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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 4th – Hopefully These Bunnies Won't Be Reproducing

Dani is planning on telling Kail she knows about his alliance, and it’s either her or Eric. If Dani only knew that while Eric is behind the votes, but Dustin is the one that’s actually aligned with her, it might change things up a little. She tells Dick she knows she screwed up, but he thinks it will still be okay. It seems she slipped and said something about Eric being the target and he overheard it. She wants to talk to Jen and Kail first. By the way that she threw her alliance under the bus when Dick confronted her, will she do the same to Dustin now trying to save her ass? They worry Jen is going to use the veto on Kail, as Jen doesn’t want to be in sequester. Dick plans on threatening to tell Dustin and Amber that Eric wanted them out the first week. I just don’t see that being beneficial at all. It’s too tattletale-ish and I think it will bite him in the ass with the rest of the LNC that are already pissed at them.

Dick suggests that they talk to Eric and offer him a deal to work with him, but aren’t sure if he’d still cross him. Knowing what we know, and what Eric knows now, by looking at who we tell him to vote for and to target, he should start working with who we want him to to save his butt. He should realize by now we like the father and daughter both, and we would never vote for him to oust them anyway. Zach walks up and tells them he could have taken the money but didn’t, because he had the deal with them.

Dustin joins them in the HoH as Dick is saying it was the most brutal PoV comp ever in the history of the game. One of the “prizes” in the game was giving up 1/2 of the winners’ money at the end of the show. Jen took this one, and no one can figure out why. Dani asks why even be there? My guess would be because you’re tired of being nanny for an aging game show letter turner and want to further your modeling career. Dustin mentions one of the other odd game rules, and that was if everyone put the lowest answer, everyone would have been eliminated, I guess meaning no one would win PoV. This triggers memories for me. I think at one point, PoV wasn’t a solid thing. There could be weeks where no one had to win, and that became the danger of backdooring someone.

Jen tries to talk game to Kail in the SR, but Kail, the woman that owns half of her small town in Oregon, doesn’t understand. She’s trying to explain to her the advantage of eliminating people that can plan for HoH over people that can’t.

Still believing Jess is on their side, Dani and Dick talk to her and ask if everyone is flipping out, and she says no. They say they are worried that Eric overheard them saying earlier that he was a target. Dick says putting Zach up and having him leave doesn’t help them at all. They tell her they don’t think they have the votes to get Eric out, as they can’t trust Jen, and Jess says she doesn’t think they have Jameka, either. They mention having Zach no matter what and tell Jess if she’s the 4th vote, they would hold it secret and not reveal that. Like anyone would go for that at this point after the way the extra Kail votes have become such a big thing.

Dick explains the fight he had with Jen earlier, and says he threw her clothes all over and after that, she ruined a bunch of his cigarettes. Bringing it back on target, Jess points out it does her no good to take out Kail, and Dani mentions thinking Eric was a secret partner of the Mrs. R alliance and says she thinks he was the true brains. She also points out that Eric blamed all the extra votes on someone else, and she knows that if she had not won HoH, he would have been blaming her for the one for Nick. Jess doesn’t want to commit to her vote until she knows how the rest of the house feels.

Dani talks to Kail about Jen’s intentions, as she wants to be sure Jen is planning on using the veto on herself. She doesn’t think Jen cares about staying in the game, but Kail convinces her she does. Jen bashes Kail to Dani and says Kail wants her to put up Zach or her dad, or even Amber. She promises to Dani that she will vote to keep Kail no matter who goes up against her. Dani admits Eric is her target, and Jen seems to think he tells her everything. It’s just a little far-fetched. They talk about Amber, too, and Dani says she fakes how close she is to people, yet it wasn’t hard to convince her to vote out Nick, who she said she was so close to. Jen admits during this conversation that she knows Boogie, but says she doesn’t like him. Just who does?

Another odd “reward” from the PoV comes to light. Those dressed in the white fuzzy costumes have to strip down to the swim suits and up a mixture of manure over them every hour, then rinse off and put the bunny suits back on . Okay, I think the people planning this have been getting into Kail and Jen’s crack.

Eric and Kail talk about Dick in the hot tub, and she is saying she thinks Dick has severe mental problems. She seems to think he only sees himself, Jen, and Kail in the house and seems to forget everyone else. It may sound odd, but in a lot of ways, I thank he is the most honest, sane person in the house. Eric wants her to know that just because they haven’t ever done anything to help her out when he goes off, it doesn’t mean they wouldn’t. That’s just flat out stupid talk. Flat out stupid.

Even Kail sees that and asks why he wasn’t the target last week if no one likes him. Eric says Nick was a bigger threat to Dustin. Kail lies and says Dani told her she was one of the extra votes, and Eric does as well, saying Dick was the other. He tells her if Zach doesn’t go up in Jen’s place, Kail is going home. Either selling Jess out or as strategy, he mentions she might be aligning with Dani and Dick this week.


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