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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 5th – Do Jews Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Dustin talks to Amber in the bathroom and now wants to threaten Dani into putting her dad up. In other words, he’s worried. Dick then gets ahold of Amber and says he knows Eric manipulated her into voting out Nick, as he knows that she wouldn’t have done that to him. She has to agree with him on this point. She wants to know why he told her earlier today she was “outed” and why she wasn’t included in the meeting. He says it’s because she is too close to Eric, which she argues she isn’t. No matter where the conversation goes, she keeps bringing it back to Nick. That right there, if he can get to Amber at all, it will be because of Nick.

While this is going on, Dustin, Jameka, and Eric are in the other room. Eric asks if he handled himself okay with Dick. They say he was, and Dustin mentions telling Dani that she should put her dad up, since his time in the house is limited as well. Dani told him she couldn’t control her dad. Kail joins the conversation and thinks they should put Dani and Dick up next week. Wow, thank God she’s here. They never would have thought of that without her! Jen walks through and Eric says “no offense,” but he’s blaming Jen since she lied in a big way and sold him out. She says she didn’t lie, and he has no response to that, and walks out. Jen seems to be joining the others talking about how bad Dick is, so it’s hard to tell exactly where her allegiances are at this point.

Dick apparently opened the floodgates with Amber, as she goes up tot he HoH, crying of course, and swears on her daughter’s life that she never lied as she works in about her feelings over Nick leaving. She tells Dani she’s a good person. Gee. That’s not what she said last week about Dani. Oh …. wait. Is that a lie? Dani tells her that Eric had told her that Dick and Dani would be in final 4, and the first of them to leave would be Amber. She asks who it was that set up Nick, and answers it herself, saying Eric. Amber says she didn’t want to vote him out, but Eric convinced her to, and she was afraid of compromising Dustin. Dani asks if Eric goes on the block, would Amber vote for, and she says she wants to think about it. Amber says she’s embarrassed to keep crying like this, and she knows America is like “There she goes again.” Well, she got one thing right today at least.

Moving on, Dick is now talking to Dustin again, as Dustin says Dani is too quick to point fingers. Dick disagrees and acknowledges she’d have a better game without him there. Dustin then realizes someone has played a funny on him, and put his key in Joe’s hole. Now, that’s funny. He moves on to Kail who says she’s at peace with her leaving. He apparently isn’t, though, as he tells her to go to Dani and remind her that Dani had promised to keep her safe. If Eric is put on the block, Kail won’t be safe. Dustin asks how Dick passed his psych test. Kail trashes the way his mother brought him up, although she says she did a good job with Dani. What gives her the right to pass judgement on others’ parenting?

Dustin continues on, saying Kail has made so many good strides in the house and has proved she can handle herself in the outside world and doesn’t need a man to take care of herself. Wow, won’t he feel played when he sees that she runs half the town?

Amber is still upstairs with Dani and continues to cry over God and Nick. Dani tells her not to get her hopes up that Nick will come back, but admits she thinks about it often as well. There’s no way with the Eric twist they could bring someone back in, as they showed them what Eric was doing, so there’s no danger someone will come back. Jess and Jameka say it’s pretty scary if this is all true. They’re also beginning to question Dustin’s newfound aggressiveness. They’re also realizing Eric has been throwing all the comps.

It appears Jess and Jameka aren’t as blind as they seem. They agree to keep Eric this week, knowing it’s their best move now, but they think it was a little ballsy to proclaim so boldly that he was staying and safe. Amber comes into the bedroom, and Kail leaves to go see if Dani is still in the HoH.

Outside, Zach is telling Dick he’s with them, because no one wanted to talk to him before, and now suddenly he’s their friend. He’s obviously talking about either Dustin or Eric. Dani comes out and tells them incredulously that Dustin actually asked her to put Dick up. Zach says again he’s a man of his word, and while he may be shooting himself in the foot, he’s a man of his word. Truthfully, it’s probably the only thing keeping him safe every week. They all know exactly where he stands.

Dani mentions again not having a place to go when she’s out of the house, and Zach offer his place up to her. She says nothing, probably remembering the earlier creepy comments, but it was very nice of him. Zach mentions seeing Kail, who is supposed to be on slop for the next several weeks, sneaking a chocolate chip cookie. Dani thinks they should tell, and Dick whispers into his mic that he’s telling right now, and if he’s the one that catches her next, he’ll make a big production out of it. I’m sure by now no one doubts that.

Jess and Eric find a quiet place to chat in the work out room, and she mentions talking to Jen again that backed up all this that Dani and Dick are saying. Eric can’t figure out why she is talking to them again after promising she wouldn’t, but eh promises he is sincere, and when he stays this week, Dick and Dani will become his target. They mention Dick or Dani getting to final 2 and say she’d never win the $500,000, because they wouldn’t let her.

This is really going to come back to him at some point, as Eric tells Jess that Amber has had multiple abortions. She’s had two abortions, but lied to her boyfriend saying she had more to make him feel bad about her aborting their children. Wow. He wants to throw all this in her face, and Jess tells him how wrong that would be. I hope she’s seeing a truer picture of his character now. We think Amber is crying now, if he does that to her? I’m sorry, but that beats anything Dick is capable of. Eric goes on to further prove he promises everyone #1, as he says he sees final three as him, Jess, and Jameka, no longer putting Amber in that spot. Wake up Jess!


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