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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 7th – How Quickly Things Change

Wow. I go away for a few days and come back to discover that a single banner plane has changed the entire game. Finally, we have some excitement in the house! Things aren’t as predictable as they once were, which is always good! Before jumping into Tuesday’s recap, I just want to thank Laura immensely for covering everything while I was gone. It’s time-consuming and sometimes tedious to cover the feeds, especially for several days in a row. So thank you, Laura! You’re a rock star in my book.

Tuesday morning begins as most of them do – with Kail up and dragging herself and her coffee into the backyard. BB wakes up the rest of the hamsters and the rest of the morning routine is underway. Dick heads outside to talk with Kail, which seems like something out of the Twilight Zone to me. I mean, I knew things would be different when I came back after a few days, but this I was not prepared for. They’re discussing Dustin and Amber, but of course it’s Dick doing most of the talking so the stories aren’t exactly new.

Jen’s ear is still bothering her from the funky gunk that they had to pour over their heads. You’d think that BB would have learned by now that they should provide ear plugs for things like this. Every season someone ends up with ear infections. Jen and Daniele end up outside with Kail and Dick, talking about Dustin and how he’s very sure that Eric is staying this week. Kail mentions that Dustin is already saying his goodbyes to her. Dick thinks that Dustin is just trying to divide the house and make him and Daniele out to be the bad guys, but somehow this isn’t all that comforting to Kail.

There’s an indoor lockdown, and the hamsters are forbidden from seeing anything outside. Sounds like another banner plane, and there’s much discussion over what this one could be. Daniele and Dick think that it’s something about getting Eric out of the house now that he’s on the block. Kail laughs that it’s the internet fans ratting her out for not wearing her bunny ears. Jen mentions that there were no planes while she was on the block, and Daniele reassures her that’s because the feed watchers knew that the plan was never to take Jen out.

Dick heads off to take a nap, and the conversation dwindles. They end up chatting about the bunny suits, and then the first day in the house and what they remember about their first impressions of each other. Kail and Eric both claim to be the last person to enter the house – anyone remember who it actually was? Not that it matters at all. Back to the banner planes now, and Daniele is saying again that the volume of planes coming by now must mean that America wants them to vote Eric out of the house.

Daniele, Kail, and Jen head up to the HoH room in their bunny suits. Seriously, the suits are fabulous. BB needs to make this some kind of penalty for minor infractions or something, because they really do add to the overall effect. Kail is getting nervous about the votes and is trying to figure out how to get one more to stay in the house. Daniele warns her not to trust Dustin because he’s only using her to further his own game. Kail agrees and says that he’s presenting himself as the leader of the alliance of five, and that he’s still riding on his power as last week’s HoH. Jen agrees too, saying that Dustin even told people that she had lied about something but it never happened.

Kail wants to start campaigning, but Jen and Daniele wisely tell her to hold off until at least Wednesday, when people are starting to actually decide who they’re voting for. A lot can change in a couple of days, and she doesn’t want to come off like Joe did. They seem to forget that Kail did a lot of the campaigning for Joe, too. Daniele tells Kail that Eric had said that he wanted Kail stuck in sequester so she’d go nuts and not be able to see her family, and Jen confirms this. Kail is surprised for some reason. Of course Daniele forgets to mention that she’s said similar things herself. She brings up that Eric wants Dustin out of the house so that Amber will be lost without him. I thought that was Dick’s idea? Kail wants to know if Amber knows about this.

Dick joins the upstairs group, and there’s lots of speculation on whether or not Dustin and Eric have a little side alliance going. Jen thinks that Dustin wants to keep Eric so that he doesn’t become a target himself, but Daniele says no, that people would want Dustin out anyway because he’s the better player. I guess that’s true. Dick asks Kail is Eric was the one who was leaking information to her, and she pauses before saying it wasn’t. Dick correctly guesses that it must have been Dustin then, and Kail confirms.

As this is going on, Jessica and Jameka are downstairs talking about how shady Eric is and how he’s been acting differently these last few days. They’re planning to keep him in the house this week, but watch him closely and take him out first when it’s down to just “the group.” Jameka fears that Eric will join forces with Jen, Kail, Zach, Daniele, and Dick if he stays, because Amber had been speculating that the tension between Dick and Eric was fabricated. Good grief – why do these people listen to Amber’s theories?

Eric, Jessica, and Dustin are talking about the banners again, and Eric thinks that they’re in support of him and trashing the Donatos. Interesting theory. He asks if Kail has said anything bad about him, and says that she had better not try to campaign against him this week, or he’ll corner her and kill her. He’s pretty big on the threats, isn’t he? Dustin and Jessica both tell him to relax and give Kail a break – this is her third week on the block.

An outdoor lockdown is called, but nothing much is happening outside. There are a few people lifting weights, while others sit in the sun or mill about making small talk. The randomness of people in bunny suits is the only thing saving the feeds at the moment. Dustin asks Kail if Daniele has tried to talk with her yet, and Kail lies and says no. Jameka is still working on the braids in Amber’s hair. The lockdown ends without incident.

Inside, Eric and Kail compare notes. Kail says that Daniele told her that she only has three votes secured, and Eric wants to know if that’s true or if Daniele is just trying to stress her out. Kail thinks that Daniele believed she would have the four votes to keep Kail safe, but hasn’t been able to convince enough people to vote her way. Eric says that whoever stays will now have a better chance to win the game, because there’s no way that Dick, Daniele, Jen, or Zach can win it now – the jury simply won’t vote for them. Well what happens if two of them are in the finals, genius?

Zach comes out from the Diary Room and informs everyone that he was told that they can take the bunny suits off on Thursday morning, but have to put them back on for the live show and wear them during the HoH competition. So I guess we’re back to the Q&A thing for this week’s comp. Yawn.

Kail goes to Daniele and asks her what’s happening with the voting situation. Daniele tells her not to worry, that she’s planning to put some pressure on Amber about the whole situation with Nick, and how Eric was behind it all. Kail mentions that she told Eric that he had enough votes to stay in the house, but Daniele insists that things can change. She starts talking about Nick and how everyone was so jealous of how close she was with him. Then she says that Dustin and Amber are headed for disaster because each of them claims to be able to control the other. Kail just nods and agrees.