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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 8th – Flip Flop. Flip Flop.

Jessica goes upstairs, where Eric is still sniffling and wiping his eyes. He tells her that everything he’s said to her has been true and real, and that he hates that he’s leaving under these circumstances. He cares about what she thinks of him. He promises that he’s never lied to her, repeated anything she’s told him, or not been real with her. Jessica is just looking at him, not responding. He says that there are some truths and some grey areas to the things that people are saying about him now, but that everything he’s said and done with Jessica has been honest and real.

Jessica wants to know why Eric told Amber that Jess was extremely jealous of his relationship with Amber. Eric says that he doesn’t recall ever saying that, but if he did it was probably meant as a joke. Jessica lets it slide. He wants to know if he has her vote, and she says he does. He knows that his word is no good any longer, and says that even if he stays there’s no possible way he can win. Dramatic much?

Downstairs, Daniele is asking Jameka to help make Eric’s last day in the house a pleasant one. Of course Jameka agrees – it’s not like she’s going to go off on him or anything. Gah. She wants to know if Eric is fighting to stay in the house, and Daniele answers that he just wants to talk to people and not be ignored. She says that he’s upstairs, and Jameka can go and talk to him if she wants to. Daniele adds that taking him out this week is a good move for all of them.

Back upstairs, Eric is saying that he didn’t cast those votes. Jessica asks who did, and Eric says it was Dick. Dick? He was HoH the first time, so he didn’t vote. He says that Daniele just told him that he was the best player there, and she was sorry that he was being accused of all of these things. Er, I didn’t hear that at all. He tells her that the people in the diary room told him not to give up and to keep fighting. Jessica says that she agrees with them.

Now Jessica is asking if Eric would take her to the final two if he had to decide between her and Dick. He says he would, and Jess thinks he’s lying because he could win against Dick. Eric takes offence and asks her if she thinks he’s a “sack of shit.” She says no, but she’s having trouble believing that. He wants to know if she’ll talk to Zach for him, and she says that Zach has been brainwashed by Dick and Daniele so there’s no point.

Finally Eric asks if he has any chance at staying in the house. Jessica says that she doesn’t know. He says that he’s going to try and talk to Jen, and see if she can be swayed to go against Dick’s bidding. He then admits that he’s not as good at this game as he thought he was going to be. So now he has something in common with Kail.

Meanwhile, Amber is telling Jameka that Eric is afraid to die, so he’ll end up going to hell. I’m afraid of people like Amber – where am I going to end up?

Jameka frees herself from Amber and goes upstairs to talk with Eric. Jessica leaves so that he can have a chance to talk to Jameka. Eric gives Jameka the same spiel which I won’t go into detail over – he wants to have fun, didn’t do the things he was accused of, etc. Jameka mm hmm’s in response to everything he says. She ends up telling him that she gave him her word so she will vote to keep him, but she’s going to have trust issues with him moving forward.

Jessica is downstairs crying to Amber, of all people. Amber is telling her that it will be hard, but it’s for the best. Dick comes along and tries to lighten the mood a bit by joking around with them.

Next it’s Jen’s turn to talk to Eric, and she wants to know if he really told Dick about Amber’s secret. Eric says that he’s not going to discuss these things with her if all she ends up doing is running back downstairs and telling everyone what he said. And that’s about it for that conversation. So much for Eric trying to work Jen for her vote.

Eric makes his way outside and talks to Dustin in the hammock. He admits that he did say he would use the info he had on Amber against her, but swears that he didn’t mean it. He says that it’s cost him someone that he cares about in the game. Eric makes his speech one more time about how he’s a good guy and doesn’t deserve to be dragged through the mud like this. He places the blame on everything that’s happened squarely on Dick’s shoulders. Says that Dick will do this to someone else next week, and that could easily be Dustin. Dustin is taking this all in and nodding, seemingly agreeing with Eric.

Eric swears that his loyalty is to Dustin, Jessica, Jameka, and Amber, even though Amber doesn’t trust him anymore. He doesn’t want to be remembered as a sack of crap for the next two months (do they really think they have another two months in the house?). Dustin tells him to just wait for people to approach him, and then talk to them openly. Eric asks if he has a chance at all, and Dustin tells him he does.

This little meeting breaks up, and Dustin heads inside to talk to Amber. They whisper a bit about the vote, and Dustin laments that he’s lied to Eric and told him that he had a chance at staying in the house. Amber threatens Dustin that if Eric stays this week, she’s done with the group. Dustin seems surprised, but Amber is very insistent. He says that he can tell that she doesn’t believe he will vote to evict Eric, so he promises on his mother and his brother’s lives. What I don’t get is why he won’t let Jessica cast a vote for Eric too if she wants to. Makes no sense. Anyway, Dustin says that if Eric ends up staying, it will be because Zach flipped, not him. Ah, so there’s his out.

Now we get a break from all of this strategy and campaigning and stuff, and watch people milling about talking about nothing. Dick has grilled burgers for everyone, so it’s dinner time as well. Dustin tells Dick that he has something really serious to ask him: can he (Dustin) vacuum the house tomorrow? Dick grants him permission to Hoover.

Dustin tells Kail in the bathroom that if it weren’t for his vote, she’d be going home. I guess he’s looking for accolades or something. She says that she’s learned not to ever tell Dick anything because he remembers things forever. Heh. They hug, and Dustin tells her that they’ll take the game one day at a time.

Eric and Kail are packing their stuff in the bedroom now. Eric gives Kail a jacket that he says makes him look like a 9-year-old girl. Which makes one wonder why he thought to bring it along with him for an appearance on national television. Jen has gone to the DR because she’s still in a great deal of pain with her earaches.

There’s really not a lot going on in the house now. Daniele and Amber go over the votes, and Daniele seems a bit uncomfortable with Dustin being the only member of the LNC who is voting to evict Eric. Eric has a quick conversation with Zach outside, pleading his case and his innocence. He says that he’s not asking for Zach’s vote, and Zach repeats his mantra that it’s odd that neither Eric not Kail has asked him about that. Dick comes out and Eric asks him to give him five minutes. Dick returns inside and tells Amber and Daniele that Eric is campaigning to Zach for his vote.