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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 7th – How Quickly Things Change

Jen joins Jameka and Amber outside, where Amber’s hair is still being braided. Jen says that if Eric stays, he wouldn’t put Dick and Daniele on the block because he wants to keep the biggest targets in the house. He’d probably go after the people that he couldn’t beat in the final two instead. She tells them that she’s working for second place in the game, and that if she’s in the final two she only wants them to vote for her if she’s up against Dick. Because if she lost to Dick she’d kill herself. Heh. Zach comes out with his bunny suit on backwards and hops around the yard, making the girls laugh. I hope a few of them try and make more of an effort to make him feel included in the house.

Jen goes on and keeps talking about Eric, how she was close to him for the first few weeks of the game and then he told her that he couldn’t be seen talking with her, but they still shared stuff and kept their alliance going. Which is more or less true, although I’m not sure how much he was actually telling her last week. Jameka fires a few questions at Jen, but she has answers for all of them. When she leaves, Amber floats the idea of switching up the vote this week and getting Eric out.

Jameka seems to be down with the plan, but is worried because they’ve both given Eric their word that he has their votes. Amber says that she can convince Dustin to vote Eric out, and then they can both keep their promises and be rid of Eric at the same time. Unbelievable. Jameka suggests that she should tell Dustin that voting Eric out will be a good way to try and get himself back into Dick and Daniele’s good graces so they don’t target him.

Dick is busily making dinner for most of the hamsters – those that aren’t on slop – except for Dustin and Eric. Nice. He’s been working hard in the kitchen for a while now though, so it must be something good. Jen is still complaining that her ears hurt, and she does seem to be in a bit of pain. She gets some drops or something from the DR, so hopefully that’ll help.

Amber takes a break from Jameka’s Salon to talk to Dustin about being the fourth vote to keep Kail and evict Eric. She says that Eric’s been lying to everyone and isn’t a good person, but she and Jameka gave their word so they can’t vote against him. She wants him out of the house so badly, so Dustin has to step in and vote him out. She adds that Dick and Daniele will love him if he sides with them. Dustin thinks she’s being ridiculous and tries to tell her to calm down and step back a bit, but she gets angry and leaves him, returning to Jameka instead. Dustin appears to be dumbfounded that Amber didn’t demure this time.

Zach is talking to Jen and wondering why neither Kail nor Eric have approached him about his vote, since it seems so tight at this point. Jen offers that maybe they’re just waiting until Wednesday to see which way the tide is turning. Zach says that’s ridiculous, and that he’s in a tough spot because he has to vote to keep either the woman who sold him out, or the guy who hasn’t spoken to him at all in the house.

Amber returns to talk to Dustin again. He wants to know what Jen told Amber that has her all in a tizzy. She doesn’t want to talk about it in front of Jessica, who is either sleeping or pretending to sleep near Dustin, so she leans in and whispers to him instead. Fortunately Amber isn’t all that good at stealth whispering, so we can hear most of it. She repeats what Jen told her, about how Eric would never go after Dick and Daniele and instead would take out people who he wouldn’t want to face at the end. She thinks that Eric is really smart and therefore dangerous.

Amber repeats this same basic idea several times, but Dustin once again isn’t buying it. He wonders why he should believe anything that comes from Jen’s mouth, since she’s lied to him and about him several times. Amber insists that she hasn’t, but he knows that she has. He also things that, as long as Dick is in the house, he’s a target himself and needs Eric there to help keep him safe.

Amber tries to convince Dustin that he can take the target off his back by making nice with Daniele and Dick and promising them his vote. She says that she and Jameka already gave their word, so they’ll likely be put on the block together if Dick wins HoH. She says that she knows she’ll be a target, but she doesn’t care because getting Eric out is more important to her. She’s insisting that Dustin would be completely safe, but he thinks that he and Amber would be targeted instead, with him going home. Can’t say he’s all that far from wrong with that idea.

Amber has had enough again and gets up to leave. She tells him that she can’t live in this house with someone that she doesn’t trust, and that Eric is to smart. (Of course, throughout this entire conversation, you have to toss in several random f-bombs to get the actual spiel from Amber.)

The hamsters have alcohol tonight, and Jessica is wondering if she could get drunk from shotgunning three beers. Zach is willing to donate his rations to the cause if she wants to try it. Dick is still cooking in the kitchen. He’s made roasted potatoes and is now working on chicken fingers. He cooks, he cleans, he has good taste in music … too bad about that little screaming problem he’s got, ’cause otherwise he’s a fine specimen.

Dustin and Jessica end up jumping on the beds, then falling down laughing at each other. Dustin’s wearing his cape from that veto comp when he was HoH, and looks rather ridiculous. Dick calls out and asks if they’re eating dinner, so I guess no one’s excluded after all. But Dustin and Jessica are continuing their bed-in, and holler no, they’re not coming to dinner. Everyone else, including Eric, sits at the table for dinner. Kail is munching on slop cookies that Jen made for them.

Dustin and Jessica discuss the vote, and decide that Eric should stay. Dustin says that even if he did all the things he’s being accused of, it’s all in the past and they’ll need him as the game goes on. He thinks that even if Eric was aligned with Kail, that alliance will be broken when Kail leaves the house this week. Then next week they’ll go after Dick, and then take out Zach and Jen. They both think that Eric is guilty of many things that Dick and Daniele are saying, but since it’s a numbers game they need to keep him. They’re both annoyed though, because Eric is acting desperate now and won’t leave them alone.

Dinner is over, and Eric and Amber are on dish duty. Daniele is bitching to her father that she hates all of these fake people. At least she’s not saying that she wants to go hoooome. Because it’s all so fruuuuuustrating. She suggests that she should say in her goodbye video to Eric that he said he didn’t want to be outplayed by a 21-year-old, but he just got outplayed by a 20-year-old.