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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 6th – Looking For a Dentist … And Some Votes

Zach is a little upset that Dick quoted him when calling out Dustin. Dick had used the words, “Don’t trust the Donatos.” He goes in to tell Dustin that info didn’t come from him, and he had even told Dustin at the time that it wasn’t exactly news The point is, Dustin points out, is that isthat Dustin saying is the most recent. Dustin says it was either him or Jen that repeated what he had said. He the goes to Amber and disses Jen for playing both sides. Zach tells Dick to be careful what he repeats from now on, and Dani says it’s not the first time he’s heard that. Dick does apologize. Zach says he doesn’t really care, because Dustin is gay. Alrighty.

Dani says she heard that Dustin slept in Nick’s bed last night, and that makes her mad. If she would have seen him, she would have told him to get out. Come to think of it, she’s just in a complaining mood. She’s mad she doesn’t have any friends in the house, and her father is no consolation. She wants to know why Amber said she’d vote to keep Nick and didn’t, yet she can’t go back on her word to keep Eric. Also, she’s waiting for America’s Choice, and knows it usually happens around week 5 which this is. Her fantasy is that Nick will come back.

Jameka and Amber chat in the bathroom and first exchange “I love you”s, then say that they just can’t look at Eric the same anymore. Amber knows that Eric hit up Daniele for an alliance in the very beginning, and now she wonders if he felt Nick came between them, and that’s why he had his dislike for Nick. He also wonders if that’s when he then decided to hit up Jen. Either way, Amber thinks it’s the right thing to do to get rid of Kail, even if she didn’t promise to keep Eric. Kail has no reason to stay anymore and has lost everything, so forcing her to be in sequester would be mean. Jameka just “mmm hmms”. In the midst of discussing the others, Amber mentions Dustin and says her sister thinks all gay guys stab people in the back. Well, this is all just to add what we have already heard of what they think of Jews and people from New York.

The next two to hit the couch in the bathroom are Kail and Dustin. She’s nailing him on the fact that she knows he’s been campaigning against her to keep Eric. He says this is about Eric and Evil, and she says now it’s about herself and Eric. Dustin gives her her word that the Donatos will go up next week, and says Kail can watch it form her home. Well, that’s a little mean. He tells her basically the reason why she failed is the first week. She feels it’s because Dick prevented people from getting to know her. He tells her Nick told him that Amber was the target the first week, not Carol, but Kail swears this wasn’t the case.

Dustin goes off on a tear against the Donatos, mostly Dani. He reveals they’ll be the next on the block if he wins HoH, and says Jen would be his replacement nominee. He refers to Dani as a skink whore, and says she has ruined her relationship at home because of what she did with Nick. Just recently Dustin had revealed he did cheat on Joe, so this seems to be one of those goose and gander things.

Jameka is doing Amber’s hair and finds what looks like a bug. Amber explains it away by saying that’s just from her dying her hair, but Jameka looks very disgusted. Jen and Dani join the hair session in the LR, and later Dick does as well, asking Jameka how many kids she wants. She says 5, and Dick asks her if she realizes how much kids cost. This all moves into crying babies, and not so surprisingly, Dick says Dani was the worst of his two kids.

Eric and Jess continue their flirting. First, he tells of his success finding his girlfriend’s G spot, which I’m sure she’s thrilled to hear on the feeds, and then he explains his audition tape was him sitting on a toilet with a magazine covering his body parts. He and Jess agree to get engaged on the live finale and have a shotgun wedding the next day. They’ll get a dog, and Jen wants to name it Jameka. (Is that an insult?)

Kail meets up with Jen in bed, and repeats everything Dustin just told her. She says dustin blames Jen for the “Donatos” comment, and Jen says she didn’t even know their last name. Kail also tells her that Dustin is afraid of her, and Jen says he should be, because she knows he’s the sneakiest bastard in the house. After Kail reveals Dustin’s plans for noms, Jen says she would put up Dustin and Dick, as she thinks they’re working together and that their fight was for show.

Surprisingly, Jameka and Amber stay up past Dick tonight, but they take over doing his nightly chores of cleaning up and folding towels. They eventually head to bed around 7:00 AM. It’s been a long day for them, and being that I’s Wednesday night and I’m just finishing this recap, it’s apparently been a long day for me. Welcome back home, Aurora! I’m glad I have my alliance member back to help on these feeds!

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