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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 4th – Hopefully These Bunnies Won't Be Reproducing

You just can’t get more interesting in the Big Brother house than what we’ve had in there the last few days. Even if someone big doesn’t go home this week, the destruction that’s going through alliances and relationships is just all going down in a big way. America’s Player is definitely having a hard time of it, and seems to be struggling the further he steps into it.

BB wakes the HGs up fairly early this morning, and Dani is shaving her arms yet again. Two days in a row. Does it really grow that much in a day? I’m guessing she had a good waxing in sequester and it’s just starting to catch up to her now. It’s announced that the veto comp will begin in two hours, and everyone is upset that they were woken up so early, only to have to wait for two hours.

Dustin has not much to say to anyone, other than asking Kail what she was thinking to trust Dani and Dick. running into her again, he tells her the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. In a strange bit of irony, Dick is saying he wants Kail out now, and Dani is saying to wait until after the the POV comp, and to not forget her promise to Kail.

Zach talks to Dick in the kitchen, and explains he voted Kail out two times, yet she’s still there. Whether or not you’re in the game or not, he says it’s hard to trust someone who narcs on you. He says they have put him in a difficult position, but Dick says no. Kail put him in a difficult position. Meanwhile, Kail is still throwing people under the bus. She and Jen discuss Dustin saying not to trust Dani, and Kail wants to go talk to her, but Jen says they shouldn’t. Reason being, is they both have deals going with her.

Jess tells Jameka she’s going to play stupid and see how the days goes as far as the plan of Dani and Dick’s to backdoor Eric. Jess knows that Kail is planning on using the veto on Jen, and she thinks it’s absurd for them to think they have four votes to take out Eric. Well they, along with Dick, and Zach, think they have Jess, but she’s lying. They also probably have Jen if she comes off. So they have three, but think it’s four.

From the odd conversation file, Dick wishes Jen good luck, and says lightning doesn’t strike three times. Zach says it did for Lee Trevino. He follows this by saying he still thinks Jen is an alien if he’s an ogre. He thinks Dick is a Gremlin, Spike. Spike then goes in to tell Jess he thinks Kail should go this week. Jess says she doesn’t care, but I’m sure this info will find its way to Kail in about ten minutes. Zach sits pouting, alone, because Dick is accusing him of still working with Kail. Dick gives it to Kail once again about throwing Jen under the bus, then opens at beer at 10:53 AM. It’s noon somewhere, right?

Eric asks Jameka if no matter what, does she, Amber, Dustin, and Amber have his back. She indicates yes, then immediately prays. Dick says he loves it when a plan comes together, but Zach challenges him that he isn’t really Hannibal, but more Murdoch from The A-Team. Dick then directs the camera to that of Amber who is out of her sweats, with her hair done and makeup. He then uses his intimidation techniques on Kail and Jen and goes to the HoH to strategize with Dani. They agree to work on getting Kail out. They remember when Amber was handcuffed to Kail and said she was going to use her to her advantage, and Dick says she couldn’t even use a roll of toilet paper, as she’s a mess. But isn’t toilet paper for cleaning up a mess?

We lose the feeds with the assumption that the PoV comp is taking place, only to come back a short time later to Jen and Dick arguing. He admits going through her stuff, but says it was only to take the unitard. She admits to throwing his cigarettes in the pool, an he then admits to throwing bleach on her stuff.

Once we lose the feeds yet again and come back, Jameka is praying, saying how much she trusts God, and how he is her best friend. She begs for forgiveness many times as she cries, so whatever happened during the PoV, she’s feeling a tremendous amount of guilt over it. Amber thinks Jameka is upset about losing the veto, and when we see Jen wearing the Golden Veto around her neck, we know that on the block will be Kail and possibly Eric. Not only that, Dick is saying he would have taken the $10,000, and several HGs are walking around in white furry suits. This looks like some interesting comp.

Watching a little longer, it seems Jameka took the $10,000 and the white fuzzy suits are supposed to be bunny suits, and are being worn by Zach, Dani, Jen, Jameka, and Kail. It seems Kail is also on slop. Danielle is really worried about how Jameka is taking this and doesn’t want her to be upset or feel bad. The girl won $10,000! C’mon. I wouldn’t be all that upset about it. I have to be honest. Dani acknowledges that she’s hurting and vows to talk to her later. It also seems that Kail and Jameka wont’ be allowed to play in some of the future HoH comps. This is one of those comps with weird reward/penalties. Jameka is upset by this, as she just wants her pics and letter.

Kail and Jen pick up the thought again that Dani needs to nominate her dad. They plan to convince her she will be going home unless she gets rid of him. Honestly, are these two smoking crack? Let’s all say it together … “Blood is thicker than … Kail’s head?” Dustin then walks in and questions Jen’s safety, and she’s not 100% gone on the crack, as she decides to take advantage of this with him. He and Amber are going to switch beds with Jen so she doesn’t have to sleep in the same room. Wouldn’t that leave Dick with one bed and Kail, Amber, and Dustin in the other? Or would they do guy, girl, guy, girl or guy, guy, girl, girl?


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