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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 3rd – A Day Filled With Ringworm and Croquet

Other than Dani, Kail, and Jen, the others playing will be Dustin, Jameka, and Zach. Yea. He gets something to do, of course, maybe he’d rather by at home watching videos at his parents’ house. He’s excited about the opportunity, though, and compares it to getting Boardwalk when playing Monopoly.

Dani tells Jess that if any one of them wins PoV, they have to use it to take Jen off. She then calls Jen up to the HoH with her and tells her Dick was being truthful telling her that Kail keeps throwing her under the bus. She says that she may seem like she’s her friend, yet she caved a little too easily during the agreement over the HoH comp. She also tells Jen she knows for sure who voted to keep Kail, and she thinks that same person is behind The Great Mustard Caper. Jen tries to align with Dani here, saying Dani would do better without her dad in the house and suggests they could go far together.

Jameka narcs on Dustin, telling Amber everything he said to her. She’s tired of him saying he didn’t get anything out of his HoH reign. She also lets Amber know if Dustin is intent on forming the smaller group of five, he’ll be the first one out. Wow, how quickly they all turn on each other once a little doubt goes around. A little later, Amber gets caught in a lie, after she pranced around all day yesterday saying she and Eric are the most trustworthy in the house. She asks Dick to host the PoV comp, and he declines, saying he did it already and it’s her turn. She then says later that he offered to do it, but Jen catches her and calls her out on the lie.

Croquet equipment is found in the storage room with an accompanying note that says it might help them in a future comp. Zach, Dani, and Dick are the only ones intent on brushing up on the game, though. Eric’s too busy spreading his paranoia, as he tells Dustin and Amber that Dani and Dick are planning on backdooring one of them. Of course, it’s not “one of them,” but one in particular. She says she doesn’t think it’s true, and Eric says not to mention it to Dani or Dick, which to me, almost makes it sound not true, but I think he was doing it because he didn’t want them to know that Jess went to him with the info. Eric then takes the same info to Jameka. He’s telling way too many people, and when it gets back to Dani and Dick, it’s going to kill it for Jess, as they’ll know she’s the source.

Kail is smarter than she sometimes has been playing, maybe being on the block for the third time has been beneficial to her game play. She tells Jen she thinks Eric is behind the extra vote, but Jen says she thinks it was Amber. Kail also blames the mustard on Eric. She’s close to figuring out why as well as she says she has noticed that he keeps saying no one will tell him ho to vote, and he always wants to do his own thing. Jen is way off track as she thinks Dani might backdoor her dad. What has she been smoking?

Eric spreads his paranoia now to Jameka, telling her that he or Dustin might be backdoor d as revenge for Nick leaving. Dustin joins in as well and says he doesn’t understand why. Eric plans to threaten Jen when she comes off the block to vote with them, but Dustin thinks it will be okay, as he knows he can get Zach to vote with them. In actuality, Zach is working with Dani and Dick.

Kail and Jen continue to go back and forth between smart game moves and sounding like they’re smoking crack. They realize if Zach wins PoV, the LNC would forced into putting up one of their own. Kail then says that Dick cries by himself every night before bed; apparently she’s never seen the Dick at Night Show; however, he did do that the first week one night. She also says that Dick feels guilty over the way he has treated Jen. Is she trying to smooth all that over so that she can ease into an alliance better?

Apparently it’s a housewide problem, as Dick is the next to sound a little off. He tells Jess that Eric goes out of his way to be rude to Jen. I suppose dumping iced tea and and talking about someone’s “weird eye” aren’t rude. Kail tells Eric and Dustin, with Dick in listening distance, that Kail apologized to her for picking her to play for the veto. Jameka told her it was okay, but just knew that Eric really wanted to play. If Dick is paying attention, he’s going to realize Eric has been tipped off. But the way the mood of the house is tonight, I don’t see how everyone couldn’t know what was going on.

Amber and Dustin talk about Dani and Dick wanting either Dustin or Eric out this week, and Jameka joins in n the conversation as well. They’re shocked it’s getting to this already, and Jameka points out she always knew they were shady. Either way they don’t think Dani and Dick will get enough votes to evict one of them anyway.

Dani and Dick are having their own strategy session, and say Jess is going to have to vote the replacement nominee out, or they’re screwed. They know Eric is worried about going up, but they don’t seem to realize the reason why is because he was tipped off by Jess. Dani says she’ll work tomorrow on getting Jameka to vote with them. Dani says she feels like everyone there hates her. They say that if Dani wins the veto, they’ll see if they have enough votes to get Eric out, and if they don’t, they’ll leave the noms the same. This brings up last week’s PoV, and Dick says he knows Jameka used it because she wanted Zach up, not because he really thinks God wanted her to.

Eric, Jameka, Dustin, and Amber have a pow wow, and Eric tells them of Dani and Dick’s plans, except he again tells a white lie, saying it’s either Dustin or Eric that is being targeted. I wonder what Jess thanks of him telling everyone her secret info. As this certainly will hurt her in the game when Dick and Dani find out she ratted them out. Strangely enough, we haven’t seen much of her tonight. Dani sees them talking, and sends Dick in to interrupt the strategy.

Ah-ha, here’s Jess. She asks Jameka if she’s siding with Dick and Dani or the others, but c’mon’s it’s Jameka. Of course she’ll be non-committal. Around the feeds, Dani is comparing Dick’s farts to Jen’s underwear, then talks about “Rich” talking to them all in the DR about Zach and his possibly ringworm. She’s also upset that no one else seems to care about practicing, other than her. Dick leaves, and when he walks by the others, they discuss that he seems to be aging in the house, and Eric thinks he looks at least 73.

Eric trashes Dani and Dick to Jess, and she tells him they keep bringing up Eric lying when he came downstairs yawning. He says he doesn’t know why he did it, but it’s probably because he doesn’t like him. Jess says she knows the truth, and she wouldn’t like because she’s sitting in the best seat in the house and isn’t in any danger. Those could be famous last words, especially if Eric keeps blowing your cover. He wonders he Dani is going to justify it to the others, to taken off the block and put him up.

Dustin, Eric, Amber and Jess discuss the recent events and again slam Dick and Dani. Dustin wants to nominate the two of them together next week, but Eric picks now to go back to playing it easy. No more tough guy, as he says they’ll figure that out when the time comes. He realizes now, probably, that America doesn’t always share his views of who to vote out, so he can’t go Jung ho to get Dani and Dick out, then have to back peddle next week. In the next breath he goes back to slamming Dick. I wish more of them would see through him. He also talks about about the bad sport he’s going to be during the comp, spitting in faces, dancing around, etc. But, he doesn’t want to jump out there just yet to say if he wants ’em out or not.

BB had issued a lights out in the wee early morning hours, so we didn’t get All night dick, but we did get more of Eric’s paranoia. He and Jess talk for a long time in bed, then he leaves and comes back, and they talk about forgetting about their earlier conversation. He seems to be real worried about her trust, so something is definitely up.

It’s going to a be a wild week, as I have a feeling this is just the beginning. Everyone is starting to get real nervous. Wouldn’t it be interesting, though, if America’s Player is indeed taken out by an act done by America, that being the banner declaring him to be a liar?

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