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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 3rd – A Day Filled With Ringworm and Croquet

Wanting to target Dani and Dick next week, Jess says they figured out he was behind the extra vote because they thought it was either him or Dustin, and Dustin couldn’t vote last week. They also told her not to say anything to Jameka, and Eric points out they were telling her not to trust her two best friends in the house. He asks if she tried to stop them from targeting him, and she says no, as she wanted to appear like she was going along with it to get more info from them. He says that’s a bad idea, and he wants her to put the kibosh on it as soon as possible. If the noms stay with Kail and Jen, he wants to do the opposite of who they want them to vote out, just to mess with them. In other words, to cover up that he was the second vote.

A trusted alliance suddenly becomes suspect as Amber tells Jameka she thinks Dustin was the leak to Kail that she was safe last week. She worries that Jen is going to come after her and Dustin, and Jameka wonders why she’s worried, as she thinks Amber has the votes. So does Amber, and she thanks it might be better if Dustin goes over her. We know she’s ratted out nearly everyone else, and now that her back is to the wall after the banner, she’s busting out her most trusted alliance member?

Zach has his own ideas for who the second vote for Kail is. He’s suspect of Jameka, noting she’s in several groups, and tells that to Dani. She apologizes for being rude to him the first few weeks in the house and says it sucked she was forced into voting out Nick last week. Dani wants him to act real nervous after their talk, as if he knows he’s going up. She promises to reveal more to him, but says he has to wait until after PoV. He is so excited to have a chance to work with her and her dad in the game. No kidding. At this point, I think he’s excited just to have people talk to him period.

It’s no surprises here after the nomination ceremony when it’s Kail and Jen on the block. Jen is still excited by this, making BB history with being the same noms for three weeks in a row. Dustin assures Kail she’s not the target when Jen leaves briefly, and when she returns, Kail says she wants Jen to be taken off the block by someone else, so that Zach would go up in her place. She’s sure then she’d have the votes to stay, and it would show “someone” they don’t run the house. Dustin doesn’t seem to understand this one much. I don’t think he realizes she would have been gone last week had he not kept her safe.

Dick and Dani are high fiving all over the place, really happy with themselves and their plan to backdoor and hoping Jen will win veto. Kind of funny everyone is hoping for that. Eric is telling Kail that he’s worried of being backdoored and says she wanted Dani and Dick to go up next week. I think he’s trying to ensure she’s in his corner, and knows a promise of getting father or daughter out is a sure vote for him.

After grilling out a steak dinner for everyone, Dick does his usual, trashing Jen. He talks about her weird eye and compares her oddness to the woman on The Bachelor that had the fixation on her ticking biological clock. Zach for some reason ignores the conversation and talks about his own thing, which is odd, as again, you’d think he would be happy for someone to talk with. It seems he has big plans for when he gets out of the house. He’s going to go to his parents’, rent movies, drink coffee, and eat chili. In other words, he’s the same boring guy inside and outside the house.

Amber again is telling Jameka her suspicions of Dustin. She says she was tipped off by something Jen said; it made her realize Dustin had probably told Kail she wasn’t going home, and Kail then had shared that info with Jen. Amber is suspecting a Zach/Kail/Dustin thing, although she hates to admit it. Jameka’s response: Mmmm hmm. The funny thing? Dustin does the same thing to Amber a few moments later, telling Jameka he thinks Amber is too emotional about Nick leaving. He’s upset that everyone is pointing fingers after his HoH reign and compares Dick to Joe for pointing the most fingers and thinks that only implicates Dick in the long run. Kind of funny how the seven isare suddenly splintering in big ways.

Dustin doesn’t think Kail should be on the block again and thinks Zach should be up instead. Umm, yeah, he’s pretty much confirming everything Amber just told Jameka, isn’t he? For Jameka’s part, she can’t figure out why anyone would keep volunteering to be a pawn anyway, so she pretty much knows Amber is right at this point. Dustin notes other than the PoV prices he won, he didn’t get anything out of his HoH reign. Don’t blame others; blame yourself. It’s like being pissed if you don’t have a good time at a party. Make your own fun.

Taking his sunshine act on the road, Dustin talks to kail herself and tells her she wasn’t shocked enough to be nominated again, and he’s pretty sure she’s being watched by Dani on the HoH spy cam. He says he clapped at the nom ceremony because of the record third week in a row for her and Jen. He also explains he thought Jen was inappropriate during the HoH comp with the things she was saying. She crossed the line. Jameka is outside during this time in solitary prayer, and Kail then joins her at they discuss lip gloss.

Eric tells Dustin he is sure that one of them is leaving this week. Dustin turns or pretends to turn on Kail saying even if they’re up, he knows they have the votes against her. Meanwhile, they’re really just protesting their own agendas, as Eric explains again why he couldn’t have been the extra votes for Kail and Dustin says he’s not sure why everyone thinks Kail is his best friend in the house.

We lose the feeds for awhile, and when we come back, the PoV players have been picked. Eric is ticked because he asked to see his ball, to prove it was in the bag, but they took the bag away and didn’t let him see it. America’s Player thinks BB is setting him up? What’s up with that? He doesn’t even get to be the host, as Dani picked Amber for that. I think that’s a message loud and clear to him.


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