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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 6th – Looking For a Dentist … And Some Votes

Eric tells Jess he thinks the five of them should go upstairs and say “Sorry, Toots,” because he doesn’t see them being successful with this at all. Jess points out some people can fake being nice, but she can’t. Amber says she can’t either. She blew up at Dick, and he’s left her alone since then. Where to start with that comment …

Outside Dick tells Kail to be careful who she trusts. He’s heard many different people say that they think they have her wrapped around their fingers. An outside lockdown is called, and Jen finally appears, claiming to have been in the DR for two hours. Apparently the girl has something to day. Dani has now taken her place in there.

Amber talks to Jameka and says the only person that benefited from Nick leaving was Eric. What hurts her more than anything else is she is hearing from Jen what Eric says to her, and it’s verbatim of what he says to Amber. He has told them both separately that he hates the other people in the house and wishes he could spend all his time with them. He would also deny to both that he was in an alliance with them, but every day would ask them each if they were still good.

Jameka starts to put it all together, saying maybe America called Amber a liar because she said she would never vote Nick out, but did, but then again Eric said he was voting to keep Nick and was also called a liar. Put it together people! Dani picks the wrong time to come over and ask these two if they are mad at her. They were on the way to something really important before she interrupted them. Dani then tells Jen she doesn’t understand why Jess is mad at her. She knows Eric wants to kill her, and Jen explains that’s because he knows he’s going home. Do you think if he does he will film a goodbye message that explains him being AP?

Zach comes and finds Dani and tells him about his conversation with Dustin. He says he’s torn, as Eric hasn’t spoken to him in 40 days, yet Kail has stabbed him in the back. He says he’ll do whatever the Donatos want him to do. Dani tells him they have his back if he votes with them. I hope they get more than his vote.

Amber is spreading her love around again. She tells Jameka that the majority of New Yorkers are messed up and also says her family doesn’t like Jewish people. She figures this is why Eric is weird. She says her mom is constantly pointing out the wrongs of Jewish people and says she can tell by their names. Nice. She continues, using as an example one of her fellow waitresses that doesn’t help the others find the good tippers. Her mothers says the woman is selfish because she’s Jewish. Jameka tries to get Amber to not make such broad statements, and she then blames it on her years of drug abuse.

Dick interrupts Jen and Kail doing what used to be called Jedi drilling, and says he’s going to go after Amber right after the vote this week. Is that really wise to talk about that now in front of people he know have connections to her? Jen talks about her conversations with Amber. Dick also brings up Jess, saying he thinks she knows what is going on, but also knows she is safe with Eric, so is hesitant to vote him out. He tells Kail they should think about working together, but not in an alliance. Jen tells him that the problem with telling him things is he runs and tells everyone else, which he admits. Not so coincidentally, she explains he and Dani are the next targets of the house.

Even though Dick said he was going to save this info for later, Dick tells Amber that Eric has been saying he has something in his back pocket that he is going to use later against Amber to discredit her and make the others turn against her. It’s most likely the conversation about her abortions/faked abortions. Dick admits he doesn’t know what it’s about, but you can pretty much bet this is making a huge impact on Amber. He leaves and tells Amber he loves her, which she returns.

Kail says she feels better than she can’t get HoH for the next five weeks and thinks Jen should throw it, which she agrees to. Kail also tells Zach she won’t put him up for at least five weeks. Zach then talks with Dick, and tells him he is voting with them, and repeats again his conversation with Dustin. Amber then goes and spills her conversation with Dick to Dustin. She is angry, but says she will still vote for Eric this week. She’s going to cut him down because of his religion, and knows he is planning on bringing her down with terrible info, yet she is still going to vote for him. What the ??? She’s still on the Nick thing, too, saying Eric fed Nick info through Jen, then got him kicked out.

Dustin plays it cool, and says the should take Dani and Dick out before Eric, because he isn’t a threat yet to them. He says the vote will be 4-3, but they should string Eric along for the numbers. He mentions again that it’s a good thing to get rid of Kail because she can’t play for HoH. Again, what is he smoking? Does he not realize how stupid this sounds, to get rid of someone that can’t even fight for HoH? Dustin tells Amber her farts smell like dead babies. Is that a good idea just after she told him about her abortions?

Zach walks in and out of Dustin and Amber’s conversation, and Dustin, being armed with the info from Zach earlier, doesn’t share it with Amber at all, but leads her to believe that he’s in really good with Zach, and she should bolster that up a little bit. He says if they don’t get on his good side quickly, the Donatos will. Umm, the Donatos already have. Amber decides she’ll offer to play chess with him, and Dustin knows that’s a good idea because the only person doing that right now is Dick.

After Jameka joins Dustin and Amber, she gets filled in, and is definitely shocked. All three know Eric is up to no good, but Dustin wants to keep Eric “because of the numbers,” and they might need his help next week if Dick gets HoH. Amber seems to agree, but Jameka only “mmm-hms.” Dick breaks it up, calling Dustin out. He mentions Dustin taking the cash and trip and letting Jameka take the fall. He also brings up Dustin telling someone to not trust the Donatos and telling Dani to put him up.


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