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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 5th – Do Jews Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Kail finally gets to talk to Dani and says it’s obvious Eric is going up, and she thinks the LNC will keep him safe. Dani points out it’s her intention to keep Kail, just as she promised, and for her not to go home. Dani says she won’t be swayed, even when Kail tries to get her to put up Zach.

Dustin says he is done with the Donatos to Amber and Jameka, and Amber goes on to tell them everything that she and Amber discussed, going back on her word to keep quiet yet again. Elsewhere, Eric is still working on Jess, telling her she’s acting weird, but she says she’s acting weird. They try their cute little banter, but it has definitely lost a step in the last couple days. It’s definitely not cute any longer.

Dick tells Dustin while he lifts weights that he’s going to be sorry he trusted him. Dustin asks if it has to do with him telling her to put Dick up while he was yelling at Eric, but Dick just says that’s really interesting because he hadn’t heard anything about that. Dick says he would never go to Amber and suggest she put up Dustin. Of course not, Amber would cry, then go to tell him and the rest of the house. Dick explains his truce with Jen and says the real question is if he can trust Dustin again. I can’t figure out exactly why, but in the scope of this, Dick explains his dad cheated on his mom for 20 years, and he found out about it at 13.

Everyone seems to put their differences to the side for awhile as they have basic chat in the backyard about good-looking cast members from past seasons (they all think Janele was cute, but kept getting too big), where the first McDonalds was and what reality show they’d be on if not BB. Dustin says Real World was always it for him since he was 12. God I feel old. They also discuss the first week on the show, and Dustin says he would not have wanted to switch places with Joe, and have been the one surprised. Dick says he wouldn’t either, as it would be too hard on Dani. Jess wouldn’t either, but that’s because they attached going home the first week to that position. Dick says his mom is probably upset, as she wanted him to be called Richard on the show.

Eric is probably saying too much as he says if he gets to sequester, he’ll walk out of the house because America can always place his vote for him. He furthers it by saying he told them in the DR to have an America’s Choice to name his alliance, and we get the blue vortex. He goes off to bed along with Jess, and in the bathroom he keeps telling her to use mouthwash and brush her teeth. She asks if he’s planning on making out with her, and he says he’s considering it. However, they go sit on the couch, and Dick crashes their time together.

Jess and Eric get together again as he leans on her bed talking to her and they definitely do their flirting bit, but he appears to chicken out. The funniest part in all this was her asking him if he celebrates Thanksgiving. He notes Jewish people do live in America. He asks if Thanksgiving is upped to be a religions holiday, and she says no, then asks if Christmas is. He tells her he happens to like weird people, and she is f’ing weird. No making out or even a quick kiss. They go their separate ways again.

This was a long day with lot sf strategy and confrontation, and when Eric goes up, it’s only going to get worse as he gets more desperate. If he calls out Amber about the abortion thing, wow, that’s just going to be a WS, as they like to say. Stay tuned!

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