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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 5th – Do Jews Celebrate Thanksgiving?

The house-guests on Big Brother that are wearing the bunny suits and on hour manure droppings never really go to bed Saturday night. Well, some do, and just poppet of the bed every hour, and a few hours just stay up and try to hang in their until later tonight. And the first few hours of this this morning, is just as exciting as it sounds, people getting up and dumping manure over them every hour. That’s it.

Zach, so bored of this game, since no one will talk to him much, seems to enjoy this, as at least it’s something to do. He sits and just waits by the dumping zone, waiting for the buzzer to go off. And while everyone else prefers to sit around wrapped up in a bathrobe, he actually has done what he was supposed to do, and put his bunny suit back on, ears and all. Jen finally gets hers out of the dryer and wears it as well, and and Dani emergent from the HoH wearing hers. The gunk is getting stuck in their ears, and Jameka asks for a bottle of Swimmer’s Ear for each of them.

While Kail and Dustin chat, she’s wearing only the bottom half of her bunny suit. He lets her know that if Dani follows through and makes Eric her replacement nom, Kail doesn’t have a chance. His group will be keeping Eric. He’s going to try and get Dani to put up Zach, and if so, he’ll tell his grope he is voting out Kail, but will really vote out Zach. Yet, he doesn’t seem too optimistic about getting Zach on the block. Kail tells Dustin have backdated Dick last week, and he agrees.

Dick works first Jameka, and later Dustin, about Eric playing everyone. Dustin and Jameka then confer with each other, and they just can’t see how they’re being played. Jen chips in and tells them she does not think Kail and Eric are in an alliance, but she does admit that both Nick and Eric have given her information on how the votes were going after talking to them. Why can’t they see this, and that while he’s siding with them, he’s still playing these other sides?

Jameka and Dustin take this information to Amber, who asks Dick as he’s walking by why she hasn’t talked to Dani in a few days. He tells her it’s because she’s in the middle of it and walks away. When he takes another pass by the group, Jameka asks him why Amber hasn’t heard any of this information that he had just been telling them. Again, Dick says it’s because she’s in the middle of it.

Not happy with this answer, Jameka goes to Dani for help. She tells her Eric tried to get Dick kicked out after the iced tea incident, and fills her in on all the other information they have been gathering on Eric as well. Jameka says she can’t believe it, and is trying to figure out why one week ago they were a group of 7 with 4 targets. Oddly, Dani tells her everyone in the house is on her and her dad’s side, except for possibly Amber. Dick walks by again and says they can’t have the meeting right now because Amber is inside hysterically crying. This gives Dani the perfect opportunity to note that it was Nick that was there for Amber as she cried after he was nominated. She says that’s what sucks the most.

Dustin asks Kail if she were to go home this week, would she be upset about it. She wants to wait until after the PoV ceremony to talk about it, but he keeps pulling at her, saying he just remembers her saying before she doesn’t necessarily want to be in sequester and would like to see her family, yet she doesn’t want to be done playing the game. He just thinks it wouldn’t absolutely crush her. She tells him she doesn’t want to talk about it now, for fear of information getting back to Daniele before she makes her replacement nomination. Smart girl.

A busy guy this afternoon, Dustin wants to know from Jameka what she and Dani talked about, but she doesn’t want to talk about it there. She wants to go upstairs. Now, upstairs is HoH. Isn’t that a little ballsy to have a meeting in Dani’s HoH room that is speaking against Dani and Dick? He gets Amber and tells her to bring Jess and meet him upstairs for a meeting. Jameka tells Jess what Dani and Jen are saying sounds pretty convincing, and Dani, Jameka, Jess, and Jen will meet up in the HoH. So I guess they aren’t doing it without Dani, and well, that just makes me feel much better.

Up in the HoH, Jen isn’t there yet, but Dick has also been included. There is definitely animosity as Dustin and Dick trade barbs about whether this should include Amber. Jen comes upstairs and is asked what she knows. She says regarding Eric, she doesn’t know if he has anything secretly with Kail, but knows that he told Jen she was his #1, and when he tells her stuff, he tells her not to tell Kail. He would only talk to her to tell her information, then would always say not to tell Kail.

Outside of the meeting, Eric is talking to Amber, trying to catch her up on his side really quickly before she hears too much of the other. He says Dick told Jess t hat Eric had told him that he didn’t want to lose to that 21 year old bitch. He adds that Dick has also said that Eric has #1 with everyone, including Amber, Jess, and Jen, but points out when does he ever talk to Jen. Amber, of course, is in complete shock! She complains that Dick always says if he would target Dustin, he would leave and she would be a mess an ditto would kill two birds with one stone. Eric can’t believe anyone is believing Dick, and Amber assures him they aren’t, and that he’s not leaving this week.

In the HoH, Jameka wants to know why Eric was talking to Dani about Jen. Jen answers that Kail was HoH for two weeks, and her the following week, and Eric was upstairs talking to them about the game … a lot. Downstairs, Amber is promising that Dustin and Jameka are on Eric’s side, and Kail comes out and they note that none of them were included in the meeting.


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