their first of two dances tonight will be hip hop with Dave Scott. He knows this is supposed to be hip hop, but he wants a lot of character and personality put into it. Pasha explains in the dance Lacey is supposed to be a mannequin, and Pasha’s character keeps trying to get her to wake up to play with him. They dance tonight to In the Morning by Junior Boys, with Lacey looking like a sophisticated mannequin in black leather and Pasha wearing nerdy glasses. They do some great acting throughout, and Pasha can definitely hip hop. This is great, but then again they have a lot of personality to begin with.

Nigel tells Dave he had a great routine there, and Lacey and Pasha used the characters brilliantly. He liked Pasha’s geek hip hop and tells Lacey the sharpness of her movements worked very well as a mannequin doll. He thought it was danced very well and that it brought the characters to life. Mary tells Pasha this was crazy again tonight, and says she just couldn’t believe it was him out there. She just loved that windup section that Lacey did standing with one leg running around flawless. She just can’t believe the two of them together have come so far. She calls Lacey terrific, and tells Pasha that the last little chest pop to the music was really terrific. She knows the wind is blowing in the right direction for both of them. Debbie calls it a great opening number again, and says Dave Scott is amazing. They were lucky to get his hop hop out of the hat. It was great energy fro the both of him especially considering it’s hip hop and they come from ballroom and swing.

We have solos tonight from each of the six finalists in their own preferred style. Sabra dances to Rock You by Soul Ellis. It’s a brilliant freeing dance. When she stands barefoot next to Cat after, you can see how tiny she is.

Danny Tidwell pulls Lauren Gottlieb from the hat, along with the styles of contemporary and disco. Mia Michaels will be the choreographer for this, and she keeps saying she wants it to be more alien, and not like a creature. She doesn’t know why she always says that, though, as it’s something she says often to her dancers. They dance tonight to Celine Dion’s Then You Look at Me, and while he’s amazing, she’s good. There’s just an excitement I don’t see with Lauren like I see with the other dancers that are left.

Nigel calls this routine absolutely incredible, and he loved the round kick over Lauren’s head, as well as her running across the stage. He says the Olympic games are next year, and she should take first with the 100 meters. He also lauds the incredible camera move up the stairs as they run up during the dance. Mary tells Lauren until now she was a little disappointed, as she never felt she reached her potential, but she did tonight. She asks what she’s supposed to do after that and screams with Nigel joining in. It was a really special treat for Mary to be sitting there watching Lauren and Danny dance like they did, with different movements, speed, and power. They have two tickets on the tamale train, and it’s a bullet train tonight. Debbie says this routine was passion and perfection personified. They danced with such power, grace, technique and emotion. They are every choreographer’s dream. She feels they should forget the Emmy and think Oscar.

Pasha is the next to dance a solo to Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler. Interestingly enough, he dances with a real mannequin this time, so must have been inspired by his dance with Lacey. He is absolutely amazing.

This leaves Sabra Johnson and Neil Haskell as our last couple, and their first dance is jazz with Mandy Moore.She calls this 80s jazz and a power lunch ultimate business meeting. She brings n a table for it, as they thinks everything can be well negotiated on a flat surface. Neil says the only thing he remembers from the 80s is the Karate Kid, and he’ll be “waxing.” I’m suddenly feeling old, as that movie was my first date with my husband. Tonight Sabra and Neil dance to Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) by Eurythmics. This is so inventive and so cool. As they literally are emulating negotiating a business negotiation around the table, and both have incredible dance moves added to it.


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