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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 8th – Flip Flop. Flip Flop.

Zach tells Eric that he wanted to talk game with him earlier in the game, but never got a chance to. Zach says that his vote could possibly be swayed because he thinks that he and Eric have some of the same targets, and would like to keep someone in the house who would be willing to shake things up a bit. He doesn’t know who to side with on this one, because Dick has always been good to him and friendly. Zach adds that he’s not willing to make deals or alliances with people any more, and Eric says that he’s not offering one. He says that he watches the backs of his friends in the house, but he doesn’t make alliances. Gah. Why do people who are in alliances say things like that? Eric is saying that the vote will be close and that he has at least three guaranteed votes. Zach says he isn’t convinced, and that it might be safer for him to keep Kail in the house because at least he knows a little bit about her. Zing.

Zach comes outside and asks Kail if she wants to have a conversation with him. He says that he doesn’t need a graphic novel from her because he just got one from Eric. Hee. I’m liking Zach more and more all the time. I’m not sure if it’s because he’s getting better, or because I’m starting to loathe the rest of them more. But right now I would love to see Zach, Jen, and Dick in the final three. Kill the LNC! Sorry, was that out loud?

Kail says that she’s not sure how to approach this, so Zach takes over. He says that he’s willing to vote to keep her if she returns the favour. She nods and says, “right, right.” Is that agreement? I’m not sure. Kail says that the only person she’s close to in the house now is Jen. Zach says that Dick has always looked out for him, so he will vote his way this week. But he expects that Kail will repay that by looking out for him too, and to consider this if he makes it to the final two. She keeps nodding, and thanks him. And that’s that. I have no idea if any actual deals were made here, because Zach never asked her to confirm anything and Kail isn’t exactly decisive in this type of situation.

Zach goes to Dick and tells him that Eric talks a lot of shit. Hee. Dick laughs and agrees. Zach points out that Eric is whining that he didn’t get a chance to defend himself with a veto competition, and wonders if he realizes that Nick and Mike didn’t either. Zach mentions that he’s stuck M&M’s and popcorn to a calendar that he’s made to remember what has happened each day in the house. Dick is incredulous and wants to know what he used for glue. Vaseline, is the reply. Clever! Weird, but clever. Zach mentions that he doesn’t feel comfortable with Jameka in the house because she talks so much, and Dick says that there isn’t a person in the house who would want to be up against her in the final two. Except for Amber, Dick. She thinks Jameka is the second coming, remember?

Eric is pleading his case to Jen now. Here we go again. He’s taking credit for her not being the target all these weeks. He asks her why she’s choosing to keep company with the people who trashed her all along, and says that she’s above that. She says that others have told her the same thing about Eric. Snap! He says that he doesn’t expect Jen to vote against Kail, but she needs to remember that Kail can’t compete in the next 5 HoH comps. Jen acts confused about the relationships in the house, and Eric admits that he’s close to Jessica, Jameka, and Dustin. He says that he’s always looked out for Jen in the game, and that he knows that he has no chance himself at being there in the end. But he will have a jury vote and make sure that no Donato can win the game. That’s all he’s got, so the conversation ends.

The houseguests are rattled. Not because of Amber or Eric or Dick screaming at people, but because there’s been a little earthquake. Dick takes it in stride, as do most of the rest of the hamsters, but Kail can’t get over it and keeps talking about it. At least it’s something new and different for them to chatter about for a few minutes. I’m sure Amber is rushing to the bible to find out what it means.

Nope, Amber is coming out of the Diary Room, and she tells Jameka that they’re trying to persuade her to keep Eric in the house. Jameka shouts and settles in for a bit of gossip. They’re outside, and Amber’s eating something and whispering, so it’s not easy to catch most of this. She says that “Eddie the bigwig” was in the DR, and that she just walked out when they started trying to convince her that Eric should stay. BB’s voice comes on to warn them not to talk about their Diary Room sessions with the other houseguests, and Amber smiles and rolls her eyes.

Suddenly the camera switches to Jen and Kail in the hammock, talking about what Eric was saying to Jen earlier. Then we jump over to Dustin and Amber, who are talking about the vote. Dustin, who had coincidentally also been in the Diary Room recently, is saying that this is a numbers game and they have to keep Eric so that they’ll continue to have the numbers. Amber is surprised, and says that she doesn’t know. She thinks that Eric will come after them, as will Dick and Daniele if they don’t honour their agreement. Dustin says that Eric isn’t coming after them, and they’ll need him if the others do go after them. He says that strategically, they need to keep Eric for three more weeks.

Amber is really confused now. She doesn’t want Eric in the house, but she’s thinking that Dustin might be right about the numbers. She keeps saying that she doesn’t know, she can’t think about this right now. Dustin keeps drilling into her about the numbers, and how Eric needs them and they need him for a few more weeks. Amber says okay, and then takes it back. Dustin offers to give her some time to think about it, because he wants it to be their decision together. They hug, and Amber goes inside to think about all of this.

In the bedroom, Amber ends up talking to Jameka about Eric and the vote. Jameka says that there’s no way that Eric is going to target Amber now, and that he knows he did a bad thing and was very upset about it. Dustin comes in, even though he said he was going to give Amber some time to think, and starts talking again about the numbers. Amber finally gives in and says that she will do what the group wants, but worries that Dick will go off on her if he sees her hanging around with Eric again. Dustin thanks her for doing this, and they all hug.

Jessica is filled in on the new developments, and says that she’s torn but agrees that this will be the best thing for the group. They’re all happy again and congratulating each other just like they did the night before when they had decided to evict Eric. Good grief. They all plan not to say anything to Dick or Daniele (or Jen or Zach or Kail or …) and avoid them tomorrow so they don’t catch wind that things have changed. Amber thinks that they can blame the votes on Jen or Zach and accuse them of flipping it. But of course she never lies in the house, so I’m sure she’d never actually do that. Snicker.

Dick and Jameka play croquet outside while Jen gets herself ready for bed. Her ear is still bothering her quite a bit, and I think they’ve made plans for her to see a real doctor tomorrow. There’s something else she has in common with Booger, I guess.

Dustin and Jessica, who have become very close lately, are doing the happy dance and dreaming of winning HoH tomorrow. They think that Eric will be really happy that he’s staying (duh). Jen and Kail are chatting, and Kail says that she got a little worried when Jen was talking to Eric for so long. Kail doesn’t think that Jessica would ever put Dick and Daniele up, but Jen thinks that Eric and the others would convince her that she should. They wonder what Amber’s secret is, and think that Eric must be feeling very hurt and betrayed right now. They also think Amber was ridiculous for going off on him like that trying to keep a secret from the people in the house, when all of America must know what it is by now. Hee – that’s a good point.

Most of the hamsters have gone to bed now, except for Daniele and Dick. It’s the Donato at Night Show. They’re talking about Kail, and how she seems to be nicer lately. Even Dick admits that he wouldn’t mind if she stayed a while longer. Weird. Daniele wonders what Julie plans to ask her in the HoH room tomorrow during the live show. They talk about vacations and jobs and their family. Daniele seems a bit stand-offish this evening, and gets a bit sulky with her dad. They end up getting in a bit of a tiff that ends with Daniele walking inside to go to bed. Dick says to himself that he needs to learn to shut up, because being right is not as important as having a relationship with his daughter. At least he realizes this.Dick does his usual laundry stuff and then heads to bed himself.

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