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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 4th – Hopefully These Bunnies Won't Be Reproducing

It’s time for the hourly dumping, and everyone goes through with it, yet Dick notices Jameka doesn’t rinse off right after. He’s worried the house will smell like shit, literally, if she keeps doing that. Dustin tries to convince him it isn’t literal manure, but a mixture of other things that make it look like that. Zach sits in his bunny suit folding towels, and Dustin asks him who taught him to do that, his “blind grandmother?” Zach then pats him on the butt, prompting Dustin to say next time he’ll bend over, as he wonders how far the rabbit hole goes.

Kail and Dustin meet up in the SR, and he wants to hear it from her if she has a deal with Eric, and she says no. They both find it odd that Jen and Dick have called a truce, and find it too convenient. Kail knows that Eric might go up, and knows she won’t have the four votes to stay if that’s that case. She says she has no one and asks Dustin if he trusts his “five.” He says he’s not so sure anymore. I have to wonder where he is truly siding. If it’s Eric against Kail, does he vote out his secret alliance member Kail or does he vote out his known alliance member Eric? Dustin grills Kail a little more, saying both Jess and Dani told him Jen is the “middle man” between Eric and Kail, and Kail flat out denies it. Kail, though, blames the leak on Jess.

Jess is still clearly upset and finds Eric and literally grills him. We don’t get to hear everything they say but she tells him she heard info against him from someone else in their 5. Jess brings up Dani saying Eric said he didn’t want to lose to a “stupid 21 year old.” She mostly wants to know if he thinks she’s smart, and he says yes, prompting her to ask if he says that to everyone and he says yes.

It’s almost like Eric thought Jess was asking do you tell everyone I’m smart, but she was really asking do you tell everyone they are smart. I think it was a big deal to her that he trusted her before to strategize with, and she thought she was smart, which she probably doesn’t hear a lot as a cute blonde with a tiny voice. Now she realizes he does that with everyone, and I think she’s feeling very played. He begs her to trust him, and compares them to Colby and Tina on Survivor. In the end Jess tells him she will trust him.

Jen and Dustin talk, and he wants to know what the truce is with her and Dick. She says she has agreed to not talk badly to Dani, and he has agreed to leave her alone then. She confirms in exchange for that, she will vote with them.

It’s just not too exciting tonight as everyone waits for Eric to be called out, and it just ain’t happening. They’re also not getting any beer because of Dick throwing around Jen’s stuff. Could it be because he started drinking early in the morning? Jen doesn’t drink, but thinks it’s more fun there when the others are drinking, and she’s right. I believe he’s just trying to start stuff, but Eric tells everyone he heard that Dick had to have special counseling before they allowed him in the house. Right. That’s why they’ve been courting him and Dani since season 6.

Jen and Dani chat, and Dani wants to know why Kail was confident enough in the PoV comp to give up five HoH comps. Jen thinks she felt like she had to to get people to see she wasn’t a threat and would focus on someone else, and says that jess had told Eric he’s going up, and they know it will get interesting when Dick calls them all out. They talk about the problem being Eric is really smart and can guide conversations the way he wants. Jen wants Dani to warn her dad that Eric wants to force him to go off and get a penalty nom when he’s called out.

The “five” are talking about Dick and Dani, of course, and they are upset thinking that the DR tipped Dani off about Eric. Actually it went the other way. They don’t want Eric found out, as it ruins their twist. They decide to limit their talk about DR sessions, so that when someone is called out for talking about it, they’ll know it will be one of the others. Could they be getting any more nerd herd-ish? Good grief. They further this by thinking they’ll be able to pull Zach into their group (right … he knows too many of that group want him gone … if he stays with Dick and Dani, he knows he’s not a target. He’s not stupid) and can’t wait to see the votes read that it’s 4-3 or 5-2 for Kail to go home, and they then talk about how sad it will be in a few weeks to be forced into voting for one of their own. The reality is any one of these people are already throwing someone else under the bus.

Later Dick talks to Dustin, and Dustin confirms he talked to her, but she didn’t say much. Dick says she confirmed for him that she was working with Eric, and he knows Eric just never expected him to talk to Jen about it. When others join in, Dick talks about finding his friend in a hotel room dead from an OD. He even cries while he talks about it.

Inside, Dick, Dani, and Zach talk. Zach would like an alliance, , but they tell him there is no big thing like that right now. He says he just wants to be a part of something again. Dick says Eric had told him before not to count on Zach but to use him, and Dick answered back that he had been talking to Zach since day one. In another room, the others are making from of Dick’s story about his friend dying. NerdHerdNerdHerdNerdHerdNerdHerd!

Dani thinks Jess is still on their side, and believes next week she’ll put up Kail and Amber, and Zach proves he does have some game going on that he isn’t getting a chance to use, as he explains Eric’s “poker tell” is his head and shoulders shifting, followed by his eyes.”

Only half the HGs go to bed tonight, as the others have to go pour the manure mix over them every hour. They seem to just keep milling about, although Zach did sleep on outside couch during one run. We’re still waiting for the big blowout when Dick calls out Eric. Hopefully, it will come tomorrow, as well need something more exciting than watching people dump shit, literal shit, on themselves.

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