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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 7th – How Quickly Things Change

Jameka and Jen are trying to smooth over the confusion about Dick not cooking dinner for everyone who could eat it. It seems that Dustin and Jessica think that he left them out, but instead he had just said that he refused to serve them in bed. Someone mentions the fact that there were no places set for them at the table, and Jen says that was because they said they weren’t joining the group, so she didn’t set plates for them. Ah, see? All better.

Zach wants to do some Jedi drilling, and asks Jen if she knows what’s happened on various days in the house. She says she does, and that she’ll help him study it as long as he doesn’t share the info with anybody. Keep working it, Zach! She suggests to him that he map things out with M&M’s, which he starts doing in the kitchen. Of course people want to know what he’s doing, but he just says it’s an experiment.

A bunch of people end up in the bedroom with Dustin and Jessica, who refuse to get out of bed. There’s a lot of goofy talk about movies and drinking and makeup and fitness. Out in the kitchen, there’s Dick, Daniele, Zach, and occasionally Jen, talking about movies and other assorted things. Dick says that the people watching Showtime tonight must be incredibly bored, and Daniele thinks that the After Dark show must have been cancelled by now.

Jen, Zach, and Amber go to the bathroom together to put on some kind of facial cleansing mask, which is green. This can’t be helping Zach’s Shrek image. They get called to the DR together, which makes them happy for some reason. They’re back soon after, and washing off the green goo. Jen tries to talk to Amber about Eric, but Amber doesn’t offer much. There’s some chatter though and it seems like they’re getting along quite well. Amber wants to know who Jen would put up if she got HoH. She says that she doesn’t know, because everyone thinks she is working with Dick and Daniele now even though she hasn’t chosen sides. She just has a few things in common with them because they all realized they were being played by the same person. She suggests that she might put Dustin up, and Amber quickly says Zach would be a good choice. Heh.

Outside, Kail is again talking to Dick and Daniele about the vote, asking if they’ve had any success in securing a fourth. They admit that they haven’t, but Dick says that there’s plenty of time to work on the others, and that it’s not over until Julie reads the votes on Thursday night. Kail seems nervous, but she’s obviously taking Jen’s advice to heart and not campaigning too much for herself yet.

Jen comes out and replaces Kail in the conversation with the Donatos. They’re talking about what they’ll do if Dick wins HoH (all turn and look at Dustin), and who would go up. That morphs into chatter about the keys and how you don’t actually have to turn them to take them out of the box – the turning is just to make the little light go on and off. Well what do you know. I learned something today.

General chatter ensues as Amber joins the group. Jen talks about being on Wheel of Fortune, and how she bought a “U” as her vowel and still gets teased about it. Then she tells them that she was originally hired as Vanna’s husband’s assistant, but the kids really liked her so she got the nanny job instead. Jen goes on to tell them that Kail is trying to sneak food, and that she came out with a peanut hidden in her hand for Jen, but she didn’t want it. They’re all laughing at this one, as am I.

We get the Vortex of Doom (which for some reason has been accompanied today by the old BB theme song, which is a nice change) and when we come back, Jen and Amber are in the bathroom again, brushing their teeth. Bed time already? Amber ends up talking with Dick, apologizing to him for not being able to vote Eric out because she swore on her daughter’s life that she wouldn’t. Dick says that she can always tell Eric that she made a mistake, but she doesn’t think she can and still keep her word. Dick thinks it’s a copout, and throws out some scenarios involving voting for politicians that would give Amber a loophole. It’s a little confusing to me too.

Daniele comes out just as Dick is suggesting a one-week truce to Amber. He says that, if Dustin is so worried about being the next target, they can make a deal that next week, if he wins HoH he won’t put Dustin or Amber up, and if Dustin or Amber wins HoH, they won’t put Dick or Daniele up. Amber says she doesn’t know, she’s not sure if Dustin would go for that or not, but she’ll ask him.

Dick says that now Eric is trying to get Dustin to be the voice of dissention, since Dick is no longer yelling at Kail or Jen. He’s trying to drive a wedge between the two pairs (Amber/Dustin and Dick/Daniele) so that he and Jessica can sit back and still be comfortable in the game. Amber is upset that Eric is using her “emotions” to secure the vote from her. She says that she will try again to get Dustin to vote Eric out so that she can keep her promise, but says that if he refuses, she’ll do it. Wow.

Dick tries to play into her religion, saying that God will understand, and that God is giving her all of this information now so that she can make the best choice for herself in the game. Amber fears that Eric will trash her afterwards though, for swearing on her daughter’s life and then going back on it. Daniele insists that everyone will respect her for taking a stand, even her daughter. Amber again promises that she will vote to evict Eric if Dustin won’t agree to it. She goes back inside.

Dick and Daniele agree that they need to try and get Amber to vote against Eric even if Dustin says that he will, because they don’t trust Dustin to keep his word.

Amber is talking to Dustin now, and he asks her what they were talking to her about. She says that it was about Eric, and she needs to get him out now. She says that the bottom line is that she will break her word and vote to evict him, because he has to leave this house on Thursday. Dustin still isn’t on board and tells Amber to calm down. She won’t, however. She keeps saying how smart Eric is, and how he’s pitting everyone against each other. She tells him about the one week deal that Dick offered and says that Kail and Jen can just go up again and one of them will finally leave the house.

Dustin keeps trying to get Amber to slow down and think about the rest of the game, but she is absolutely insistent that if he won’t vote Eric out, then she will. Dustin insists that they need the numbers, and Amber says that there aren’t any numbers to worry about because Daniele and Dick aren’t against them. They’ve been trying to get them all to see what’s going on, and instead Eric has created yet another set of people that are fighting with each other. She asks him to come and talk to them again with her so he’ll understand. She points out that Dustin and Dick were close until recently, and Dustin says that’s because Dick turned his back on the group. Amber insists that he didn’t.

Dustin brings up that Dick said that Amber and Jameka’s religion discussions were bullshit. Amber says she will ask him about that, but it doesn’t matter right now. She again urges Dustin to come out and talk with the Donatos with her. He says that he will vote to evict Eric if it means that much to her, so that she doesn’t have to break her word. She wants him to promise this, but he says he wants to talk to Dick first.