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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 8th – Flip Flop. Flip Flop.

Kail is the only one left in the living room with Eric – everyone else has silently filed out of there. Eric tells her that he’s lost, and will likely be evicted 7-0 now. He says that he will tell Kail everything he knows before he leaves, and she should share it with Jen and whoever else she wants to share it with. He says that he would take a voluntary exit right now, but he really needs the money from the show. Strangely, he says that the one mistake he made was not telling people that he was with Kail and Mike. Um …

Kail is sympathetic, telling him that there’s still another day in the house and he can change the vote, but he says no, he’s done. He thinks that Kail will be the only one who talks to him until his eviction on Thursday. Eric adds that some of the people in his group can’t stand Amber, but they’re in there right now sucking up to her because she’s not the one on the block. He names Jessica, saying that she doesn’t care about Amber at all, but she’s in there with her now sucking up to her.

Amber is getting her picture taken while giving the finger to Eric’s photo on the memory wall. Meanwhile, Eric is warning Kail to get Dick and Daniele out of there. He’s absolutely miserable, and heads off to the DR.

The house is pretty quiet now. There’s all kinds of speculation about what Eric is doing in the Diary Room, ranging from quitting the game to breaking down to going off on the producers. People have scattered into small groups throughout the house. Nothing like a big old meltdown to splinter the house. Dustin thinks that Eric is giving his DOR, but Jessica thinks that they’ll talk him out of it. She says that Carol tried as well, but they convinced her to stick it out. Little does she know that Eric’s got a bit more money invested in staying in the house.

Dick takes Eric’s suitcase out and puts it on his bed. Daniele is waiting by the DR door to get a picture of Eric as he comes out (!), but BB makes her take the camera to the storage room. Lots more nervous chatter as they await Eric’s return.

Eric comes back out, uneventfully, and asks Daniele if he could talk to her privately when she finishes her food. She agrees. He asks Zach the same thing, but Zach says that he doesn’t care about the little fights in the house. Eric says he just wants to talk about Big Brother in general. Dick comes walking through the kitchen saying something, and Eric tells him that he’s done nothing to make Dick’s time there unpleasant, so he’d appreciate the same courtesy. Dick retorts that he has – he’s lied and plotted against them all.

Daniele and Eric head up to the HoH room, where Dani is trying to explain that she put him on the block for strategic reasons, not personal reasons. Eric is upset that he’ll be leaving the house like this, with everyone mad at him and hating him when all he’s done is try to be the fun, entertaining guy. He thinks that he’s a scapegoat because, he claims, he didn’t make those votes to evict Kail, and he didn’t squirt mustard on Jen’s shirt because he hates mustard. Good lord Eric, maybe you should try a different tactic than actually lying, because you’re not as good at it as you may think.

Eric wants to know why this is going down this week, and Daniele is puzzled about the question. She says again that it’s not personal because she really likes him, but he a danger to her and the group in the game and he has to go. Eric admits that he’s a threat in the game, but says that they should take out the weak players first and then make the game the best of the best. Please. As much as that might be fun for the viewers, no one in their right mind would play that way.

Eric is worried that his reputation will be ruined and that no one will want to talk to him again. He’s afraid that he’ll be ignored at the wrap party. Good grief. I’m all for fighting for your life in the house, but this is kind of pathetic. Daniele is being nice to him though, and trying to explain that she sees him as the mastermind of the plan to take Nick out, and even though he claims that they all agreed, that wasn’t exactly the case.

The topic moves onto Amber’s big secret. Eric wonders if Daniele really thinks that he would ever use that against Amber in the game. She says that he told all of them that he would. Eric thinks that Daniele and Dick using that against him is the same as him using Amber’s secret against her, and claims that he doesn’t remember ever saying that he would. If this is the best he’s got, he deserves to go home. He says he would never do that, and thinks that Dick must have overheard it because he never told him about it.

Eric’s back to worrying that people won’t talk to him, and that he’ll have to spend his last hours in the house in tears. He’s actually crying now, and Daniele is trying to be sympathetic to him. She offers to talk to her dad and ask him to be civil to Eric while he’s still there. He’s concerned that she’s going to go downstairs and make fun of him for crying, but she promises that she won’t. He says that he’s finally realizing that they’re all real people in there, and feels badly for the people who have been on the block, especially Kail and Jen. He thinks that he’ll be shunned at the wrap party, and then end up getting a bunch of e-mails from the other hamsters saying that they’re sorry, because he doesn’t deserve this.

Downstairs, Amber is talking to Kail about what a good person she (Amber) is and how God put her in the house for a reason. And how God is keeping Kail in the house for a reason, and how Eric will be leaving for a reason. And how Amber is a great motivator and talks to everyone in the house because she makes them all feel good about themselves. Well yeah, because they realize that no matter what they do, there’s always at least one person there who is a bigger idiot.

Eric realizes that he’s starting to repeat himself, and asks Daniele what he should do now? She says that he’s welcome to use the HoH room for as long as he needs it. He asks her if she can ask Jameka, Dustin, and Jessica to come up and talk to him, and she says that she will. She offers to get him a drink of water before she leaves, and he says no, he just wants to listen to some music.

Daniele goes downstairs and asks Dick to stop taunting Eric and to just be nice to him now. He says he’ll do it for her, but not for him. He says that Eric has caused so much crap in this house that he deserves to feel some of it, but he’s willing to lay off for Daniele’s sake. Dick wants to know if that’s what Eric wanted to talk to her about, but she says she’s not going to tell him what they discussed.

Daniele moves on to Jessica and tells her that Eric is upstairs in the HoH room and would like to speak to her, if she’s willing. Jess says no problem, and Daniele tells her that he doesn’t seem to be campaigning or anything, he just wants to talk to people and be honest. Watch out Daniele, I think there’s actually some campaigning on the menu here.