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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 7th – How Quickly Things Change

Now we’ve got Dick, Daniele, Amber, and Dustin in the backyard hashing everything out. Dick proposes the truce, that none of them will nominate each other. Dustin says that he will vote to evict Eric, but he still has some things he wants to discuss with them. He faults Dick for breaking up the Late Night Crew, because of his disruptive behaviour. Daniele says no, he should blame her, but she did it because Eric is a liar. Dick mentions the story that Eric told him about Amber’s abortions that he planned to hold over her head later in the game, and Dustin says that this is Amber’s fault for confiding in him in the first place.

Daniele wonders what she did to him, and he says nothing. She tells him that she can’t believe that he called her out yesterday and mocked her in front of everyone, and that she cried over it. He says that he’s sorry, and he knew it would hurt her. He says that he felt that his key being the first one pulled out of the box was an insult to him, like she was throwing in his face that he didn’t nominate her but instead got her best friend out. Daniele says that all he needed to do was ask her about that – the only reason she put his key in first and thanked him for not nominating her was because she didn’t know who else to put first, and that was the easiest solution. She didn’t mean anything by it, and says that people put too much stock in the key order. She doesn’t blame him for Nick’s eviction, she blames Eric.

Dustin apologizes again and says that he was feeling used because he really wanted Zach out last week, and ended up feeling pressured to get Nick out. He wanted to give Daniele her space to get over the fact that Nick was gone, and was waiting for her to come to him when she felt okay about everything. Dick says that he can’t believe that they were all played this badly by Eric, and feels embarrassed that he was manipulated so badly.

Dustin finally agrees to the deal, and promises Amber that he will vote to evict Eric so that she can keep her word. She makes him swear, and he does. This all ends in hugs and promises to leave Eric some brutal goodbye messages. Sigh. The mood has lifted and they’re all very jovial now. Amber says that she’s incredibly happy. They talk about missing Mike because he played games with them. Dustin says that he should tell Eric that he’ll “vote [him] out for a dollar!” Hee.

There’s some talk about where exactly Eric messed up his game. They all think it was the second “hinky” vote to evict Kail. The first one would have just slipped by, but when it happened a second time it became an issue. Oh boy, I wonder how they’re all going to feel when they learn about the America’s Player twist?

Jessica is up and about, and when she comes back to bed Eric is awake too. It’s nearly 5am now. Eric says that he went outside a few hours ago, but was told that they needed time to talk. Jessica asks if he’s worried, and he admits that he is.

Dustin and Amber go inside and share a hug. They say goodnight, and Dustin thanks her. For what, I’m not sure. Outside, Daniele and Dick are wondering why Amber’s name was on that banner along with Eric’s. Dick thinks it was just fuel for the fire, but Daniele isn’t so sure. They talk about what might happen next week, who might go up, etc. Dick floats the idea of putting Jameka on the block, but Daniele doesn’t think that the votes would be there to evict her. They think it would be a good idea to let Zach win HoH so he can put up Dustin. Daniele says that their deal only covers nominations, not votes. They think that they have to get rid of Jameka, Dustin, and Jessica to have a shot at the end of the game. Dick warns Daniele that, starting next week, she has to be careful with her goodbye messages to everyone.

Dick asks Daniele if she’s starting to enjoy spending time with him, and she hems a bit and says no. But she’s smiling and says that she doesn’t feel that she can talk about this stuff here. He says that it’s an important question to him, and she says that she knows, and it frustrating to her that they can’t really talk with all of the cameras around. Then they’re back to joking about the people they know outside the house.

As the Donatos are talking outside, Amber has whisked Jameka into the bathroom to fill her in on what’s happening with the vote. Jameka is very excited and hugs Amber. Dick and Daniele come in, and she hugs them too! They’re all truly happy to be evicting Eric this week, while Kail lives on to be nominated another week. I’m telling you, all we’re missing is the Twilight Zone theme music here.

There is much celebrating, with Jameka congratulating Dick and Daniele on being smart enough to pick up on this and stick with it until they all came around. Dick wants to go and wake Kail up to tell her that she’s okay, and Jameka says that it’s a good idea. Okay people, how about going to bed and chatting with Kail in the morning instead?

Dick goes to wake Kail, and tells her not to worry, she’s safe. She asks him if he’s sure and he says yes, and she thanks him. Dustin joins the party in the bathroom, and then goes to whisper to Jessica that Eric is leaving. Even she seems relieved. She gets up and goes to the kitchen, where she starts telling Jameka and Daniele that she was getting weirded out by Eric staring at her while she was sleeping. She says that he was sitting between her bed and Dustin’s worrying about what they were all talking about outside. She adds that she doesn’t like him crawling into her bed every night.

Jameka asks Jessica if she made any promises to Eric about votes, and she says that she did. Amber comes along and Jessica asks her if she’s sure that he’s going, and Amber confirms that he is, that Dustin will be the magical fourth vote. Amber mentions the big secret that Eric is holding over her head, and Jessica says that he told her he had something on Amber but wouldn’t say what it was. Jess seems to be a bit worried that she might be a target after Eric leaves, but the other girls assure her that she’s not.

Jameka says that they can’t tell Eric that he’s leaving, because he’s a mastermind of the game and will try to stir things up before he goes. They ask how Jessica is planning to vote, and she says that she isn’t sure. Jameka says that if it were her, she would vote to evict him because of his deceit. Jessica says that she’s kind of relieved now because she doesn’t want to be played on national television.

Lots more girl chatter in the kitchen, all about Eric the mastermind who had this whole thing planned before he even walked into the house. Oy. Jessica says that she owes Dick $100 if it was indeed Eric who threw his votes to Kail the last two weeks, because she bet him that he didn’t. Jameka says that Daniele has proven herself to be very smart for figuring all of this out. Jessica thinks that her family is watching this and shouting, “Listen to them!”

Finally the group breaks up, and everyone is sleeping. Everyone except for Jessica, who is puttering around the house Dick-style. It’s close to Kail’s wake-up time, so we’ll have to catch up with the hamsters during Wednesday’s recap now!

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