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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 5th – Do Jews Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Eric takes the opportunity to apologize to Kail if he has ever done anything against her. She tells him she doesn’t think they are talking in the HoH about him. She thinks they are making plans to put Zach on the block. Eric wonders why Jen is suddenly close to Dick who has done such horrible things to her, and Kail says she thinks she’s just trying to avoid being attacked again. Eric definitely doesn’t seem to buy this. Zach comes out in his bunny suit, as Eric announces himself, Amber, and Zach are no longer invited to the meetings. Zach welcomes him to the club, once again bemoaning always being picked last for P.E. Okay, you have to get over this, Zach. I was last picked too, but by a certain age, I had to get over it. I suggest you do as well.

Inside the HoH, Dustin asks Jen if she thinks Eric is playing boy sides. Jen says she believes she is, prompting Dustin to ask why she never told him this before. She says it’s his demeanor that keeps her from saying stuff, and Dani adds it’s the very demeanor he has right now. Dustin makes it even worse here by asking why Dani never stood up for Nick when everyone else wanted him out. She gets very upset with him and says she did do that but no one would listen, and this makes Dustin take the statement back.

For whatever reason, BB must be enjoying this conversation, as they choose to not sound the bunny manure buzzer. As everyone argues in the HoH, Dick pushes for Eric and also points out the things against Amber, such as her crying of the banner. Jess is very quiet. Dick brings up Nick again, saying out of anyone in the house, this was his and Dani’s best ally, and Jameka wants it noted she wanted Zach out. Dustin adds he did too, giving Dani the opportunity to ask who it was that kept pushing Nick, which was of course Eric. She says from week one Nick was on their side, but no one would believe it, because of Eric. Dustin and Jameka keep defending Eric, and Jess is quiet, but seems to be defending Eric somewhat. Jen doesn’t seem to care one way or another.

Dustin, of course, tries to play everything off as nothing. Saying it doesn’t seem like kail is connected, and Dick is trying to force it all to be that way. Some wonder why Jen considers it an alliance if she and Eric haven’t talked in a month, but Jess points out just because they haven’t talked in HoH, they’re still talking other times. Jen says she feels like an idiot the way she was played by Eric, but Dustin says the rest of them are still trying to process all this information. Jameka points out they will never officially know one way or another if this is happening, just as they didn’t with Nick. Dick pints out that Eric has been throwing all the comps, and Jen says he had told her it was because he couldn’t nominate anyone just yet.

Everyone leaves but Jen and Dani, and Jen says she is sure Dustin is the leak to Kail. She’s sure of it. She thinks it may have been Amber to vote to keep Nick last week, though, since she wasn’t even crying. She tells Dani she’s never told anyone this much info before, not even Dick or Dustin. Dustin talks to Jameka after they leave and realize it’s an all or nothing week. They talk about pulling Zach into their group for the numbers, if the 7 are going to truly split. Jen tells Dani not to tell her dad about Dustin being the leak, as Dustin may vote to keep her, and they don’t want him tipped off beforehand.

Suspicion is spreading like wildfire. Amber and Eric get into the hot tub, and Dustin sits nearby and mentioned that he’s never seen her get in the hot tub before. Dani and Dick, though are realizing they have play this one out like they won’t have any help, as they think Jess is siding with Erik, and Jameka is on the fence, but leaning with Kail. Dustin moves to talking with Kail, and says the news Dick/Dani/Jen alliance (they need a name!) doesn’t make sense. Dustin tells her Jen made up a bunch of lies about her, and he knows they are lies because one on one Jen wouldn’t confirm, but in the HoH she was spewing all.

Dick and Dani decide they need to go to Kail and explain she needs to pull Dustin in on her side, otherwise she’s going home, as she won’t have the votes. They also believe Dustin knows more than he said. They think in Kail’s alliances with Eric and Dustin, Dustin is in tighter. They want Eric to leave this week, then want to put up Kail and Dustin, using her as a pawn once again.

Jameka and Jess join Eric in the hot tub and spill everything about what went down in the meeting. Eric kind of laughs it off as being stupid, but knowing him, we know it has to be absolutely killing him. He says he’s not a pussy when it comes to Dick (you have to admit that sentence is kind of funny), and he thinks he proved that the day when they argued by the hammock.

Dick approaches Eric in the hot tub, and tells him he knows what’s going on and that he’s playing both sides. He won’t let Eric talk get a word in. Dick knows no matter how much Eric is playing this all off, he’s shaking, so he’s worried. He points out about him saying he hopes people still like him after they see his DRs, so this is further proof of his lies and using everyone. He also asks why Eric tells him that Dustin will be the first of the 7 to go, yet he tells Dustin and Amber he will be the first to go. Eric tells him to go ahead and put him up and let everyone else decide and says he is refusing to sink to Dick’s level. Dick asks for Eric to quote one time Dick has lied, and Eric can’t come up with any.

Oddly, Jen is asking Jess for a favor, to tell Eric she is sorry. She didn’t want him to be yelled at by Dick the way he was. Can you make up your mind over which side you’re on? Dustin has gotten into Kail’s crack apparently. He is trying to convince Dani to put her father on the block. Right. Kail is there to back him up, but Dani obviously isn’t having any part of this. Kail tries saying she never had a deal with Eric, but it really doesn’t matter at this point. This fun is interrupted by the final bunny poo dump.


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