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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 6th – Looking For a Dentist … And Some Votes

Dick works on another of his ex-enemies. He goes to Kail and explains everything he has learned about Eric in the past few days. He tells her since she is close to Dustin, she should hit him up his for his vote for her to stay in the house. He thought Jess was listening to him, but she seems to have gotten giggly again. Dick tells Kail that a lot of people are telling her they are voting with her, but they’re really on the fence. She needs to work them a little bit. He continues, saying if he gets HoH, he’s not so sure he’d put her up again, as there are other targets. He knows if he doesn’t win it, he’s going up, but says it’s no deal as he’s been through it before, just as she has. Dick says he knows there is a leak to her, as she has seems to have felt way too soft for the last two weeks.

Amber asks Jen about the things she’s heard. Jen offers up that she didn’t talk much to Eric beat when she did, it was usually him talking about others. It wasn’t an alliance, such much as an understanding. She knows it looks weird for her to be with Jen, but again, it’s not an alliance, but just that they realized things about Jen at the same time. She promises she was not the votes to keep Kail. Amber asks what Jen thinks of Eric’s feeling for Jess. Jen thinks she’s being used, because she has heard Eric say things about not wanting to be beaten by a 21 year old. Amber leaves to spread her joy to Jameka, and Jen is called to the DR.

Dani tells Dick she’s really getting tired of Kail. Kail keeps coming up to her room telling her not to put her up with Eric, because of the promise she made to keep her safe. She doesn’t think she owes Kail anything. They know she at least has Jen and Dustin’s votes. Dick wants to put up Dustin and Jess if he wins HoH, as he knows Jess would stay and doesn’t think she’d care. Dani warns him that she’d get upset and it might night be a good idea. They talk about Amber as well, as Dani says she told her last night that Eric once said if he gets HoH, she and Dustin would be the first of the 7 on the block. Dick brings up the secret info Eric says he’s holding about Amber that is going to flip everyone’s mind. We know now that’s the info about her abortions. If he does do that …

We lose the feeds for the PoV ceremony, and when we come back, no one’s talking , or at least about the PoV. Dani is talking about keeping multiple pints of ice cream in her freezer and a special drawer filled with chocolate. How the hell is she that thin eating like that? If I had pints of ice cream and a drawer-full of chocolate, I’d be 50 pounds heavier.

Finally there’s some action going on in the small bedroom. No, not that type of action. Amber is really upset, because Eric, Jess, and Dustin were mocking her while she farted in her sleep, as she was actually awake and heard the whole thing. Oh brother. The LNC, minus the Donatos and Amber, discuss Amber and accuse her of jumping ship. They then turn their anger on Dani, with Eric saying as soon as she put him on the block, he wanted to say, “You just cost yourself $500,000, Bitch.” Nice guy. He’s glad it’s him, willing to “take the bullet.” So obviously, Dani followed through and put him on the block.

Mr. Maturity, AKA Dustin, speaks up and says if they get HoH next week and Dick leaves, they should turn to Dani and laugh at her. NerdHerdNerdHerdNerdHerdNerdHerd! Eric works on coming up with a special Kail is Evicted dance. Jameka asks if he was crying earlier, and he claims his contact was bothering him. She refutes this, saying that wouldn’t cause him to sniffle.

In the kitchen the others are discussing eating and the Donato family still, and Dani and Dick go outside to discuss the PoV ceremony. They saw that Eric was really pissed off afterwards, and that Jess immediately went to talk to him. They definitely aren’t sure if they have her vote, and think the only reason she’s upset is if he’s gone, that’s one vote for her she won’t have. Dani recognizes that Amber is pissed, but Dick thinks she’s just thinking. They’re going to wait until Thursday to talk to her again. Amber is busy in the kitchen crying with Kail over Nick.

While Dani and Dick are making plans for Zach to tail the LNC everywhere they go, Dustin is cornering Zach, asking if he made a deal with the Donatos. He says no, only that he would vote the way the way they wanted if they didn’t put him up. Umm, wouldn’t that be a deal? Just asking. He claims he only wanted revenge for Nick leaving and had no idea who was even going to be nominated. This is Zach’s biggest redeeming quality. He is who he is and he refuses to compromise. He tells Dustin he knows he’s in with Kail. Dustin tries to cover and says Kail is going home this week, so he should vote with the group. Zach points out Eric hasn’t talked to him in 40 days. Point. Dustin counters that Dick and Dani are just using him and will screw him over in the end. No Point.

Zach does agree to think about it, but we know him and his values and know he doesn’t vote with groups, even if he believes he will be the other vote the other way. He points out that getting rid of Kail serves no purpose, as she can’t compete in HoH for the next five times. He’d rather get rid of the person that convinced everyone else to get rid of his only ally, Nick, as his moral compass doesn’t like that. He also adds in that he has no problem with Dick, no matter what Dustin says, and he is the only person in the house to not treat him like that guy that is picked last in P.E. He says Dick always talks to him, not just when he’s looking for a vote. Point.

Eric tries to make nice with Amber, and tells her he only tried to get Nick out because he thought he was bad for their group. Eric is positive Amber will still be friends with Nick outside the house. He asks what she talked with Jen about, saying it looked like a pretty good conversation. Amber is pretty noncommittal with this. He tells her that when others have talked to Jen, they get a different story than the one she supposedly told Dick and Dani. He asks her to tell him if he’s leaving, and she tells him he’s not. So the liar is asking the other liar to tell him the truth? She whispers that Jess is coming, and says it makes her nervous when Jess finds them talking.


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