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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 8th – Flip Flop. Flip Flop.

When we last left our intrepid hamsters, Dustin had promised Amber, Dick, and Daniele that he would be the fourth vote to send America’s Player packing. There was much rejoicing. As the group broke up to hit the sack, Jessica stayed up to do laundry and work out in the gym.

As we join the house this morning, Jessica is still awake and puttering around the house. Which should really mess up her sleep patterns just in time for Thursday’s HoH comp. She goes into the backyard to whack the tetherball for a bit, then back to the gym, then off to fold towels. Not very exciting. Jen gets up and her ears are still hurting her, so she goes to the DR seeking some help. Eventually Kail is up and at the coffee maker, so the morning has officially begun.

BB wakes everyone up (apparently one of the song choices was Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust”). Zach and Kail sit in the kitchen eating breakfast, and Zach mentions that it’s odd that neither one of the nominees has come to him to discuss his vote. Kail just nods and agrees with him. Hello? She mentions that she likes to have people come to her, but Zach rightly points out that if you want something, you have to make a move to get it. Kail says something about talking to him about it later this evening. She really has no game whatsoever. She tells him that she appreciates every vote that she gets, but Zach plays it off like he hasn’t made up his mind yet.

Outside, Jessica and Dustin are discussing the upcoming HoH competition. Dustin tells Jess that she needs to nominate Daniele and Dick if she wins. She agrees. He’s going to look like a class-A idiot if he wins HoH again himself and doesn’t nominate the Donatos, based on the deal he made with them last night. Jessica thinks that this week’s HoH is going to be a cakewalk because they’ll have the numbers to keep themselves in power. Go Zach!

Jessica wants to avoid Eric until he leaves, but Dustin says no, they should just act normally. She then says that she wants to vote to evict him, and Dustin quickly disagrees with that too, saying that he has to be the vote that sends him home, and that it will be perfect retribution for the two hinky votes for Kail. I’m not sure where the word “hinky” came from, but I’m not enjoying it.

Dustin laughs and tells Jessica that he made Daniele cry yesterday. Jess says that she did her daddy’s bidding this week and he’ll end up out the door leaving poor Daniele to be fed to the wolves. Nice. Lots of Donato bashing going on. Eric comes out and joins them, acting relaxed and happy. I thought for sure he’d be paranoid this morning.

Jen and Zach agree not to nominate each other if they get HoH. The beauty of this conversation is that it takes only a couple of sentences to make the deal, rather than hours of circular discussion. Jameka and Amber are doing the usual “we have to win HoH this week” thing, and plotting to get rid of Zach. Jessica comes in and says that she would nominate Daniele and Dick, and the other two think that would be a gutsy move. Good grief. Please, BB Gods, don’t let Amber win HoH. I don’t think I could stand it.

Eric asks Dustin if they can talk privately. Eric knows what’s going on because of the way Amber is acting. He says that he knows they were out in the backyard for hours last night, and suddenly Amber can’t even look at him. He doesn’t want to be bullied out of the house based on the lies of two people. Dustin tells him to talk to Zach and try to secure his vote because that will give him added security. Dustin plays it like he doesn’t know what Amber will do, deflecting any questions about the group and his own vote.

Dustin says that his chat with Dick last night was about them yelling at each other and trying to smooth it all out. He says that he admitted to the things he’s done in the house, so Dick doesn’t have any ammunition to come at him with in the future. Oh Dustin, you poor misguided soul. If Dick wants to come at you, he’ll find things to base it on. Eric says that he’s concerned about Jessica, because she came into the house with a chip on her shoulder about not letting a guy play her in the game. He worries that she hasn’t come to him to talk to him about the stuff that Dick and Daniele have been telling her. Eric also realizes that he creeped Jessica out by staring at her last night while she was trying to sleep.

Dustin tells Eric not to worry about Zach’s vote, because it won’t be necessary. Interesting. Eric wants him to talk to Amber, Jessica, and Jameka to make sure their votes are still solid, and Dustin agrees to this. They both say that Dick and Daniele are the new targets, because they’ve got the strongest bond in the house and are dangerous together.

Daniele gets to write her HoH blog, and comes downstairs with her camera. Picture-taking fun ensues, and this time Zach is included in the merriment. Yay for Zach! BB has called an indoor lockdown, so all of the photos are taken inside.

Suddenly, Amber is yelling and swearing at Eric for threatening to hold her secret over her head and use it against her in the game. Wow. She’s really giving it to him with both barrels, and all Eric can do is just sit there and look at her with no expression on his face. She blames him for Nick’s eviction, saying that Nick should still be there, and calls Eric all kinds of names, ranging from a piece of shit to the devil in disguise. As this is going on, Jen is sitting on the couch hiding her face behind her bunny ears. Hee.

Amber says that he’s lucky that she swore on her daughter’s life that she would vote to keep him, because if she hadn’t she’d be sending him home. She says that she made a mistake and hurt the person she loves, and Eric wants to use it against her? Amber tells him to go ahead and tell everyone her secret right now, since they’re all there. Eric is silent. She finishes up by calling him the devil who made her vote her brother out of the house, and leaves the room, and as she does she says, “That felt SO fucking good. Thank you God!” The rest of the room is completely silent. You know, I cannot stand Amber, but she had every right to deliver that speech to Eric. Just as he would have every right to give it right back to her when he hears her rant against the Jews.

The living room is silent. Eric is still just sitting there with his plate of food in his lap, motionless. Dick is in the kitchen, and he mutters that some people get what they deserve. Daniele and Zach are still taking pictures. Jameka and Dustin go to Amber, and she’s laughing that she’s not crying right now. It’s true, she’s not.