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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 4th – Hopefully These Bunnies Won't Be Reproducing

Jess goes to Jameka with all the info she got from Dani and Dick and tells her they say she is so honest and plays with such integrity that they thinks she’ll be upset to find out what Eric has done and will turn against him. The two also decide Kail is no longer a threat to them since she can’t play for HoH anymore. Jess says it will take more than a banner to sway her, and Jameka asks why anyone would side with the father/daughter duo. Jess thinks it’s a good thing she didn’t win HoH, as they old have never seen Dick and Dani for their true colors.

Dick joins Jessica and Jameka and questions Jen agreeing to give up half the money, and says it doesn’t really matter anyway, as she’s never going to win. He says Dani and Jameka both went above and beyond to win the comp. He talks about the reason he messed up Jen’s clothes, and says it’s because he ruined some of his cigarettes. Jameka is told by Dick that she’s a smart girl and can figure all this out for herself. he thinks when she learns to truth at home, she’ll die.

Kail meets up with Dustin in the SR and tells him everything she found out from Dani. She claims she didn’t make any deals and that Dani promised her she was safe.

Dick and Jen actually reach an understanding. He apologizes for giving her crap and says it was never personal. He says he’ll lay off her if she’ll lay off Dani. He admits he took his comments to her way too far. They head up to the HoH along with Dani and decide to work with Kail and Zach to take down the LNC. If they only know that Kail was playing both sides with Dustin as well. Dick says, though, that Kail runs this alliance she has now like she die the Mrs. R. alliance. She doesn’t directly talk to people and gathers info from her other sources. The big problem with all of this is Dick can’t trust Kail, as she’s stabbed him in the back before. Yet, both Jen and Dick are honest people, and neither go around the house lying. Jen and Dick work through their differences and end this on a handshake.

Eric talks to Jess and Jameka, and mentions losing a moral fight with a 40 year old guy that messes with men and messes with women. He plans to go to Jen and threaten her that if she votes with Dick, she’ll be gone next time and Kail will end up leaving. Or she can work with them, Kail will leave, and she can join their alliance to take out Dani and Dick. Right. Either way, she knows you’re trying to save your own hide, and knows as soon as you got rid of Dick and Dani, she’d be your next target. She’s not stupid. He also plans on threatening Zach. Please. How threatening is this guy, really?

Back in the HoH, Jen, Dani, and Dick plan their attack. Dick wants everyone in their new alliance to call out Eric on what he’s done, but Jen says that won’t work unless he starts it. Of course. He wants everyone to know that Eric has been playing them all, and everyone thinks they are Eric’s number one.

The bunny suited people reach the magic hour where they have to dump the manure mix, which surely isn’t real manure, onto their heads. All of them strip down, dump the stuff on their head, then rinse off and put the bunny suits back on. What an interesting punishment.

It’s not clear if this is Jess just playing the game still, but Jen talks to her and plays up all the stuff she was just talking to Dick and Dani about. She says that everyone in the house is Eric’s number one, and Jess says she’s shocked, as she thought she was in good with him. Jen says he’s a good manipulator and points out that Eric plays it out and manipulates them all to make his agenda work. From day one his targets were Joe and Nick, and now they’re gone. Jess seems angry about the whole thing, but it’s hard to tell if she’s playing Jen like she was Dani and Dick. Maybe no one will know what she’s going to do until Thursday during the live vote. Jess walks through the house on a tear, and she clearly seems upset or confused at this point.

Dani talks to Jess, and it does seem to be clicking for her. She says when Eric thought she was asleep the other night, she went out and talked to Amber for hours. So, maybe this is all starting to sink in with her. Jess then talks to Dustin, and he doesn’t want to believe any of this about Eric, but she says she is s starting to see Dani and Dick’s side. They aren’t sure how they will proceed from here, but know it will be a weird scene at dinner. They aren’t sure when it is that Dani and Dick are planning on calling Eric out, but are afraid it will show too much everyone else’s feelings, exposing them.

Dustin moves on to talking to Dani and they rehash all the same things everyone else is saying. Dustin doesn’t seem to want to believe this about Eric, but Dani is telling him it all fell into place with the banner, but it’s not just because of the banner. She brings it around to Nick, and says she feels bad he’s gone, as the only people that were in danger with him were Kail, Jen, and Nick. Dustin tries to point out that it wasn’t only Eric that wanted him nominated, but also Dick, and Dani tells him her dad wanted Nick up because of her, and she was feeling that way because of information from Eric. Ha! So there!

Amber, Jameka, and Eric discuss Jen and Eric working together, and Amber is upset that Dani is calling her out a little as well. Zach interrupts them asking something about girls that would date a man in a bunny suit. Trust me, Buddy, that bunny suit is the least of your problems with girls. When Eric says he’s tired, Zach says it could be worse, as he could be in a bunny suit. Jess talks to Jameka, and tells her about Eric working deals with everyone, and Jameka doesn’t buy it. Jess is definitely worried.

Jameka tries to get the ball rolling at dinner, trying to get the WS to start, and asks what everyone learned today. She gets answers of 720 hours equals 30 days, that playing PoV isn’t always a good thing, etc., and hears from Dick that he learned things about himself as well as other people. He also says he’s impressed that Jameka gave up playing for HoH for the next 5 times.


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