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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 6th – Looking For a Dentist … And Some Votes

I just can’t imagine how it’s going to go down today on Big Brother. Everyone pretty much knows by now that Eric will be the replacement nomination, even Eric, and that information has already so splintered the people in the house. Once the official announcement is made, could it possibly get any worse.

The day starts off pretty much the same, though, as Kail is again the first one up, and sits outside by herself. Jen wakes up, gets ready, and comes outside to join Kail who has stopped reading the Bible and is now putting on her makeup. Kail shares her worryt hat Eric is going to stay if he goes up on the block, but Jen says she thinks everyone is just trying to make him still feel safe, even though he’s not. Jen thinks Dustin will end up voting for Kail to stay, and Kail says she can’t believe it will be another week with neither of them going home. Jen lets Kail know that she confirmed last night that Kail and Eric were not in an alliance.

Jen shares with Kail that she thinks The Great Mustard Caper was the mark of Eric. She thinks he did it trying to set Dick up to keep the Jen/Dick feud going. She also talks about going to the bathroom early in the morning and finding Amber, Jess, and Eric in there talking. They agree that she probably lied about Nick, and because of the banner, she’s shut herself off. Kail admits that her own heart broke for Eric yesterday when Dick finally called him out. Since they always hung out together before, she doesn’t understand why Dick has suddenly turned on him like that.

Jen is worried about her teeth, and as she sits pushing them together, she says if BB doesn’t get her to a dentist soon, she’s going to voluntarily go home. She sees it as her losing money being there, and I’m sure she’s relating it back to her modeling career. Kail says she keeps thinking that if Jen is voted out, she’ll follow her right out the door. Right. She also thinks if they survive this week, they won’t be on the block again, but Jen tells her not to be so sure. She thinks Dick and Dani will become targets next week and is definitely right. Kail still finds it odd that Dick wants to be friends with Jen now, and Jen in return trashes Kail’s secret alliance partner Dustin, by saying she thinks he may want to try and start trouble by leaking info.

There’s something with Jen and not liking men. She only wanted men to leave during her HoH reign, and now says she’d love to see an all female final 7. Kail mentions that Dustin thinks Dani should put up Dick or Zach, which they both know isn’t going to happen. Jen wonders why he thinks he’s so safe, and says he shouldn’t. She knows that when she nominated Joe, he kept telling her to nominate Dustin, but she didn’t.

I wish someone else would wake up, as these two are starting to get a little boring. Zach gets up, but he goes in to make chicken and fish for a very protein-ish odd breakfast. Kail mentions being glad she brought her Bible, and Jen says she hasn’t read it since she was 12, and doesn’t think she needs to since she’s already like that. She’s sounding a big like Amber this morning, being a bit more favorable about herself.

As other people start to get up, Oddbird Zach approaches Jess, and after asking what time she went to bed (4:00), he tells her out of the blue that the answer to her question is yes, he did want to keep Nick in. She’s definitely confused about what he’s trying to say, and he furthers it, saying he doesn’t rat people out, he speaks the truth and feels he should get the same from others. He then says he is there if she ever needs to talk and walks off. Maybe he is trying to say he has info on Eric and he always speaks the truth, so if she wants to know what is truly going on, she should ask him. At least that’s what it sounds like he’s getting at.

Dustin tells Kail he thinks Dani should keep her word and keep Kail safe this week. Jen says she agrees, and doesn’t see why Dani refuses to put up the best target here, an dthat’s her dad. I can’t think Jen really feels that after siding with Dani and Dick this week. I think she’s just telling a few little white lies. Dustin says Kail can’t even win another HoH, but Eric can and will, so it doesn’t make sense. Are you kidding? Why would you keep the guy that you know is only throwing challenges and is very capable of winning them? Of course that’s the guy you want out now, instead of the person that can’t participate. He’s dipping into Kail’s crack again. Well, you know what I mean. Jen says she will work with Dani, but not her dad. Perhaps she should add actress next to the spot on her resume where it says model.

Jen isn’t the only one that wants to see a dentist. Jameka shows Zach (of all people, why this guy she detests?) a tooth that’s bothering her, and he says it looks like she’s missing a filling, and he thinks she needs to see a dentist. Jen brings up her woes again, and says she spent $5,000 on Invisalign, and now she lost her retainer, making her teeth all go right back. She says BB doesn’t seem to care.

Dick and Dani are discussing Eric as the replacement nominee in the HoH bedroom. She’s nervous about it, but says there no other options. Dick suggests Dustin as an option, but Dani refuses, saying as unsure as they are of the votes for Eric, she knows she wouldn’t be able to have the votes to get Dustin out. The only person she knows the votes are there for is Zach, and she refuses to put him up.

It seems Dustin’s true colors are showing, as he says “when” he wins HoH, his nomination speech will tell Dani he is choosing to put her up against Jen, the one person she has been trying to get out since week one. He wants her to see that house will choose her over Dani’s “skanky ass.” Nice. Amber is showing her true colors as well as she says people from New York are all assholes and money hungry and so are Jewish people. And she thinks she will be America’s Choice? Choice for getting getting out of there, sure. This all came out of a conversation of Amber blaming Eric for Nick getting evicted. It seems she’s trying to distance herself as much as she can from him and his liar label.


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